Model Danny Boy Naked Straight English Lad Uncut Enjoys Football, gym & swimming

Danny Boy

21 yo  6'3"  42" chest  34" waist  straight  9" cock
Model Danny Boy Naked Straight English Lad Uncut Enjoys Football, gym & swimming
Model Danny Boy Naked Straight English Lad Uncut Enjoys Football, gym & swimming
Model Danny Boy Naked Straight English Lad Uncut Enjoys Football, gym & swimming
Model Danny Boy Naked Straight English Lad Uncut Enjoys Football, gym & swimming
Model Danny Boy Naked Straight English Lad Uncut Enjoys Football, gym & swimming
Model Danny Boy Naked Straight English Lad Uncut Enjoys Football, gym & swimming
Model Danny Boy Naked Straight English Lad Uncut Enjoys Football, gym & swimming
Model Danny Boy Naked Straight English Lad Uncut Enjoys Football, gym & swimming
Model Danny Boy Naked Straight English Lad Uncut Enjoys Football, gym & swimming
Photo sizes: 450×675, 750×1125.
Danny is a young lad who has done str8 porn for the last two years and quite a few of our members asked me to find him for a shoot here. He is a fit bodied lad who plays football every weekend. Its not often you see young lads doing str8 porn but Danny has a secret weapon, his 9” tool got him the job! Danny is great to work with, outgoing, confident and full of spunk. Just wait til you see how far he squirts!

Danny Boy is a straight english lad with a 9 inch erect uncut cock and a athletic, smooth body. He is 21 years old, 6'3'' tall, and enjoys football, gym & swimming.
VIDEOS FEATURING DANNY BOY Danny boy in the bushes
Danny boy in the bushes
25 Minute Video - Fri 28th Dec 2007
Danny is just back from holidays so looking nicely tanned and this lad is horny, again, sitting outside he drops his jeans and shows off the impressive bulge in his boxers, giving you a glimpse of whats inside he soon has his erection in his hand and is pumping away! Danny likes the idea someone is watching and he shows off his defined body and his 9 inch banana like a true porn star! Its not long before he pushes back in the chair and squirts a nice big load of cum on his abs, chest, shoulder and the bamboo plant behind!

trailer here Pumped up Danny
Pumped up Danny
26 Minute Video - Sun 14th Oct 2007
Danny Boy is back and in great shape having pumped up his shoulders and arms. He is in his favourite footie kit and is soon tugging up the leg of his shorts to pull out his cock! His uncut meat is already semi and when Danny is semi he is at least 7 inches! After a little more playing its pretty near it 9 inch potential. His shorts stay on for ages, though at they need to come off so he can show you all his ass! Str8 lad Danny loves to entertain and does a great job in this shoot unloading with a huge dump of cum all over his hairy abs and chest!

trailer here Danny boy's bath
Danny boy's bath
25 Minute Video - Sun 13th May 2007
Danny is back for a new shoot, his body looking hotter than ever as he strips down and gets all wet in the bath he glistens looking really defined! Its not long before his cock has gone rock hard and he casually washes and soaps his body unable not to wank his cock! He looks great all wet and soapy and really enjoys a lie back wanking in the bath. He jumps out the bath and there are loads of double shots in the mirror and his meaty 9 incher just sticks straight up! He bends over to show you his hairy ass before settling on the side of the bath to shoot his load… and shoot he does as it gushes all over his chest.

trailer here Str8 Hunks Danny Boy & Rocco
Str8 Hunks Danny Boy & Rocco
31 Minute Video - Sun 21st Jan 2007
These two lads were amazing fun, Danny a top rate str8 porn star and Rocco, well I call him my favourite gay porn star, though wishing he was a str8 porn star. The two lads strip down both curious to know they are the biggest! I had said to both of them the other was big so there were plenty of straying eyes. Danny is first to pull it out and he is almost full hard, just a few strokes and he is, Rocco starting “all small” is concerned, its great to see him small and growing to a big old sausage! The two lads wank away, chat away, its all real competitive and a real laugh, both showing their asses, reluctantly, but neither wanting to be out performed! In the end the lads have wanked for ages and I launch a competition to see who can shoot the most so both lads shoot their loads into a glass for a measure off!

trailer here Two Str8 Danny's outside
Two Str8 Danny's outside
29 Minute Video - Fri 17th Nov 2006
The two Danny’s are a great combination, both showmen, Danny-boy a str8 porn star and Danny Valentino a well known stripper. The two lads are outside for this shoot chatting and comparing dick sizes and chatting away as they strip down and get their cocks out! There is a lot of fun had with these two str8 lads as they wank together in the sunshine and its not long before they are shooting, Danny first quickly followed by Danny-Boy who gushes all over the place.

trailer here Str8 porn star Danny Boy
Str8 porn star Danny Boy
25 Minute Video - Sun 3rd Sep 2006
Danny is a str8 porn star and seems to have proved very popular. When not fucking girls he plays loads of football. His body is even fitter then his first shoot, nice and tight and you couldn’t ask for a more chatty and friendly guy. He strips to his boxers to reveal his semi hard cock… out the fly it comes and its soon full and proud, Danny is a big boy at nearly 9 inches. There is a load of wanking in loads of places as he walks round the house and up the stairs as his rock solid cock just bobs around. Finally Danny comes down the stairs and squats down. After all this wanking he is bursting and just watch where all his cum flies! Str8 lads do seem to cum the most!

trailer here Danny Boy's 1st shoot for a gay site
Danny Boy's 1st shoot for a gay site
40 Minute Video - Fri 19th May 2006
Today we welcome danny boy and check out those footballer thighs in his first video shoot, a lad that’s been requested by a lot of you who have seen his str8 porn movies. So here he is in all his glory, listen to his cheeky tones as he tells us about himself and about the porn work he’s done before flopping out his 8.5 inch cock for a good old wank. Danny is one of the lads who is pretty large when soft and for a big boy still gets as hard as a rocket. After a few strokes his cock stays lovely and hard and doesn’t go down until after he shoots a big gushing load of creamy Danny-Boy spunk all over his abs.

trailer here Four Str8 lads spunk competition
Four Str8 lads spunk competition
35 Minute Video - Sun 30th Apr 2006
Four str8 lads are offered a prize for the longest cum squirt and this definitely stirs up some competitive streaks in them. The four guys are soon down to their underwear and I pull down Neil’s to get things going, once the lads are naked their dicks soon rise up and its not long before they break the tension with some messing about. Jonathan cums about half way through the shoot and only shoots about 12 inches, is so disappointed that he takes a quick rest and is soon back in the group. Danny shoots next and manages at least a metre and before long he is also back wanking for a second shoot! All four cum and Jonathan and Danny slip in another cum shot, Danny managing a second 1 metre shoot! So much str8 cum everywhere!

trailer here

Str8 porn star Danny-Boy
348 Photos - Wed 28th Nov 2007
Str8 porn star Danny-Boy is back for a new shoot, this time teasing us in his denims and showing off his bulging meat! Danny is hung and as he pulls his uncut meat out his flies you can see he is already semi! Though I am not sure Danny is ever anything but semi as he is hung even when soft! He stays partially clothed for a while before getting totally naked and showing off his very tanned body. He plays a little in the mirror before sitting down and shooting masses of cum all over his chest and abs. Some great flying cum shots.

more photos Footie kit wank
Footie kit wank
369 Photos - Wed 12th Sep 2007
Danny Boy is back for a new shoot and this time I asked him to bring the rest of his football team. As a substitute he wore his kit! Well I wont complain, he is great at slowly teasing and pulling himself out of his shorts and as usual with Danny as soon as he touches his cock it gets hard! He loves to play and tease and he shows off just how hard, tanned and defined he is. Danny shows off his ass in real close up before he sits down and gushes and I mean gushes cum all over his abs and chest. I big shooter!

more photos Danny Boy's bath
Danny Boy's bath
326 Photos - Wed 11th Apr 2007
Danny Boy is back and this time our str8 hunk is taking a bath. Danny strips out his jeans and T to reveal his well tanned and toned body and he is quick naked and getting wet and soapy. Its not long before Danny is rock hard and smiling and he also bends over to allow some real close shots of his hairy hole. There should be something for everyone is this set, armpits, toes, ass, foreskin… its crammed with close ups of Danny-Boy. After a load of wanking he lies back and shoots a real fountain with some great flying cum shots.

more photos Rocco & Danny-boy
Rocco & Danny-boy
424 Photos - Wed 20th Dec 2006
This is one of those shoots where we bring together two str8 lads both with big personalities and whopping uncut cocks! The lads strip down and there is quite a competition… who has the biggest? They aren’t sure and its fun to watch them glancing at each other. Cocks out and they are full on hard from the beginning as they wank off next to each other and then Danny-Boy agrees to show off his ass and in real detail up staging Rocco who hates showing his ass but reluctantly pulls up his legs to show every details of shaved str8 lads ass! After a load of larking around later and they both blow big loads all over their chests and abs. Huge cum shots!

more photos Danny wanks with Danny
Danny wanks with Danny
474 Photos - Wed 11th Oct 2006
Danny-Boy comes together with Danny Valentino for an action packed shoot. These two str8 lads are full of confidence by themselves, put them together and you get a real competitive wank! They strip down, glancing and commenting on each others size, it’s a dream to see and their reactions mean its one of the funniest shoots I have ever done. The lads wank off side by side, sitting down, standing up, sly glances the whole shoot is a load of fun. Danny is first to shoot, he dumps a nice load on his abs and closely followed by Danny-Boy shooting an even bigger load all over his chest and abs! Two str8 lads larking about!

more photos Danny-Boy's photos
Danny-Boy's photos
288 Photos - Wed 26th Jul 2006
Danny-boy our str8 porn star is back for a new shoot, this time even more toned up than before from some hard football training. He is getting used to performing without a girl and really enjoys stripping down and teasing. He plays in his shorts and before long his knob is dangling out and he is doing some push ups! Some brief exertion and his cock is in his hand and all 9 inches of it are pointing to the sky. He loves wanking his big uncut beast and showing it off and he then lifts up a leg so we get some real close ups of his ass! After some more serial wanking Danny is so aroused he simply falls back and squirts cum all over his chest… gush upon gush… anyone would be proud of that big mess!

more photos Danny Boy's photos
Danny Boy's photos
344 Photos - Wed 12th Apr 2006
Danny is a str8 porn star and this is his first venture into solo work for a gay site. He is so relaxed about his boy he loves showing it off. He starts off in trackies and vest, down come the trackies and WHAM… his big uncut half hard dick flops out. Danny has a 9” cock and it goes from semi hard to rock hard pretty quick! He wanks off showing his throbbing tool in a load of positions, including some real close ups of his foreskin and his ass. If you like big, uncut str8 meat you will love Danny, as he gushes loads of cum!

more photos 4 str8 lads wank off
4 str8 lads wank off
312 Photos - Wed 29th Mar 2006
Today’s shoot is something a bit different, four str8 lads and a bonus for who spunks the furthest! None of the lads were particularly keen to do this shoot, but once they had broken the ice it became a little easier! Danny and Jonathan shared similar humour and are both ultra competitive so both of them wanked with the prize as their goal! All four lads wank away, there are occasional straying eyes and Danny was just checking he was the biggest! The lads have a lot of fun and the clear winner is Danny who shoots his cum at least 1.5 metres across the table!

more photos
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