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Str8 footie lad & his toy!

Sun 22nd Feb 2009
A hot sunny day and str8 lad Rick is playing ripping off his clothes and showing off his new white briefs that after a quick dip in the hot tub go all see through! He doesn’t have to touch it much before his bulge starts to grow and he has to pull it out and have a play! Rick has a rock solid body and once aroused his cock is as hard as his abs. After a little wanking he lies down and slides a toy right up his hole, he loves the sensation and gets even harder, whether lying, standing or sitting he pumps it in and out until he sits down and shoots a nice load over his hands and on the deck. Another relieved str8 hunk!

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Tags: underwear / swimwear posing, str8 lad solo, outdoor, in water, hot & sunny, dildo fun, cheeks spread