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Simon Danby

25 yo  5'9"  42" chest  30" waist  straight  7" cock
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Simon is new to modelling, having just left the army after a seven year tour of duty. He has a really natural physique, athletic with rounded muscles and by request left his naturally hairy body. Simon is str8 and really threw himself into the shoot, some cheap porn and his cock was like a rocket and didn’t go down! A real cheeky ex squaddie, who I hope you all like and we can ask him back for more shoots!

Simon Danby is a straight english lad with a 7 inch erect uncut cock and a muscular, hairy body. He is 25 years old, 5'9'' tall, and enjoys football & rugby.
Englishlads.com: Simon & butt plug
Simon & butt plug
27 Minute Video - Sun 28th Oct 2007
Simon is back for a new shoot, beginning it with some pulls ups and as youd expect he ends up doing them naked! After a little excursion then its time for a bath and he begins to give his cock a work out. Simon as ever is rock hard as soon as he begins to play! After his body work out he plays with the red butt plug and gives his ass a good pounding and Simon stays curiously hard! After messing about in the water he sits back and pumps his cock until he shoots a nice load of str8 lad cum on his abs… plug still in situ!

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Englishlads.com: Simon's plugging
Simon's plugging
30 Minute Video - Fri 8th Jun 2007
Our str8 squaddy is back and in this latest video is quick to show off his hairy chest. He pulls open his grey trackies, he is commando and can’t resist a bit of a play. His cock is soon getting nice and hard and he lies down on the table to show off his ass in real close up… I hand him a toy and Simon lubes it up and then shoves it up! Simon always goes soft to begin and then his cock gets so, so hard and he cant leave it alone and after some showing in and out he shoots another big load of str8 army lad cum!

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Englishlads.com: Str8 army hunk & his plug
Str8 army hunk & his plug
28 Minute Video - Fri 9th Feb 2007
Str8 Squaddie Simon is back for some more exposure, this time I get him to strip and instead of playing in his pants he pulls out his cock while its soft. Though its not for long because soon after a few strokes he is hard. When Simon is hard he is hard, like a rocket and then it never goes down. Simon discovered his ass in the first shoot and this time he cant wait to play again, up goes the plug and there is stays, well except for plenty of “in and out” as he closes his eyes and disappears in to some fantasy world. Most the shoot he has this mischievous smile until it ends in biting his lip as vigorous plugging causes a nice load of str8 man cum all over his abs!

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Englishlads.com: Str8 Squaddie Simon's jerk
Str8 Squaddie Simon's jerk
25 Minute Video - Sun 12th Nov 2006
Simon is an army lad full of confidence and for his first time in front of the video camera is not at all shy about his body. He strips down to his boxers, slips his hand in for a quick play and pulls it out as hard as a rock. From then on in you don’t see it go down, he just loves showing off for the camera. Simon has a naturally hairy body and is very defined and muscular and u get to see every part of him in real close up including his hairy ass. It’s a great shoot that ends up with squaddie juice being spewn all over his abs!

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Englishlads.com: Simon's bath
Simon's bath
334 Photos - Wed 26th Sep 2007
Simon is back for a new shoot in the bath, this str8 hunk begins wearing just a towel and is quickly standing naked before us. His cock is soft and he begins to gently stroke it and about 30 seconds later it pointing straight up! Simon always goes from completely soft to rock hard in way less than a minute and once up he stays up! He enjoys wanking off in the warm water and jumps out to have a play with one of his favourite red toys! Quite devious he has discovered he loves the little butt plug! After plenty of in and out action he lies back and shoots his str8 hunk sticky cum all over his abs.

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Englishlads.com: Simon's back!
Simon's back!
356 Photos - Sun 6th May 2007
Our popular hairy hunk Simon is back for a new shoot this time in the studio so we get to see his muscular body in great detail. He strips out of his grey trackies down to his tight boxers and pulls out his uncut cock, its soft and he shows off his foreskin though after a few tugs it starts to grow and Simon then gets real hard. His cock looks like steel when its erect and he enjoys working it out through the shoot. Simon rubs his body with baby oil making him feels real horny, so he oils up the butt plug and shoves it in… and there it stays! He has discovered it’s a great feeling and he shoots a nice load of cum before pulling it out!

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Englishlads.com: Simon's toy
Simon's toy
436 Photos - Wed 10th Jan 2007
I know a few of you have been waiting for today, as we welcome back squaddie Simon breaking new ground! He strips out his clothes to show off his uncut meat and slowly pulls back the foreskin. This is enough to set it off and its soon standing hard and proud! Simon has one of the hardest dicks I have seen and he loves wanking, he messes about while standing up and then lies back on the bed and reaches for a dildo! He has never done this before, but slowly pushes it up and believe it or not he gets even harder! He is lying back and shoots a load of cum and at the same time fires the dildo out his ass. Wow another str8 lad loving his ass!

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Englishlads.com: Squaddie Simon wanks
Squaddie Simon wanks
414 Photos - Sun 8th Oct 2006
Simon is our latest str8 lad, just out of the army after 7 years of service; this former squaddie is just boiling over with hormones! He plays about in his combats and boots pulling them down to reveal bulging green pants! Simon pulls down his undies to reveal not just a hard cock, but something so hard it points up slapping against his abs. This is one horny lad! He loves wanking, doesn’t have porn at home and hasn’t wanked for over 2 weeks! All you see is rock hard squaddie in every detail and he even “gave in” to show his hairy ass. After a 45 minute wank, he has been on the edge for 40 of those minutes, every muscle is tense and he releases mass tension to shoot a nice load of cum! Str8 lads, they are always some of the best performers.

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