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Scott Stone

22 yo  6'0"  40" chest  32" waist  straight  7.5" cock
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Scott is builder by trade with a nicely tanned body combine that with all the sports he plays and you have a nicely toned and muscled young man in his early 20’s. Luckily he is not shy and enjoys showing off his body and when his boxers come off you will love looking at that thick and long uncut cock. He hardly has to touch it before its rock hard and watch how he stands on his toes as he beats his meat!

Scott Stone is a straight english lad with a 7.5 inch erect uncut cock and a muscular, hairy body with tattoos. He is 22 years old, 6'0'' tall, and enjoys gym & football.
Englishlads.com: Straight Hunks Scott and Zack Playing Around with Each Other!
Straight Hunks Scott and Zack Playing Around with Each Other!
24 Minute Video - Fri 21st Jan 2011
Scott is one of these muscular Str8 hunks that you just cant help yourself for liking; chat to him for a few minutes and you release this handsome hunk is also a pretty “naughty boy!” What is it that attracts us to these naughty ones! I guess he can get away with being cocky; great body, hair in all the right places and one whopper of a piece of meat! The guys compare their body parts doing a little measuring a long the way, casual and fun and horny watching two straight hunks playing, though never quite prepared to go too far! Zack is looking all pumped up and has one hard cock today; Scott is first to shoot a massive load drowning himself; Zack follows with a pretty good load and then Scott is back cuming again! He is one horned up boy!

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Englishlads.com: Str8 hunky Builder Scott covered in Foam & Ultra High Pressure Ending!
Str8 hunky Builder Scott covered in Foam & Ultra High Pressure Ending!
24 Minute Video - Fri 16th Apr 2010
Sexy builder boy Scott strips out of his clothes, whips down his boxers and jumps in the bath, playing with a sponge to lather up his hairy torso. As ever with Scott the minute he goes near his uncut cock he can’t control it and it just rears up and sticks in the air! He likes to tease himself as if he wanks for more than a short time he is on the edge of cumming, so he has to wank and leave, wank and leave or we would have a very short video! Luckily Scott is not shy about showing off his ass and today it’s a bit wet! After a bit more wanking he stands next to the mirror and shoots at high pressure load after load all down the mirror, for a minute you think he has an identical twin!

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Englishlads.com: Favourite Str8 Young Hunk Scott - Delivers 5 cum shots in 30 minutes!
Favourite Str8 Young Hunk Scott - Delivers 5 cum shots in 30 minutes!
22 Minute Video - Fri 18th Dec 2009
How do you get 5 cums shots filmed real time in 35 minutes; just hire Scott and this young stud likes a challenge! He strips off and I challenge him to cum as many times as possible… and now there is just 30 minutes left! He rises to the occasion the great thing with Scott is once he stands on his toes and tenses his legs, blood flows to his cock, his balls tighten and out roars his first load, flying right across the table! Never one to under-deliver, he shoots the most massive load. We chat for about 60 seconds and he starts pulling on his foreskin and is soon hard, dumps another load within about 3 minutes of his first! Several more loads come and by his fourth load his legs are stressed and his arm is killing! So I push for one more load and Scott well within his 35 minutes dumps a fifth and final load on the table! He loves a challenge; I will just have to let him agree to the terms of how we get to the sixth load!

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Englishlads.com: Hunky Str8 Footballer Scott - With a double cum shot
Hunky Str8 Footballer Scott - With a double cum shot
26 Minute Video - Sun 11th Oct 2009
Hunky footballer Scott warms up with a run, then gives us a quick flash of his uncut meat so we get a change to see it soft! Though as ever with Scott he is always semi, fiddling with himself most the time! He strips out of his footie kit to show off his muscular and hairy body and a nice thick uncut cock that is almost full hard. He loves showing his body off and is happy to show his hairy hole and even shows us some of his footie tricks while his cock is nice and firm! About 10 minutes into his shoot he says “oh fuck” his body shudders and cum shoots out. He wipes it up and just carries on, calling it a “little dribble!” Scott doesn’t go soft and still has to wank gently so as not to cum again too quickly! His favourite wanking position is standing and on his toes, which looks very sexy when he is in his trainers! A little more wanking later and he goes outside and standing leaning against the window he shoots streams of cum all down the window, a massive load, yet again!

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Englishlads.com: Scott Stone superheroed up!
Scott Stone superheroed up!
26 Minute Video - Sun 21st Jun 2009
Scott is back, wearing some “superhero boxers” and he is all smiles; within 60 seconds I suggest he pulls his cock out and then with seconds its hard and that is how it stays! Scott is so easily aroused, just a few strokes and his cock is pointing skywards and that cheeky smiles tells you the rest! He loves wanking on camera and especially reading all the feedback. Luckily he lets us explore every hairy part of his body including some real close up of his hairy hole. As ever his cum shot is amazing shooting gism all over his chest!

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Englishlads.com: Favourite lad Scott
Favourite lad Scott
25 Minute Video - Sun 29th Mar 2009
Scott is one of your most popular models, he started a few shoots ago very shy and his confidence is growing all the time! He strips off his shirt and proudly shows off his perfectly muscled body, drops his jeans to show off his white boxers, full with something bouncing inside! Once naked he shows off how quick he can get hard; in about 6 seconds and he just loves to show it! His thick meat is nestled into a healthy bush and as he lifts his leg he shows off an equally hairy hole! Scott spends nearly all the shoot holding back from cumming so it no surprise when let free he shoots a big load on his abs and body!

trailer here
Englishlads.com: Scott in shooting buckets!
Scott in shooting buckets!
28 Minute Video - Fri 26th Dec 2008
Scott has been playing loads of football since his last shoot and I think his chest is looking more hairy! He strips off and pulls his cock out his boxers looking already pleased to see us! Scott never has an issue getting hard he plays with his cock fro about 6 seconds and that is enough time to go from soft to hard. He then spends most the shoot teasing himself trying not to get too aroused so as to shoot early! Scott spreads his cheeks and then stands on his toes to shoot his load and what a load, shooting it way across the floor and by the bucket!

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Englishlads.com: Str8 hunk & member favourite
Str8 hunk & member favourite
29 Minute Video - Fri 14th Nov 2008
Scott’s video must be one of the most eagerly awaited since James got fucked! This str8 hunk from north London begins the shoot a little shy, stripping down to his boxers and pulling out a well formed semi he is just so proud! Well who wouldn’t be with that dangling between your legs! Scott shows off his thick and long piece of meet, revealing his ass and body that is lightly hairy in all the right places. By the time he is mid way through Scott is intrigued looking at the camera and look at him close to his cum shot, I think he is wanking to his own video! A video destined to drain many balls dry!

trailer here

Englishlads.com: Hunky Straight Lads Scott Stone and Zack Elliot Playing around!
Hunky Straight Lads Scott Stone and Zack Elliot Playing around!
359 Photos - Wed 22nd Dec 2010
Scott has been away making babies for the last year and is back doing a shoot with Zack. The lads are funny together, dead serious trying not to enjoy themselves and when I get them do something as simple as look at each other they burst into fits of laughter! They have some fun posing and showing off their bodies, Zack is quite a lot more muscular than when he last did a shoot and Scott has also bulked up. Boxers down and Zack is first up with his stiffy pumping and wandering around in mid air looking like he is waiting for someone to suck it! Today isn’t his lucky day as Scott doesn’t fancy sucking on his stick of rock! So the lads show off their bodies and both do a great job of showing their holes; one hairy one smooth! Scott has held himself back for a long time now and when he blows, he blows, gushing cum all over his body and chin! Zack is quick to follow and covers his own abs with a nice load of cum.

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Englishlads.com: Hunky Str8 lad Scott - Strips off & check out that pink hole!
Hunky Str8 lad Scott - Strips off & check out that pink hole!
404 Photos - Wed 17th Mar 2010
Scott is in the bathroom today, dressed in bright blue and looking perky and mischievous! He is one of those naughty straight lads who gets off on the idea that guys are watching him, just look at what happens; he strips out his clothes to show off his muscular body, pulls down those boxers and he is curiously semi… in every shoot he has done! Today he covers his muscular and hairy body in loads of foam as he splashes around in the bath wetting his body, though he doesn’t forget to stroke his uncut cock! Once he forgets the foam and focuses back on his meat his cock is soon fully engorged with blood and proving to be quite a handful! When Scott bends over we get one of the best views of his ass that he has ever allowed us to film; plenty of hair with just a hint of that pink undiscovered hole that you love, str8 lads hate to show! After a little more playing he stands up against the mirror and shoots one of his trademark loads all down the mirror.

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Englishlads.com: Scott
Scott "5 cum shots" Stone - Cums 5 times in a row with no break!
366 Photos - Wed 18th Nov 2009
Scott’s balls are on spectacular form today! Begins with a tad of teasing, then his army pants fall to the ground and he gets an instant hard-on and messes about with it. His cock seems to only have two settings, semi and rock hard; in all the shoots I have done with Scott you never see him small! He wanks away at his big uncut wand, turns round, pushes his cock between his legs and shows off his hole way better than I think its ever been seen! Then it all goes wild, he steps up to the table and pumps out a spectacular cum shot shooting masses and all over the glass table, he relaxes for 30 seconds, grabs hold his cock, wanks for about 2 minutes and pumps out another load. Taking another 30 second break he pumps hard on his cock and explodes for the third time. This time relaxing for 1 minutes he grabs his cock, stands on his toes, tenses hard on his leg muscles and he cums again… though this time he does wait 2 minutes before touching his cock but sure enough he tenses everything, wanks and cums for the 5th time all within 45 minutes. This str8 lad certainly has a record I don’t think we will find many models can beat!

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Englishlads.com: Hunky footballer Scott is back playing with those great balls! Shooting a nice load
Hunky footballer Scott is back playing with those great balls! Shooting a nice load
393 Photos - Wed 9th Sep 2009
Scott is back and as a semi pro footballer he wants to show off his shiny balls; today they are big and bouncy and as they fall out his boxers his plumped up uncut cock rears into view. As ever it doesn’t seem possible to see Scott completely flaccid as when ever he is on camera the blood seems to start pumping and his cock looks full. He plays about with his football, in shorts, in boxers, naked and then with a hard on. Each time you get to watch his uncut meat bouncing around like a spring loaded tool. After this foreplay he is happy to lie down and lift his legs up, this str8 lad happy to show his ass, just not willing to let Kev slide his cock up there, well just yet! So after a little more ass show he stands up and wanks his big uncut meat and shoots a nice big load in his beer glass!

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Englishlads.com: Hunky Scott playing outside
Hunky Scott playing outside
428 Photos - Sun 17th May 2009
Scott was felling all horny and very cocky today; He was in love with his new “shades” which he wears for bits of the shoot and as his jeans come off he reveals his “superman boxers” which he had bought specially for the shoot! There is a nice looking bulge in them and as they come down you see its just he is a shower! Luckily he is also a grower and his uncut cock is soon up to full steam as he pumps his way through the shoot! He loves showing off so he does some weight lifting half way through the shoot with a stiff cock! Loads of posing later, a little ass showing and he sits down to cum; and what a cum shot, its probably his biggest cum shot I have seen, he downs his chest and spunks hits his chin at speed! Wow.

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Englishlads.com: Str8 lad workout
Str8 lad workout
439 Photos - Wed 25th Feb 2009
Str8 hunk Scott has created quite a following since his 1st appearance a few months back and this time we have him back in his training kit. His shoulder is better; so once naked he shows us his wanking arm is back on top form! Scott has that ability to not only tease us but he does it to himself pretty much all the way through the shoot saying he could wank and cum in less than a minute if we wanted that! Luckily we keep him on the edge slightly longer and time enough for him to show his hairy hole. He loves to wank on his toes so after some calf stretching action he stands and squirts a big load all over the top of the stool.

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Englishlads.com: Str8 hunky footballer Scott
Str8 hunky footballer Scott
444 Photos - Wed 24th Dec 2008
Scott is as cheeky as ever as he strips off to show his defined and muscular, slightly hairy body! He pulls of his t shirts, pulls down his grey trackies and reaches in to his boxers and pulls out a big piece of uncut meat, defiantly semi! So it only takes him a few strokes, standing on his toes, to get it fatter and longer, now officially a hard on with his foreskin just pealing back a little! Scott enjoys showing off his body, leans over and shows his hairy hole, lies down and does the same before standing up and shooting a load of cum at least 2 meters. Another whopping cum shot from a str8 lad teasing the camera.

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Englishlads.com: Str8 hunk playing in hotub
Str8 hunk playing in hotub
532 Photos - Wed 15th Oct 2008
Scott is a young lad with a fit body from playing loads of football and working out at the gym and being a builder this young man is in great shape and nicely tanned. He has that ability to “teasily strip” and he stands proud in just his bulging boxers and trainers. Down they come and he struts round in just his trainers, this fit young man looks ready to go off for a run. He jumps in the hot tub and enjoys showing off his hole and wanking his cock that is both thick and long just watch as he slides it into the fleshlight. Scott shoots his Str8 boy cum into a cup for us to enjoy later!

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