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7th Oct 2009 - Str8 hunk Rick fucks hard into Kai's eager hole - Kai Ford, Rick Lewis

Straight hunk Rick is being eyed up by Kai; fascinated by str8 lads he starts to suck Rickís nipples while sliding his hands in Rickís trackies and finding an almost fully hard uncut cock! Rick is always horny and rises to the occasion like today had a stiffy before the start! Kaiís mouth is soon full and he loves the challenge of deep throating and gorges himself on the whole of Rickís meat. Rick then sucks Kai, though not so keen to do the deep throat action, he is definitely sucking cock betterÖ I think its all the practice we keep giving him! Its not long though before Rick is standing behind Kai forcing his cock into Kaiís willing hole, pretending its tight its not long before he is pushing back trying to get it harder and deeper! Well Rick certainly fucks him hard and the lads fuck in some great positions, Kai lapping up getting all this straight meat! As Kai returns to getting it on his back he shoots a nice load over his abs and the bed, Rick pulls out and shoots all over Kaiís chest

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Photographs from the shoot