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2nd Sep 2009 - Big Cocked Jason slams his thick meat into Tom's eager hole! - Tom Nash, Jason Connor

It’s a hot day, two boys are kissing and Jason drops to his knees and yanks down Tom’s shorts and his hard cock flies up bouncing around in the fresh air! Jason licks the end of Tom’s knob before going down on the whole lot! Tom, all horny, fumbles with Jason’s belt and eventually yanks down Jason’s jeans and boxers… and up springs Jason’s big semi! Jason has a big uncut cock and Tom is soon struggling to deep throat so many inches! The lads are into full on kissing and sucking, til Jason sits down, slides on an extra large condom and pushes Tom onto his side and shoves one up missionary! Tom hardly able to catch his breath moans, though is soon pushing back for more, his face saying pain, his ass gobbling more! Jason stuffs Tom’s ass real full and pumps in and out real hard in a load of positions. Its all too much for Tom he dumps his load; Jason pulls out and squirts his own nice load! Two happy boys with their balls drained!

Tags: outdoor, kissing, gay sex, cock sucking

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Photographs from the shoot