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Alex Parry

23 yo  6'0"  42" chest  32" waist  straight  7.5" cock
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Alex is a very fit bodied str8 lad who works hard to stay in shape. He is a keen footballer and does a load of gym work and running to keep up his fitness. This was his first photo shoot and there is no doubt he has naturalness in front of the camera really enjoying the attention off all his hard work training. When I first met Alex he was as hairy as you see him today and he said he was about to clipper his hair. Pretty quick I asked him to keep it intact as I know loads of people like a naturally hairy muscle hunk! Just wait til you see him performing.

Alex Parry is a straight english lad with a 7.5 inch erect uncut cock and a muscular, hairy body. He is 23 years old, 6'0'' tall, and enjoys football, running and gym.
Englishlads.com: Str8 hunky boy Alex - Is that a cock in your mouth and cock in your ass?!
Str8 hunky boy Alex - Is that a cock in your mouth and cock in your ass?!
25 Minute Video - Fri 14th May 2010
Alex is one of the sites favourite str8 lads; He is tall and hairy with a muscular and real defined body and one of those cocks that is rarely seen soft as it seems to spend most of its time pointing straight up in the air! Alex had a fantasy about having sex with a transsexual and so when we found one Alex was real exited! So just check out what happens in this shoot you see one of our straightest lads gobbling down on a big cock and its not long before its sliding into his hole! Its not just sliding, but being rammed into his ass, I cant believe Alex is happy to get a big cock up his ass just so he can play with a pair of tits! Some pounding of Alex’s ass later and Alex is getting fucked and shoots a nice big load! Wow what was all that about!?

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Englishlads.com: Hairy Str8 hunk Alex - Strips off and puts a finger in and follows it with two huge toys!
Hairy Str8 hunk Alex - Strips off and puts a finger in and follows it with two huge toys!
31 Minute Video - Fri 26th Mar 2010
Alex is one of our str8 lads who has been steadily experimenting, today he pushing back the boundaries, or should I say pushing way up a former boundary! Alex does a teasy strip and shows off his hairy body and even hairier legs and starts off his anal experience by lubing up his finger and slipping it in, complaining he has too tight a hole! A finger is followed by the purple toy, about the size of a six inch cock and he moans away at shoving it in and out. When the pink toy comes out Alex seems hardly able to get the end of it in, though within a few minutes he is pushing masses of it in and out of his ass at increasing speed! He pumps harder and harder and he starts to ooze load of cum, the more he pumps the more he oozes loads more cum! Alex seems to have discovered his ass is a fun place to be!

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Englishlads.com: Str8 Hairy Hunk Alex - Where is that toy going?!
Str8 Hairy Hunk Alex - Where is that toy going?!
25 Minute Video - Sun 16th Aug 2009
Str8 hunk Alex strips to show off his hairy and very well defined and tanned body. He is always horny and as he pulls off his small green briefs his cock immediately rises up to a nice semi! A little gently wanking and Alex has a hard on anyone would be proud to be sporting! He bends over and shows of his hairy hole and then grabs a small dildo and teases his hole gently easing it up a little every now and then! Staying on the edge for ages he is well wound and when he releases he spurts his load all over the floor!

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Englishlads.com: Str8 hunk Alex gets oiled!
Str8 hunk Alex gets oiled!
27 Minute Video - Sun 26th Apr 2009
Alex has just returned from Mexico and his body is a wonderful dark tone making his legs look even more hairy and his body look like he spent the whole holiday working out! Once in his boxers Kev rubs moisturiser on Alex’s chest and legs who then allows him to pull off his boxers and a few minutes later he is pumping his cock! Though its with the fake fanny and Alex is loving it, his cock goes right in to the end of the fleshlight, he is very aroused! After lots of teasing and wanking and showing his hole he lies back and shoots plenty of spurts on his abs!

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Englishlads.com: Hairy str8 footballer Alex
Hairy str8 footballer Alex
26 Minute Video - Fri 25th Jul 2008
today we welcome Alex back to show off his body. This hairy and very toned young footballer loves to tease us by slowly stripping and fiddling with himself through his jeans and boxers…the result; when he sets it free its like a pouncing tiger, strong and dangerous, but oh so cuddly! You just want to lick Alex all over as he shows off his hairy muscular body and he loves showing his slightly hairy hole. A little bit more wanking and Alex is shooting a load of cum into those hairy abs of his!

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Englishlads.com: Hairy Str8 hunk plays in kit
Hairy Str8 hunk plays in kit
24 Minute Video - Fri 11th Apr 2008
Alex is a horny fit bodied lad bursting with hormones, his favourite sport is football and he wasn’t able to bring his own kit as his team keeps it to wash! Or prevent their models embarrassing them by wanking off in it! So its not long into the shoot wearing his Chelsea kit before his cock is out the shorts, pointing the way excited cocks do… and Alex’s points up like a rocket. He loves to wank it and is happy to pull his shorts down far enough to show off his ass, fuck a doll and spasm, twitch, squirt and… spunk is everywhere!

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Englishlads.com: Str8 Buff Hunk & his Big toy
Str8 Buff Hunk & his Big toy
28 Minute Video - Sun 3rd Feb 2008
Alex is back and strips down to his boxers enjoying showing off his muscular body and natural hairiness. Down come his boxers and his uncut cock is floppy but full! As ever the minute he touches his meat it rears up and stands to attention. He loves playing real gentle, stroking and teasing himself and enjoys teasing us! Alex lies back and brings up his legs to show his ass in real close up. A little more playing and he lies back, tenses and squirts!

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Englishlads.com: Str8 hairy hunk Alex
Str8 hairy hunk Alex
28 Minute Video - Fri 23rd Nov 2007
One of your favourite str8 lads is back for a new video, this time he teasingly strips out of his jeans and pulls his cock out the leg of his boxer shorts and instantly it gets hard! Once up Alex stays up! He pulls down his boxers revealing he has had a shave round his ass and he is now proud to show all hairless hole and fingers around it! He strips out his vest and you can see his abs are as hard as his cock. Alex then shows his ass and feet some more before shooting his cum all over his hairy abs and he licks some off his finger… though not greatly impressed with the taste!

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Englishlads.com: Alex's muscular body
Alex's muscular body
27 Minute Video - Fri 31st Aug 2007
Alex is our hairy str8 hunk who is just so relaxed in front of the camera you get the idea he is enjoying himself! He strips in the kitchen to show off his muscular and well defined body and off come his briefs showing his nice white bit! Alex has a semi and you get to see just how quick it gets hard… a quick fiddle and its big and hard in no time. He does a great job at showing off his body and is only too happy to please his potential fans and expose his ass to some close up examination. After some more wanking he gushes a nice load over his abs and mostly falling to the floor!

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Englishlads.com: Hairy Str8 hunk Alex - You wont believe this but he sucks and gets fucked!
Hairy Str8 hunk Alex - You wont believe this but he sucks and gets fucked!
471 Photos - Wed 21st Apr 2010
Str8 hunk Alex has many fans, he always maintained he wouldn’t play with another lad but left open the option to experiment with a transsexual! Can you believe these str8 lads; Alex agreed that if he was able to play with some tits he would also play with a cock! So despite resisting all previous ideas about letting a lad play with him he was happy to play with cock on his terms! And play with it he does! Not only does he let his cock be sucked but he is soon gobbling down and enjoying his first cock and looking pretty good with it in his face! After a little more sucking he slides his bog and very hard cock into ass and pumps away before agreeing its only fair to try it himself! The next two thirds of the shoot are amazing as Alex gets stuffed with a big cock up his ass and just look at how hard this str8 lads cock stays! He ends up getting it deep and hard on his back and shoots his load over his hairy abs, then sucks cock before being covered in another load! I think we have lit the touch paper!

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Englishlads.com: Ripped Str8 hunk Alex Strips off, gets massively aroused and has his first anal experience with a massive pink thing!
Ripped Str8 hunk Alex Strips off, gets massively aroused and has his first anal experience with a massive pink thing!
475 Photos - Sun 28th Feb 2010
We haven’t seen Str8 lad Alex for just over six months and in this time he seems to have been to “deviant school!” He starts off innocently enough, today shot against his banner from the promotion evenings and he is soon bulging out his boxers and his cock comes out not just a little hard but very hard! His muscular and ripped body is soon on show and his cock sticks straight up as usual… though today when he bends over to show off his hole he teases a finger round the hole and… then he is sticks a finger up, then two and Alex is soon pleasuring himself shoving his fingers in and out. Fingers are quickly pursued by a very large double ended dildo and Alex is writhing around from the pleasure of having such a large big one up his ass for the first time. This lad has a great time and so its not long before he is lying on his back pumping his ass with a big dildo and shoots his load over his abs. Can you believe str8 boys, they go from being all innocent to filling their holes with massive dildos!

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Englishlads.com: Hunky Alex - check out those tan lines
Hunky Alex - check out those tan lines
387 Photos - Wed 15th Jul 2009
Str8 hunk Alex is back from holiday and just check out his tan; his body seems to get more buff each time, though he is always in great condition. Once in just his boxers you get a good look at his hairy chest and how tanned are his legs! As he pulls down his boxers a few inches that tan line is pronounced and as the top of his meaty cock comes into view its good to see he wasn’t on a nudist beach! As he stands naked in front of us Alex has a nice semi; as ever once he touches his cock it swells up and stands proud! One day maybe he will let Kev suck it! For now he makes do with his own hand doing a great job at pounding his meat. All the sun makes him so horny he bends over and reveals his ass before lying back and shooting a big mess of cum all over his legs and abs!

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Englishlads.com: Alex - cums no hands!
Alex - cums no hands!
467 Photos - Wed 25th Mar 2009
Str8 hunk Alex has just returned from holiday; he is really tanned and even more running on the beach and his body is rippling! He strips out of his overalls to reveal his bulging briefs hardly able to restrain his growing meat! He pulls them down, his uncut cock is bounces into view and its looking pretty semi, he gives it a little fiddle and its soon sticking straight up against his abs! Alex is happy to show off his hole and he teasingly sticks a finger in a little! Alex then plays with a fleshlight… his cock is just so hard and he fucks his fake fanny in a load of positions! After lots more playing around he pumps it up and down and pulls it off and shoots his load… it’s a hands free cum shot, wow a great one!

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Englishlads.com: Hairy str8 athlete Alex
Hairy str8 athlete Alex
330 Photos - Wed 25th Jun 2008
Alex is back and today as he lifts up his shirt to show off his abs he is looking more hairy than the last time. He squeezes himself through his jeans and as ever that’s his switch turned to on and he immediately starts to fill up his jeans! When they come down you can see his cock all already semi hard and just a few tugs later and its sticking right close up against his abs. This lad works his cock hard, shows his hairy hole and lies back to shoot his load.

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Englishlads.com: Str8 hunk fucks Matron!!
Str8 hunk fucks Matron!!
367 Photos - Sun 9th Mar 2008
Alex is feeling horny today, dressed in his football kit you can soon see how horny he is feeling with his cock forming a nice bulge in his shorts! When he sits back his cock forces its way out the leg of his shorts and once he touches his meat its fully erect. He grabs his blow up nurse and slides his cock inside and pumps in and out, he pulls out to lube up some more and his cock is now nice and moist! Alex plays away and jumps on the bed, pulls down his shorts and shows off his hairy hole! He fingers round and does a superb job of teasing us. Some more wanking later and sits back and cums on his abs and floods down his cock, nice gooey mess!

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Englishlads.com: Hairy str8 hunk in the bath
Hairy str8 hunk in the bath
354 Photos - Wed 2nd Jan 2008
Our hairy str8 hunk Alex is back and stripping to show off his latest new tight boxer briefs and when he yanks them down his cock springs up to near full attention! Alex is as horny as ever loving the attention of the camera. He jumps in the bath and gets lathered up with his hairy body looking great all dripping wet! Alex wanks away and bends over to show his hairy hole, fingering it teasingly and just slides in a finger. Alex cock stays rock hard all the way through and he soon dumps his loads squirting it down his hand and into the bath!

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Englishlads.com: Str8 Hairy Hunk
Str8 Hairy Hunk
393 Photos - Sun 21st Oct 2007
Alex is back and this str8 lad once again does a great job at showing off his hairy and muscular body. He opens his shirt and his jeans and the bulge gives away his erection. He pulls it out his fly and his uncut meat is standing straight up! Alex stays party clothed for quite a bit of the shoot, though strips off completely to lie down and put his legs in the air to show off his newly shaven hole and there are lots of close ups! All the teasing and Alex is ready to blow, he does a nice cum shot sitting down and gets it all over his hands and running back down his cock.

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Englishlads.com: Hairy hunk Alex
Hairy hunk Alex
411 Photos - Wed 25th Jul 2007
Alex is one of these str8 lads who is just born to do porn for gay men! He loves the camera and knows how to tease slowly stripping off his shirt to show off his muscles and hairy body. Off come his trackies to show off his tight little briefs which are bulging full! Alex’s cock is peeping out showing off his juicy foreskin and down they come so you can see his big floppy cock! He watches some porn and you see it get fully erect without him touching it. Alex is a great show off relishing showing his hairy ass and slowly fingering his hole! Its not long before his big stiff tool is shooting str8 lad cum, lovely mess.

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