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21st Oct 2009 - Former str8 lad Niall fucks his first boyfriend! - Niall Frost, Nick Lloyd

Niall hadn’t played with cock when we first met him, today he brings his b/f to the shoot starts off with some hot kissing and strips off Nick, pulls down his boxers and sucks on his semi! Nick returns the favour and pulls down Niall’s boxers to reveal his nice big meat that is soon standing to attention! Niall loves getting blown, though not as much as fucking tight holes, so he is quick to lube up Nick’s hole and slide his big cock straight in, knocking the wind out of Nick. They fuck deep and hard as Niall loves pumping fast into Nick’s hole in a myriad of positions. Nick is on his back when he tenses round Niall’s cock and shoot his load, Niall pulls out, gets a quick blow job and spurts loads of cum over his body and covers Nick’s face! “Welcome to porn” Niall says to Nick!

Tags: oiled up, nipple play, kissing, indoor, gay sex, finger fun, cock sucking, cheeks spread, 2 in 1 hand

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Photographs from the shoot