Kev Fucks str8 hunk Rick
Kev Fucks str8 hunk Rick
Kev Fucks str8 hunk Rick
24 Mins

26th Jun 2009 - Kev Fucks str8 hunk Rick - Kev Adamson, Rick Lewis

Rick has just returned from a run, wearing a vest and very tight pair of shorts! As he flops back in the chair he is soon fiddling with his cock and balls and just as he starts to get a semi he is pleased to see Kev who si straight on his knees to a feel and mouthful of Rick’s very hard cock! After some great head Rick decides to pull down Kev’s pants and fill his own mouth and for a str8 lad has really started to enjoy sucking cock! A little cock sucking later and Rick is on his side welcoming Kev’s very big cock into his hole! Kev pumps him good though Rick is holding off from about 30 seconds in! So its not long before he squirts a nice big load. What is it when str8 lads get fucked… they have trouble holding off cumming!

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