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Brett Carter

Click to enlarge this picture of Brett Carter
Click to enlarge this picture of Brett Carter
Click to enlarge this picture of Brett Carter
Click to enlarge this picture of Brett Carter
Click to enlarge this picture of Brett Carter
Click to enlarge this picture of Brett Carter
Click to enlarge this picture of Brett Carter
Click to enlarge this picture of Brett Carter
Click to enlarge this picture of Brett Carter
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Brett is a fit bodied lad who is the boyfriend of one of our other models, Will. The two lads are electric together they just eat each other! Brett plays a lot of football and runs a lot down the gym, giving that lean and ultra tightly defined body. He loves having sex and for a first timer was really natural in front of the camera and admitted that once his legs were in the air he completely forgot he was making porn and just enjoyed Will’s chunky cock in his ass!

Brett Carter is a gay english lad with a 7 inch erect uncut cock and a slim, smooth body with piercings. He is 25 years old, 5'9'' tall, and enjoys football & gym.
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Englishlads.com: Matt slams Brett's ass!
Matt slams Brett's ass!
25 Minute Video - Fri 5th Sep 2008
Matt and Brett cant keep hands of each other, their passionate kissing leads to some great cock sucking and Matt as head strong as ever shoves his tongue deep into Brett’s hole, who whimpers in pleasure as he delights in being rimmed! A moistened hole is soon filled with Matt’s throbbing cock, do we ever see in soft. He slides up in one motion and pulls out slowly and that is the only slow motion we see for 15 minutes as he pounds in and out of Brett’s hole. He just loves it and the two lads fuck in some horny positions before its all too much Brett explodes while being fucked and Matt pulls out and dumps a big load all over Brett!
Englishlads.com: Will fucks Brett in the mountains
Will fucks Brett in the mountains
24 Minute Video - Fri 13th Jun 2008
Will and Brett are high up in the mountains enjoying the sunshine and these horny lads start kissing and Brett drops to his knees to suck Will’s erect cock. The guys suck each other off and before long Will sits back and Brett does a great cowboy and rides Will’s stiff meat. There is some great fucking all getting Brett really hot and as Will rams in harder he blows his load all over the place, Will whips his cock out and then spews his own massive streams of cum. Wow another horny al fresco shoot.
Englishlads.com: Str8 hunk gets blown & fucks
Str8 hunk gets blown & fucks
25 Minute Video - Sun 25th May 2008
Str8 muscle boy Neil gets stripped by Brett and then gets his first blow job from a man…and he loves it, just look how hard he gets. After a little messing about he decides to grab Brett’s cock and wank it, his own cock just gets harder! Brett decides the time is right, pulls on a condom over Neil’s cock and sits down on this str8 hunks throbbing uncut meat. He rides up and down on Neil who reaches out and wanks off Brett, its not long before he shoots a nice big load of spunk all over Neil. Brett then wanks off Neil who just seconds later gushes his own load. Another str8 hunk very happy with his first cock!
Englishlads.com: Will stuffs his b/f's ass!
Will stuffs his b/f's ass!
28 Minute Video - Fri 28th Mar 2008
Will and his boyfriend Brett share with you their first ever recorded sex session and if these guys have sex every day like they did on camera then I wouldn’t want to live in a flat below them! They are really horny and energetic in their kissing, stripping lasts seconds, and they both look to have a Masters in sucking! Though Will cant wait to stuff his cock into Brett’s ass and he is suck a great fucker he rams in and out leaving Brett gasping for air! Will is so aroused he shoots 9 big loads of cum over Brett’s face and b/f must share so they snog and share Will’s gism!

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Englishlads.com: Brett ass gets slammed!
Brett ass gets slammed!
435 Photos - Wed 6th Aug 2008
Matt and Brett are hot for each other, clothes are quickly ripped off and Matt drops to his knees and sucks in Brett’s engorged meat which rises to full erection and Brett returns the favour stuffing in Matt’s uncut meat. Matt lifts up Brett’s legs and shows off his ass and then probes his tongue deep into his ass, some great rimming is followed by toe worship! The lads have a great time playing with each other then Matt pulls on a rubber and slides his meat deep inside Brett who vigorously rides Matt’s rock hard pole. Brett changes positions with ease as the lads romp round the bed before both shooting massive loads
Englishlads.com: Will fucks Brett al fresco
Will fucks Brett al fresco
398 Photos - Wed 14th May 2008
Before our recent hot spell we decided some horny outdoor sex was overdue, so I took Will and his b/f Brett to the warmer shores of Spain. The lads were just so up for it in this tropical location they are straight into action, sucking each others rigid cocks and Will is soon pulling on a condom and slamming his big uncut cock in Brett’s ass. I hope the neighbours weren’t looking our way as the lads just fuck like rabbits for half an hour and right on the top of the hill anyone could watch! After Brett’s ass has been rubbed raw he shoots a nice load, Will pulls out and as usual gushes squirt after squirt, all over Brett!
Englishlads.com: Str8 hunk Neil fucks Brett
Str8 hunk Neil fucks Brett
435 Photos - Wed 23rd Apr 2008
A couple of years ago we did a few solos with Str8 hunk Neil, now he is up for experimenting with men, so we partnered him with Brett. He doesn’t waste any time and feels up Neil and drops to his knees to suck his cock! Neil just enjoys and gets very hard enjoying such great head! The lads mess about before Neil reaches out and grabs Brett’s cock… and gets over his shyness really enjoying playing with another lads cock! Neil slides on a condom and lets Brett push back onto him, his cock is big and Brett’s eyes water! There is some hot fucking, Brett comes and Neil pulls out and dumps his own load on Brett’s face!
Englishlads.com: Will fucks B/F Brett
Will fucks B/F Brett
465 Photos - Sun 24th Feb 2008
Brett is new to modelling and is Will's b/f, these lads I think were born to be partners as they are both such horny fuckers! Will guides new lad Brett through the shoot though its not long before Brett gets all dominant and picks up Will and puts him down on the cupboard before pulling down his pants and goring himself on Will’s chunky meat. There are no limp cocks and pretty quick Will slides his pole up his b/f’s ass who just cant seem to get enough of it. The lads go at it real hard, Brett is first to blow and seconds later Will pulls out and shoots his load all over Brett’s body and face. Wow another great shoot with b/f’s.

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