Karl Hammond

26 yo  5'9"  42"   32"   gay  7" cock
Karl plays quite a lot of sports, especially tennis and rugby and lifts free weights to develop a little bulk. He has a natural dark skin so with a little sun gets a strong tan which looks great on his muscular body. Karl loves sucking cock and I didn’t have to ask him during the shoot he was just stuck on sucking his partners cock! When he doesn’t have a cock in his mouth Karl is partial to having one in his butt and he really came to life in the shoot when he straddled Ivo and rode him like a horse! Fit bodied lads have such high sex drives!

Karl Hammond is a gay english lad with a 7 inch erect uncut cock and a muscular, smooth body with piercings. He is 26 years old, 5'9'' tall, and enjoys tennis amd gym.
40 Mins

24th Feb 2006 - Ivo fucks Karl - More

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