Jason Connor

22 yo  6'0"  38"   32"   bi  8" cock
Jason is full of confidence and is really relaxed in front of the camera with a cheeky smile! He spends his days valeting cars and all that physical activity has resulted in a nicely toned body with just a hint of hair on his legs. Once his pants come down you will see his other asset, a nice long uncut cock which just gets bigger and bigger as he gets hard.

Jason Connor is a bi english lad with a 8 inch erect uncut cock and a swimmer, smooth body with piercings and tattoos. He is 22 years old, 6'0'' tall, and enjoys football & swim.
25 Mins

12th Jun 2009 - Jason fucks Neil - More

27 Mins
24 Mins

3rd Apr 2009 - Jason fucks Ryan - More

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4th Mar 2009 - Jason fucks Ryan - More

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