Model James Nichols Naked Straight English Lad Uncut Enjoys Swim, Rugby, waterpolo

James Nichols

21 yo  5'8"  42" chest  30" waist  straight  8" cock
Model James Nichols Naked Straight English Lad Uncut Enjoys Swim, Rugby, waterpolo
Model James Nichols Naked Straight English Lad Uncut Enjoys Swim, Rugby, waterpolo
Model James Nichols Naked Straight English Lad Uncut Enjoys Swim, Rugby, waterpolo
Model James Nichols Naked Straight English Lad Uncut Enjoys Swim, Rugby, waterpolo
Model James Nichols Naked Straight English Lad Uncut Enjoys Swim, Rugby, waterpolo
Model James Nichols Naked Straight English Lad Uncut Enjoys Swim, Rugby, waterpolo
Model James Nichols Naked Straight English Lad Uncut Enjoys Swim, Rugby, waterpolo
Model James Nichols Naked Straight English Lad Uncut Enjoys Swim, Rugby, waterpolo
Model James Nichols Naked Straight English Lad Uncut Enjoys Swim, Rugby, waterpolo
Photo sizes: 450×675, 750×1125.
James is a personal trainer and in front of the camera for the first time. He has a really defined body, does load of swimming, rugby and water polo and owns the best fitting black speedos I have ever seen! His eyes are bright blue and very engaging, he is a bundle of fun and really easy to work with. His girlfriend thought he was doing a sportwear shoot, well there are loads of him in his speedos …though rather more of him out of them! If he cums as hard every time in her as he did on the shoot she must be bursting with cum!

James Nichols is a straight english lad with a 8 inch erect uncut cock and a swimmer, smooth body with tattoos. He is 21 years old, 5'8'' tall, and enjoys swim, rugby, waterpolo.
VIDEOS FEATURING JAMES NICHOLS Also featured on BONUS UPDATE - James Nichols  - Getting a Hand Pumping a Big Toy!
BONUS UPDATE - James Nichols - Getting a Hand Pumping a Big Toy!
26 Minute Video - Thu 14th Oct 2010
One of the sites favourite models shows off his perfectly formed body; gets a blow job and a hand easing a big toy up his tight but very sensitive hole! A classic James video where as soon as you see his cock its well on its way to being semi; when it gets attention its soon rock hard; when the toy goes up his hole he has to resist cumming for every minute its being pumped in and out! James has one very sensitive and accommodating hole that loves a toy. Some great fun, probably one of James’ cheekiest and naturally naughty videos and once he has “permission to cum” James pumps a little harder on the toy in his ass, squats down and dumps a big load of cum all over the floor!

trailer here James & Kev Playing!
James & Kev Playing!
32 Minute Video - Fri 30th Jan 2009
James is back with his favourite lad who start the shoot by exploring James, his nipples, sucking his toes and massaging his legs and chest. James is still in his briefs, though the bulge gives away his excitement! As Kev pulls them off he has a job to lift them over James’ hard on! James then discovers Kev’s bulging trackies and he pulls them down to reveal Kev is nearly fully hard. The toy comes out and goes in! James just gets harder as Kev slides it in and out, having to pause a few times to hold James back. They both come at the same time, James shoots miles over his shoulder and Kev covers his body and neck! Two lads hugely turned on!

trailer here Str8 PT & his massive toy!
Str8 PT & his massive toy!
25 Minute Video - Fri 23rd May 2008
Str8 fitness trainer James is back and this time he strips to reveal he is wearing briefs and a tiny speedo! Ask him why and its to hold in his cock should it decide to rear up unexpectedly! Well he rolls onto his front and gets his ass tanned, though before long he is doing his favourite pastime, wanking his uncut cock and as usual its very hard! He plays around with a small red butt plug and trades it for a massive one which nearly splits him in two. Just a tiny bit of playing with this monster and he is gushing cum in his usual fashion all over his chest. He is such a big shooter!

trailer here Squaddie James and his toy
Squaddie James and his toy
26 Minute Video - Fri 14th Dec 2007
James is fresh out the army dressed in his combats and like most squaddies there is a big bulge in his pants! You get a few glimpses of some uncut meat and its not just hard its throbbing! He pulls it out and he is like a rock pulling it about with his army belt and teasingly wanking his cock. Its not long before he is on his back and sliding the purple toy up his dark cavernous hole, sliding it in… and out… and in and out! James loves this one and he pounds away until he shoots and boy does he shoot, he covers his t shirt and on the third squirt its so intense the dildo comes flying out! All nicely finished with a pee!

trailer here Footballer James
Footballer James
28 Minute Video - Fri 14th Sep 2007
James is back for a new shoot in his footie kit and he is in great form. He shows off his balls tricks and its not long before his cock is peeping out the leg of his shorts and his uncut meat is already semi! Down come his shorts and he spends the rest of the video walking round having a wank in about 10 different places! His cock stays like a rock and he lies back on the table and shoves his legs in the air for some real close ass shots. After all this teasing he is bursting and he shoots his load all over the stairs!

trailer here Str8 lads Big Matt & James
Str8 lads Big Matt & James
26 Minute Video - Fri 3rd Aug 2007
It’s always interesting to have two str8 lads together, as it can either be a “stand-off” or a “free for all!” There is a little teasing as both lads take turns with the ropes and some knots but its not long before Matt is on his knees pulling down James’ pants and gorging himself on James rather solid erection! Matt is enjoying tasting cock and seems to be great at deep throating and when he comes up for air the two lads wank each other off. Matt then jumps on James’ cock and its not long before both lads are shooting cum. Now one like dildos and one has a big cock where next!

trailer here Str8 hunk James & Matt
Str8 hunk James & Matt
34 Minute Video - Fri 29th Jun 2007
The photo set with these two lads has proved very popular and the video just gets hotter! Matt strips James and sucks him and then str8 boy James pulls down Matt’s pants and starts to wank him! There is loads of great oral and Matt is so turned on his cock stays rock hard. James also suffering from over hard cock syndrome goes weak at the knees when Matt rims and tongues his juicy hole. Both lads are having great fun and so its not long before James, being wanked and blown by Matt shoots a big load up Matt’s chest. Matt then blows his own jism all over the place.

trailer here Fred plugs James
Fred plugs James
30 Minute Video - Fri 1st Jun 2007
James is back this time with Fred… Fred is excited at the chance to play with James and James is excited that someone wants to play with him! It’s a fun shoot where Fred shows James his expert oral technique! Fred is soon showing fingers up James’ ass and as normal James reacts with a big stiff one! The lads both wank off each other and Fred introduces a toy into James’ ass. Then he discovers what happens if you do it too vigorously, James shoot buckets of cum! Seeing James cum Fred is quick to shoot his own load.

trailer here James all tied up
James all tied up
27 Minute Video - Sun 15th Apr 2007
James’ latest video sees him all tied up and a bulge in his shorts that he cant deal with! He sits down and gets released from those tight little briefs, his cock is real hard and gagging for some attention! James likes the idea of being vulnerable and it just seems to make him even more aroused! He gets a blow job and there is lots of pre-cum flowing in this shoot. James gets his hand free for a little bit before he gets bent over the stool and has his ass slapped! His cock is ready to burst and he gusher cum all over the place, round his neck and all over his chest! Another very aroused str8 lad!

trailer here Str8 James & the new toy
Str8 James & the new toy
28 Minute Video - Fri 23rd Feb 2007
James is back, this time in his painting overalls and he doesn’t have much underneath them! As ever he is full of energy and teases us as he gives glimpses of his body below his overalls… and there is one big and hard treat bursting to get out. James can never contain his uncut meat as the minute the camera is turned on, so is he and his cock just grows all solid. The leather seats have the pleasure of James’s naked butt as he wanks in a whole variety of positions and its not long before his legs are pulled up and a big old strap on is pushing into his hole! Then the chain reaction begins and he starts shooting cum all over the place, on his face on the chair and on the wall behind him… another James classic!

trailer here Str8 PT James bath time!
Str8 PT James bath time!
29 Minute Video - Fri 15th Dec 2006
James, one of the sites favourite str8 models is back for a new video. Starting in the bathroom with a piss he then tells us his top fitness tips for staying in shape. James strips down to nothing has a little play and up pops that massive uncut meat! He jumps in the bath and plays around with bubbles and his throbbing cock! James pulls out a favourite toy and gets in stuffed str8 in his tight little hole! Its amazing how hard he gets when there are toys in his ass and this one is massive and it goes right in about 8 inches! All this bum play and he stands up next to the mirrors and wanks off and squirts a massive load of juicy goo all down the mirror… Great double shoot!

trailer here Str8 PT James & his butt plug!
Str8 PT James & his butt plug!
26 Minute Video - Fri 3rd Nov 2006
Today we welcome back James in his latest shoot and looking even sportier. He is just back from a holiday and is really tanned and slightly peeling. So a little moisturiser is needed and James gets an all over body rub. His cock is soon getting a little extra rubbing and as usual its throbbing and pulsing by itself! James then gets a finger up his ass and gets really aroused, quickly followed by the butt plug up his ass and about 2 minutes later he shoots a load quite unexpected! He just keep wanking and after about 10 more minutes of wanking he sits back and shoots a second load all over the floor! Double yummy!

trailer here Str8 hunk James works out
Str8 hunk James works out
39 Minute Video - Fri 2nd Jun 2006
This video is long awaited, James shows his cheeky lad side in this shoot, beginning with some naked press ups before showing us his beautifully toned body and its not long until his cock is out and as hard as steel!! He gets a quick blow job and out comes the butt plug and with a little teasing around his ass hole up it goes and his knob is solid as a rock! There it stays for the rest of the shoot… He wanks until he cant hold back anymore gushing lovely creamy spunk all over his abs, chest and over his shoulder! That butt plug sure does get to this str8 lad!

trailer here James & Kev play
James & Kev play
40 Minute Video - Fri 3rd Feb 2006
James is str8 and this is his first time messing with another lad and Kev is the lucky lad! The two guys strip down and take a shower and are soon rubbing shower gel all over each other! Its not so long before there are two hard cock and James is just enjoying playing with his first cock! Kev drops to his knees and gives him a blow job… James is just so hard! Back in the bedroom the lads wank each other off and Kev suck some more str8 lad… James is really horny and when Kev goes near his ass his legs spread and Kev’s finger is soon up James’s ass whose cock is even harder! The lads have a great time and James shoots his load all over Kev who soon gushes his own load… wow so much cum!

trailer here Str8 PT James gets it
Str8 PT James gets it
43 Minute Video - Fri 4th Nov 2005
James is a fit bodied str8 lad doing his first ever erotic shoot. He is slightly nervous when he gets stripped down and rubbed in oil, then as his speedos get pulled down his dick starts to grow and without being touched suddenly rears up full and hard! James wanks off in a load of positions sharing his stories including fucking a girl with his brother! He also gets his first ever blow job from a man, during which his dick just gets harder! James is very aroused and drowns himself in one of the largest loads of cum of any models on the site! Non on his abs, its all shot over his shoulders and chest!

trailer here

PHOTOGRAPH SETS FEATURING JAMES NICHOLS Also featured on BONUS UPDATE with one of your Favourites James Nichols!
BONUS UPDATE with one of your Favourites James Nichols!
77 Photos - Tue 12th Oct 2010
These are just a few extra photos I have added of James; these were ones not seen before and I have added them mainly to allow me to add a full video of his to the website. They are mostly in and a few out of some tight pants!

more photos Your Favourite lad James
Your Favourite lad James
391 Photos - Sun 28th Dec 2008
One of the sites most popular str8 lads is back and James is in fine form as letting Kev play around with him, slightly teasy to begin, James pretends to be shocked at having a guy suck his cock; I think he forgot he weakened many times before! Kev teases James and gives him some great head before dripping gloopy oil around James’ winking hole. An over oiled finger gets a bit cheeky and slides into James, quickly replaced with a favourite toy. He is semi on entry and after seven “in & outs” his meat is solid and foreskin is back! By the time Kev has pummelled James’ cute hole he is bursting and burst he does all over Kev’s face! Another str8 hunk happy to be drained dry!

more photos There is cute & ... James
There is cute & ... James
302 Photos - Sun 20th Apr 2008
James is back, his shoots still topping the members favourites, still one of those looks that grabs your attention and stops you to look a little more! Today he strips down to his briefs and judging by the bulge there is a healthy flow of blood through his body pumping up his cock! He pulls them down, his cock is well excited and its seconds before it’s a rock solid erection! A little wanking later and James is on his back and Kev is rubbing oil in his hole and pushing in butt plug which is quickly sucked in! The big blak toy comes out and James is nearly defeated, though he loves trying to eat it, though in his attempt he hits the spot and gushes a load of cum all over his body. Another one of his anal triumphs!

more photos One of his biggest cum shots!
One of his biggest cum shots!
340 Photos - Wed 14th Nov 2007
James is back after a stint in the army and he is looking as buffed as ever! One thing is certain as he pulls down his combats his army issue long johns are bulging! He pulls the material tight round the bulge and there is no missing his erection. James gets such a thrill from showing off in front of the camera and in no time his cock is out and getting some attention. Just for all those ass lovers he shows off his hair free crack in all its glory. Once back into some serious wanking he gushes his load all over his t shirt in what must be one of his biggest and strongest cum shots, there is a load off it and it really flies! Welcome back James.

more photos Str8 hunk surprise
Str8 hunk surprise
322 Photos - Sun 12th Aug 2007
We welcome back James and boy is he looking fit, with his bod looking really cut! James is full of beans and at his teasy best as he strips down showing off his great tan and ripped abs! James pulls down his pants and there is nothing soft in sight, his cock well more than semi and after a little attention its soon nice and hard and pointing up. He has a play and shows off how much pre-sum oozes out his cock as he plays with streams of it! Not shy about his ass he cant resist showing it off and a few minutes more stroking and he is shooting and I mean shooting cum everywhere, this is a very intense orgasm just look at the amount of cum!

more photos Matt & James
Matt & James
327 Photos - Sun 1st Jul 2007
Its rare to see two str8 lads having so much fun together and they are two of the sites favourites! Big Matt is getting quite curious and strips hunky James down to his boxers and ties him with ropes! Matt pulls down his boxers and pulls the ropes tight round his cock and balls, before he drops to his knees and tastes James’ uncut cock. Matt does a great job at blowing James who then turns the table and strips Matt, only he gets a shock when he pulls down Matts’s boxers! Matt is a 1 footer and no wonder James feels a little “average” when he gets an eyeful! The lads wank each other and the inevitable happens, str8 boy spunk comes flying.

more photos Matt does James
Matt does James
416 Photos - Wed 30th May 2007
Your favourite str8 model James is with one of our favourite gay lads Matt and what a hot shoot this one is. Matt strips James and is soon on his knees sampling some str8 lad cock and James as ever, is as hard as a rock! He just loves being gently handled and lies back enjoying Matt expert cock sucking. Matt is soon exploring James’ ass with his tongue and gives him a real rimming before getting all turned on and slipping in a purple toy! James just loves all the attention, his cock as ever is hard enough to double as a missile, and its not long before spunk is firing out all over Matt’s face, he loves it and licks it up before shooting his own load.

more photos James & Fred
James & Fred
325 Photos - Wed 2nd May 2007
Its been quite some time since we have seen James with another model and this time its with Fred our ultra horny fuck machine! The two lads begin shirtless and Fred is soon tugging at James’ trousers, to see what’s inside! Fred slips his hands into James’ undies and finds some real nice hard meat! James then reaches into Fred’s pants and also finds a nice hard cock! They are soon wanking each other off and a soft cock is never seen! Its not long before Fred is slapping his cock round James’ ass and slips in a finger. Its quickly followed by the butt plug and then the most massive dildo…All this ass play and James is gushing cum everywhere and Fred is quick to follow.

more photos James hog tied
James hog tied
375 Photos - Wed 14th Mar 2007
Today James is back in great form all bound up with some ropes. He is so easy going but the idea of being restrained seemed to really turn him on. He starts tied up and partially gets free only to start yanking the ropes round his body parts! As with all of James’ shoots the minute he begins hard and well, just carries on hard. James is very sexual and his cock stays like a rock all the way through the shoot with plenty of close ass shots. A rare dildo free shoot but no shortage of hard cock, close up ass and spunk every where.

more photos Strap on fun
Strap on fun
450 Photos - Wed 24th Jan 2007
James was feeling very flirty the day of the shoot and he was only wearing an overall and a tight fitting pair of pants! He is soon exposing glimpses of his uncut meat as he flashes his cock and because the minute its gets some attention its rock hard you don’t see it soft in this set! He is soon naked and wanking and before long his anal dominant side gets t he better of him! He pulls out a small strap on and is soon shoving it in and out of his ass and when its not quite hitting the spot out comes the “big brother” and is also soon buried deep. When James has fingers or dildoes in his ass he usually cant hold off long and he gushes a massive load of cum all over the place!

more photos James in the bath
James in the bath
433 Photos - Wed 8th Nov 2006
James is back for a new shoot, this time playing about in the bathroom in front of the large mirror so loads of “duo” shots! He strips down and jumps in the bath to play around with the ducks! Before long he is covered in loads of foam and wanks his foamy dick looking as hard as ever. Its not too long before a dildo is up his ass and his cock just gets even harder! James is great when his ass is getting some attention though its hard to stop him from coming the second something goes up there! It all ends with him standing in front of the mirror and him gushing a big load of cum down the mirror.

more photos James gets horny
James gets horny
299 Photos - Wed 27th Sep 2006
James is looking toned and younger than ever with his new hair cut, starting the shoot playing in his trackies he gives us a sneak preview as we get glimpses of his cock as he plays away. He pulls out his dick, its half hard and we get some great close ups of his foreskin. James casually plays with his dick and gets on his back to show off his ass and feet as he wanks away while teasingly fingering round his ass. All this playing and James is really aroused and seconds later he squirts cum all over the floor as he empties those full balls!

more photos James' photos
James' photos
342 Photos - Wed 26th Apr 2006
A few of you have been waiting for James’ latest shoot, he was a little devious in his last shoot and nearly had a real cock up his ass, this time in his solo he breaks more boundaries. He is relaxing in the hotel room playing with his laptop and whips out his dick, within seconds it like a rock! He strips down and shows off every part of his body before he throws his legs high into the air and introduces the butt plug… a bit of teasing and up it goes and there is stays, his dick is like steel for the rest of the shoot and he stands up and shoots a huge wad of cum on the desk with it up his ass. It’s not until his clean up shower that it comes out! Not bad for a first time str8 lad!

more photos Kev and James' photos
Kev and James' photos
238 Photos - Sun 25th Dec 2005
Kev and James come together for James’s first time bit of fun with another man… well apart from the blowjob he got in his first shoot! Anyway Kev is the expert at blow jobs and gives James loads of great oral. James’ cock stays rock hard all the way through the shoot and he accepts a guy can give better head than his girlfriend… though he did say he wouldn’t challenge her with these facts! Kev has loads of fun playing with James and he ever slips a finger up James’s ass which just makes James even harder! James then dumps his load on his chest while Kev’s finger is still in his ass. All this excitement and its not long before Kev shoots loads of cum of his own!

more photos James's photos
James's photos
326 Photos - Sun 9th Oct 2005
James is a personal trainer and in front of the camera for the first time and has a great body to show off! He is str8, not shy about his body and likes the idea he is entertaining men! He strips out his clothes to reveal a pair of very tight black speedos with a big bulge. Down they come, James is hard at the excitement of stripping and what a big uncut dick! He is happy to show all his body including close up ass shots. You can see how much he enjoys the shoot and when he cums he gushes, all over his abs and over his shoulder. Wow, another one like Tyler!

more photos
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