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How do I cancel my rebill, retrieve my login or change my credit card details?
Go to CCBill Support / Epoch Support
Keeping Your Membership Continuous on non-recurring or cancelled memberships
If you have a non-recurring membership or have cancelled a recurring membership you can still keep your membership continuous by allowing it to expire and rejoining within 2 days of it expiring. Just use the same email address and it automatically links your old and new membership.
How often is the site up-dated?
3 updates a week; Friday a video, Wednesday a photo set and Sunday's alternate video and photo set, plus at least one bonus video of a photo shoot a week.
What size are the photographs?
450×675 and 750×1125 - After 120+ consecutive days XL 1000×1500 and XXL 2000×3000
Do your videos play on my Apple and/or Android device?
Our QuickTime (mp4) videos will play on iPhones, iPads, Macs & Android devices
Can I download zip files of photo sets?
After 120+ consecutive days zip files are available.
What format are the videos?
Three formats - Windows media, QuickTime (mp4) & flash streaming
Five sizes depending on membership term - 396×220; 540×304 at 1.5 mb/s; 960×540 at 2.5 mb/s; for 30 day+ members 1440×810 at 5.5 mb/s & for 120+ day members a very large 1920×1080 at 7.5 mb/s

How long are the videos? A full length movie usually 25-32 minutes and a 16 minute quickie (less talking)
Do you use DRM?
Can I download the videos?
You can stream all the videos immediately and download videos after 30 full days of membership. The 1920×1080 size is available to 120+ day members. For videos older than 5 years the largest size is only available to 120+ day members.
How many straight lads are on the website?
80% of our models are straight.
Are there videos of all the models?
Since Jan 2005 each model has done a set of photographs and a separate video and with the exception of about 3 models there is always a video. Check out the free area model profiles for more details.
What name will appear on my credit card?
Your transaction will appear as CCBillEU, or Epoch on your statement.
Will you send anything to my postal address?
You will not receive anything from us by post.