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22nd Jul 2009 - Str8 hunk Rick slams into Justin's tight ass - Rick Lewis, Justin Harris

Str8 fittie Rick is laid back and horny today; his girlfriend is away so he is gagging to shoot his load! Who better to ride some str8 cock than Justin, who can’t wait to get his hands on Rick’s uncut cock. Though its his mouth that is first sucking off Rick who goes from a semi to a stiffy as soon as Justin blows him. Rick is perfecting his own technique and shows Justin str8 boys can suck cock and are quite good! Well in practice is a better phrase and Justin is soon sitting down and riding Rick in some great positions as he sits back and gets the whole of Rick’s big old cock. Rick slams into Justin on his back and then pulls out and judging by his face he is exploding over Justin… and exploding he does, sparking Justin to dump his own load as he drowns in Rick’s cum!

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Photographs from the shoot