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Click to enlarge this picture of Craig Edwards
Click to enlarge this picture of Craig Edwards
Click to enlarge this picture of Craig Edwards
Click to enlarge this picture of Craig Edwards
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Click to enlarge this picture of Craig Edwards
Click to enlarge this picture of Craig Edwards
Click to enlarge this picture of Craig Edwards
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Craig is a fit bodied lad who keeps in shape from playing loads of sports and he also has really hairy legs, abs and chest. He is new to modelling but really relaxed at showing off his body and having fun in front of the camera. His hair is natural all over so no trimmed pubes here and hairy ass lover will be in heaven with the close up of this lad!

Craig Edwards is a straight english lad with a 7.5 inch erect uncut cock and a defined, hairy body. He is 19 years old, 6'0'' tall, and enjoys football and cycling.
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Englishlads.com: Hairy Str8 lad Craig
Hairy Str8 lad Craig
27 Minute Video - Fri 7th Sep 2007
Craig strips down for his bath revealing he hasn’t trimmed any of his hairs and he is as bushy all over as usual! Once naked he hops into the bath and gently sponges his hairy body… and its not long before he swaps the sponge for his cock and is gently wanking away in the warm waters! He stands up next to the mirror to give us some double pleasure and bends over to show off his very hairy str8 lad ass! Craig then sits down on the edge of the bath and shoots his cum all over his very hairy abs and slips back in the bath to wash it all off.
Englishlads.com: Str8 hairy lad Craig
Str8 hairy lad Craig
30 Minute Video - Fri 16th Mar 2007
Craig is back by popular demand to show off his naturally hairy body. He strips down to reveal there are no smooth parts to his body! Craig has never shaved his pubes so they are bushy along with his balls. He enjoys showing off his body, still a little unsure about all his male fans but sort of enjoying the attention. From the minute he plays with himself Craig stays hard and enjoys a long wank as he teases himself nearer and nearer. He is happy to show off his ass and you cant miss those ringlets of hair round his ass! After all his teasing he shoots a nice load of juice quickly lost in hair!
Englishlads.com: Craig's double cum shoot
Craig's double cum shoot
31 Minute Video - Sun 10th Dec 2006
Craig’s photos have been number one since going on the site so guessing his video will do very well. He is really relaxed in front of the camera, strips off his shirt to reveal his very hairy chest and when his pants come off he reveals his untrimmed bush and long floppy uncut cock. A few strokes and its much less floppy and str8 lad Craig is enjoying showing off for the camera. When he reveals his ass you get to see rings of curly hair on the tops of his legs. Craig stays lovely and hard throughout the shoot and shoots spunk into his hairy abs, a quick shower and he comes back for another cum shot! Great!

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Englishlads.com: Hairy hunk in the bath
Hairy hunk in the bath
345 Photos - Wed 8th Aug 2007
Craig is back and today he takes a bath, stripping out his clothes to show off his hairy body, not a jot of trimming and once he hops in the bath you will see his matted wet hairs! Craig shows off his body and to begin is soft and pulls back his foreskin starting the inevitable of blood flowing in and his cock! He is quick to get hard and enjoys showing off in front of the mirror so you get to enjoy two Craig’s! Its not long before he bends over and shows off his very hairy ass and ringlets, you haven’t seen it so close! Craig hops back in the bath and is soon shooting a nice load of cum into his hairy abs.
Englishlads.com: Str8 hairy lad
Str8 hairy lad
390 Photos - Sun 11th Feb 2007
Today we welcome back “hairy lad” Craig in a new shoot we did with him in the studio. Craig slowly strips out of his clothes and tries on some different underwear before slowly emerging from some tight little swimmers with a half hard cock! Craig is str8 and enjoys showing off his hairy body. He is soon wanking away before he hits the floor and pulls up his legs to show off his ass… and its hairy…very hairy though you can still see his hole in all its glory. After a little more foreplay Craig is really aroused and he shoots a nice load of cum that is soon lost in his hairy abs! Great spunky lad.
Englishlads.com: Craigs solo wank
Craigs solo wank
431 Photos - Sun 5th Nov 2006
Craig is new to modelling and this str8 lad is great in front of the camera, a little shy but soon enjoying the attention. He has a naturally athletic body with lots of hair, his legs are coated thick and so are his abs. Craig strips down to his boxers and they are soon round his knees as he shows off his foreskin, back and forward. A little more playing and its starting to grow and he loves showing off his toy rocket as it points str8 up. He wanks off in a load of position and allows us some real close ups of his very hairy ass. Some more stroking and he shoots a nice load of cum soon lost in all those hairs. I know a lot of you will enjoy a well defined lad with a hairy body.

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