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25th Nov 2009 - Hayden sucks Jake who sucks Jason - Str8 lads playing in the hot summer sun - Jake Cooper, Hayden Harris, Jason Connor

Two str8 lads and one bi guy in Spain’s hot sun and its all starts with a hose fight! The lads are soon naked and wet; Hayden is soft and is first to suck a cock and is soon very hard! There seems to be a trend here, the minute Hayden sucks cock he gets very hard! Though he is not alone with the hard on stakes as Jake also gets hard very easily the second he touches or someone else touches his cock! So the lads are soon swapping round and taking turns in sucking cock. Jake has been holding off for ages so when he releases he dumps a nice big load all over Hayden… then Jason blows on Hayden’s shoulder and as he finishes Hayden lies back, his body spasms time and time again and he shoots lots and lots of cum! You can tell Hayden has sucked cock! Three nice loads and the lads wash them selves off with the hose.

Tags: super cum shooter, str8 lad group, str8 guy sucking, str8 guy getting sucked, outdoor, hot & sunny, cheeks spread

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