Ivo fucks Karl
Ivo fucks Karl
Ivo fucks Karl
40 Mins

24th Feb 2006 - Ivo fucks Karl - Ivo Simpson, Karl Hammond

Ivo and Karl didn’t need much direction as they were just gagging to get naked and get down and dirty. Within a couple of minutes the lads have each others cock in hand and are quickly into oral. Its pretty intense and Karl is soon slipping a condom onto Ivo and pushing back to get his ass filled! There is loads of fucking in this shoot and its full on and hard with Ivo slapping in hard against Karl’s ass. The lads stop fucking for some more oral and then the dildo gets some use before Ivo is soon back into fucking Karl! Ivo then pulls out and squirts a big load on Karl’s back… a few minutes later and Karl is gushing his own load onto Ivo’s back!

Tags: toe sucking, showering, rimming, kissing, indoor, hairy legs, gay sex, foot close-up / massage, finger fun, dildo fun, cock sucking, 2 in 1 hand

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