Model Fred Oliver Naked Gay English Lad Uncut Enjoys Swimming and gym

Fred Oliver

19 yo  5'8"  40" chest  30" waist  gay  8.5" cock
Model Fred Oliver Naked Gay English Lad Uncut Enjoys Swimming and gym
Model Fred Oliver Naked Gay English Lad Uncut Enjoys Swimming and gym
Model Fred Oliver Naked Gay English Lad Uncut Enjoys Swimming and gym
Model Fred Oliver Naked Gay English Lad Uncut Enjoys Swimming and gym
Model Fred Oliver Naked Gay English Lad Uncut Enjoys Swimming and gym
Model Fred Oliver Naked Gay English Lad Uncut Enjoys Swimming and gym
Model Fred Oliver Naked Gay English Lad Uncut Enjoys Swimming and gym
Model Fred Oliver Naked Gay English Lad Uncut Enjoys Swimming and gym
Model Fred Oliver Naked Gay English Lad Uncut Enjoys Swimming and gym
Photo sizes: 450×675, 750×1125.
Fred is a fit bodied lad originally from Brazil and has been living a few years in London. He is really outgoing and loves shooting porn, probably at his most relaxed when naked and hard! He plays quite a few sports and works out hard at the gym and the result is a really nicely defined athletic shape. Fred is also really hung and pretty thick with it!

Fred Oliver is a gay english lad with a 8.5 inch erect uncut cock and a muscular, smooth body with tattoos. He is 19 years old, 5'8'' tall, and enjoys swimming and gym.
Fred plugs James
30 Minute Video - Fri 1st Jun 2007
James is back this time with FredÖ Fred is excited at the chance to play with James and James is excited that someone wants to play with him! Itís a fun shoot where Fred shows James his expert oral technique! Fred is soon showing fingers up Jamesí ass and as normal James reacts with a big stiff one! The lads both wank off each other and Fred introduces a toy into Jamesí ass. Then he discovers what happens if you do it too vigorously, James shoot buckets of cum! Seeing James cum Fred is quick to shoot his own load.

trailer here Fred's wanks on the roof
Fred's wanks on the roof
25 Minute Video - Fri 8th Dec 2006
After many duo shoots and many requests Fred is back for a solo, this one shot mid summer outside on my roof. It was a hot sunny day and as usual Fred was as horny as hell! You can see his jeans bulge with his big erection and when he pulls them down and whips it out his pants its not just hard its throbbing and hard! His erection is so solid it pints str8 upÖ He sits down and wanks and spreads his legs to reveal his juicy hole and two fingers are soon shoved up. He is a bundle of hormones, really confident and just a hint cocky which makes for a great video and he struts around in the sun! Its not long before he lies back and shoots cum all down his chest and abs! wow great shoot Fred.

trailer here Fred fucks Matt
Fred fucks Matt
25 Minute Video - Fri 10th Nov 2006
Fred plays the dominant lad in this shoot, stripping down Matt, tweaking his nipples, kissing him and then Matt gets real horny and drops to his knees to suck Fred. After that you donít hear a word from Matt as he gorges himself on Fredís cock. Fred is soon rubbering up and Matt sits down on Fred, no gentle entry he just shoves it all up and rides! Fred is soon topping him and fucking real hard slamming into Matt, they switch into doggie and Fred is relentless at pounding ass! After a load more fucking Matt gets it on his back and shoots his load, quickly followed by Fred pulling out and shooting!

trailer here Fred fucks Leo
Fred fucks Leo
28 Minute Video - Sun 1st Oct 2006
Leo and Fred are together for a hot shoot in the summer sunshine. Leo is really turned on and canít wait to get started so is the first to drop to his knees sucking Fredís rock solid meat. You wont see soft cock in this shoot, both lads suck each other and get into a 69. There is a load of cock sucking on this tape but even more fucking! Fred teases Leo slapping his cock round his ass, before Fredís trademark entry, count to three and he is buried deep in his partners ass! Fred then pounds Leo, first on his back then flips him over to doggie and then back on to his back. Leo is so turned on he just gushes cum all over the place, Fred then pulls out, tosses off the condom and shoots his spunk all over Leoís chest! WOW

trailer here Str8 lad gets fucked for 1st time
Str8 lad gets fucked for 1st time
30 Minute Video - Sun 20th Aug 2006
This is Ryanís first ever shoot where he gets cock up his ass! The two lads strip each other down, Ryan starting more dominant then he drops to his knees for some cock sucking. Never happier than sucking on dick Ryan gets Fred nice and hard and then the lads swap round and Ryan gets his cock sucked. Both lads are great at oral and get into a great 69 and Ryan then gobs in Fredís ass and does some great rimming before he slams his cock str8 in. He fucks Fred real hard! Its now Fredís turn and he slips his big weapon str8 into Ryanís ass who resists for about half a second before pushing down onto Fred! Ryan gets a right good pounding before both lads shoot massive loads. For his first time being fucked Ryan just ate cock!

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James & Fred
325 Photos - Wed 2nd May 2007
Its been quite some time since we have seen James with another model and this time its with Fred our ultra horny fuck machine! The two lads begin shirtless and Fred is soon tugging at Jamesí trousers, to see whatís inside! Fred slips his hands into Jamesí undies and finds some real nice hard meat! James then reaches into Fredís pants and also finds a nice hard cock! They are soon wanking each other off and a soft cock is never seen! Its not long before Fred is slapping his cock round Jamesí ass and slips in a finger. Its quickly followed by the butt plug and then the most massive dildoÖAll this ass play and James is gushing cum everywhere and Fred is quick to follow.

more photos Fred's roof top wank
Fred's roof top wank
349 Photos - Wed 1st Nov 2006
Fred is one of our favourite models and after many requests this is his first solo. This was a steaming hot day when we shot Fred parading around on my roof, he begins next to the bbq in just his little ďtighty whities.Ē Before long they are round his ankles and his cock is basking in the sun pointing str8 skywards! Fred is always so hard, like a rocket and he loves to show off and says he hasnít wanked outside in the sun for years! You see all of him in real close up and he fingers his ass with loads of great feet and ass close ups. The sun gets too much and he ends up on his back squirting a big load of jism all over his abs! Yummy.

more photos Fred fucks Matt
Fred fucks Matt
374 Photos - Wed 4th Oct 2006
Fred is back with new lad Matt and boy itís a good job he likes it rough. There is some passionate kissing and in no time Fred is getting a blow job! The lads blow each other in a load of positions before Fred gets rubbered up and slips his cock up Mattís ass. Luckily Matt was ready as Fredís thick knob ploughs into Mattís ass at high speed! Fred shows no mercy and really fucks Matt harder than I have seen fucking in a long time! Matt just seems to ďmeltĒ and before long is riding Fredís cock at a frantic gallop. This gets Fred right to the edge who lulls off the condom and shoots a whole big load of cum all over MattÖ a minute later Matt shoots his own goo!

more photos Fred gives it to Leo
Fred gives it to Leo
349 Photos - Sun 27th Aug 2006
Leo and Fred come together for a sweaty session in the sun. The lads naturally swap some intimate kisses and Leo, not able to hold off, drops to his knees and gorges himself on Fredís lovely stiff uncut meat! Loads of sucking follows as the lads cant seem to get enough of each others cocks. Fred then sits Leo down and pulls his legs up in the air to expose his assÖ in go a couple of fingers as Leo coos with pleasure! Pretty soon after some fingering begins Fred pushes his cock all the way in! Leo loves Fredís meat and he gets a real pounding in a load of positions. Fred pulls out and gushes all over Leosí chest and a minute later Leo shoots his cum over his chest. Lovely sweaty mess!

more photos Fred fucks Ryan - photos
Fred fucks Ryan - photos
336 Photos - Sun 16th Jul 2006
Ryan is back for his first time fuck by another guy and new face Fred is the lucky one! There is about three tease photos in this set before Ryan is on his knees playing with Fredís big uncut juicy cock quickly followed by a blow job. There is loads of oral as the lads blow each other then Ryan spits in Fredís ass and licks it out. Fred then sits down on Ryanís rock hard cock and gets a right good fucking before the tables are turned and Ryanís virgin ass then gets stuff full of Fredís big dick. Ryan squeals a bit then asked to be pounded hard! After all this action both lads shoot a big load on Ryan!

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