Rick Lewis

22 yo  5'9"  38"   30"   straight  7.5" cock
Rick is a fit bodied lad who used to be a gymnast and competed to a high level and today he still plays loads of sports so stays in great shape with a really well defined and muscular body. If you need a fit bodied personal trainer then Rick is your man, just suggest you do your workout naked and he will probably agree! He is str8 and likes the idea of showing off his body to men… Maybe he will be one of these str8 lads who is a little curious to play with men… time will tell!

Rick Lewis is a straight english lad with a 7.5 inch erect uncut cock and a muscular, smooth body with piercings. He is 22 years old, 5'9'' tall, and enjoys gymnastics & football.
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27th Mar 2009 - Hunk in the sunshine - More

27 Mins

8th Aug 2008 - Str8 lads playing! - More

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