Model Jake Cooper Naked Straight English Lad Uncut Enjoys Gym & ice hockey

Jake Cooper

22 yo  5'11"  38" chest  30" waist  straight  7" cock
Model Jake Cooper Naked Straight English Lad Uncut Enjoys Gym & ice hockey
Model Jake Cooper Naked Straight English Lad Uncut Enjoys Gym & ice hockey
Model Jake Cooper Naked Straight English Lad Uncut Enjoys Gym & ice hockey
Model Jake Cooper Naked Straight English Lad Uncut Enjoys Gym & ice hockey
Model Jake Cooper Naked Straight English Lad Uncut Enjoys Gym & ice hockey
Model Jake Cooper Naked Straight English Lad Uncut Enjoys Gym & ice hockey
Model Jake Cooper Naked Straight English Lad Uncut Enjoys Gym & ice hockey
Model Jake Cooper Naked Straight English Lad Uncut Enjoys Gym & ice hockey
Model Jake Cooper Naked Straight English Lad Uncut Enjoys Gym & ice hockey
Photo sizes: 450×675, 750×1125.
Jake is a real hunky young lad just one week out of the army when we did the shoot and he was bursting full of hormones. After six years of physical exercise he is in great shape every muscle in his body looking real toned and tight and you can tell he has been abroad, what a great tan! Jake is a little curious, he has a girlfriend but was real keen to let a guy suck his cock! Who knows what he will soon be doing!

Jake Cooper is a straight english lad with a 7 inch erect uncut cock and a muscular, smooth body. He is 22 years old, 5'11'' tall, and enjoys gym & ice hockey.
VIDEOS FEATURING JAKE COOPER Str8 hunks Hayden & Jake - Playing in the sun with Jason
Str8 hunks Hayden & Jake - Playing in the sun with Jason
23 Minute Video - Fri 25th Dec 2009
Hayden is soaking up the sun chilling on a wall when Jake rushes in and chucks a bucket of water all over Hayden! Surprised by the cold water Hayden leaps up and pulls down Jake’s boardies, in return he pulls down Hayden’s! Jason joins in the fun and sprays both of them with more cold water, so both lads turn on him and get him naked! The three lads then soak up a little sun before str8 lad Jake sticks his semi into Jason’s mouth! Jason loves str8 boy cock and now the boys have warmed up they suck and wank each other since there was nothing else to do on this hot day in Spain! As ever once Hayden sucks cock his gets nice and hard. The lads show off their ass and after a little more sucking Jake stands up and shoots his load over Hayden, who sits back covered in Jake’s cum and shoots his own load…Luckily Jake is at hand to wash off Jason and Hayden!

trailer here Str8 PT Jake fucks Jason's tight hole
Str8 PT Jake fucks Jason's tight hole
26 Minute Video - Sun 2nd Aug 2009
Today the lads are sunbathing in front of a lemon grove when devious lad Jason whips off his shorts claiming it’s too hot for clothes! Seconds later he convinces str8 hunk Jake to also whip his off! Needless to say the lads are soon naked and wanking each other, two soft uncut ones quickly become rock hard monsters! Jason is first to suck and gives Jake a real good blow job, all he can do is lie back and gently moan! Str8 lad Jake is also becoming expert at cock sucking and seems to really enjoy it now, even Jason’s whopper he managers to suck most of it! The heat which seems to be making them hornier than normal! Jake is soon rubbering up and Jason sits str8 down on him and rides him, slow at first and building up a nice moany rhythm! The lads fuck in quite a few positions Jason loving every second of it, especially when Jake pulls out and squirts his load all over Jason’s body triggering his own load at the same time.

trailer here Jake slams into David
Jake slams into David
24 Minute Video - Fri 20th Mar 2009
Str8 PT Jake puts David through his paces and pushes him through a workout with David consistently slacking! A little harder punishment doesn’t seem to work, so Jake puts David over his knee and administers some discipline… and pulls down his shorts to spank his bare butt1 David seems to enjoy this too much so Jake now feeling all horny decides its time to suck cock! The lads enjoy each others cock and touch and suck each other off; Jake rubbers up, David sits down and rides! Some hard fucking later and David shoots while getting fucked; Jake pulls out and covers David in his cum

trailer here Str8 lad Jake fucks Tony
Str8 lad Jake fucks Tony
27 Minute Video - Fri 6th Feb 2009
Str8 lad Jake has tried to train Tony with a quick workout, who being a bit slack is soon punished and has to blow his PT’s cock! In just a few seconds Jake’s soft cock stiffens and stands erect filling up Tony’s mouth. Jake then pulls down Tony’s shorts and after sucking his PT’s cock Tony is rock solid and cant believe a str8 lad is sucking him off! The lads are great together and move from oral to fucking, Jake sliding his cock in and going steady for about a minute and picks up the pace leaving Tony panting for air and asking for more! They fuck in some great moves Tony ending on his back and shooting loads, Jake pulling out and dumps his cum on top of Tony!

trailer here Orgy in Paradise
Orgy in Paradise
27 Minute Video - Fri 12th Dec 2008
Take four lads, fly them to a tropical location, deprive them of sex for a few days and they are gagging for it! Just to add to the fun str8 fitness trainer Jake does another great “no holes barred” performance! The lads do some great sucking its more like a race who can suck all three cocks first! Anthony bends over the hot tub and receives rapid pumps from Will’s thick and long meat before Jake takes over and tries his own method of friction burns on Anthony’s ass! A little sensual sucking follows before the lads all lie back in the hotub to dump their loads, as ever Will winning the biggest load award!

trailer here Chain fuck in Paradise
Chain fuck in Paradise
26 Minute Video - Fri 26th Sep 2008
The lads are sunbathing in the beautiful summer sun, yes we are not in England, and Jake invites Will to cool off in the water. Some fondling later and Anthony discovers the lads having fun, off come their swimwear and the cocks are already hard and sliding straight into mouths. There is loads of oral as they switch round kissing and sucking before Will slides on a condom and fucks str8 lad Jake, who in turn fucks Anthony. There is a great chain fuck and after all this hot and sweaty action there are three big loads of cum!

trailer here Will fucks str8 hunk Jake
Will fucks str8 hunk Jake
26 Minute Video - Fri 29th Aug 2008
Will and Jake are outside in the hot sunshine, temperatures are in the 30’s and these two lads just jump straight in and within 10 seconds of the start are kissing and groping and quickly into a great oral session and 69 follows! A little foreplay later and Will rolls on a condom and slides his stiff 8 incher into Jake, this str8 lad seems to have found a new hobby! They are just so hot for each other, Jake cant stop kissing or getting fucked, it all ends with him riding Will and gushing on his chest, Will pulls out and seconds later shoots his load everywhere… two very satisfied lads!

trailer here Two str8 lads fuck!
Two str8 lads fuck!
25 Minute Video - Sun 17th Aug 2008
Two straight lads having a little fun, they squeeze each other through their jeans and look slightly embarrassed until they both feel each other growing and the awkwardness melts away! Jake then starts to strip down Nathan who just loves the attention and when his pants get pulled down he just smiles and waits in anticipation. Jake drops to his knees and gives Nathan a great blow job before they switch round and each of them cant get enough cock. There is some great oral before Nathan pulls on a condom and slides it up Jake’s ass and pumps… and pumps some more and some more and Jake just cant hold back shooting a nice load over his abs. Nathan pulls out and dumps his str8 goo everywhere!

trailer here Str8 PT fingers hole
Str8 PT fingers hole
24 Minute Video - Fri 4th Jul 2008
Jake is back and this time having a play by himself, well his finger joins in! He strips down to his boxers saying he hasn’t has a wank in ages, turns out “ages” was last night and as he pulls down his boxers his cock is raring to go! He loves showing off for the camera and wanks off in some great positions before sitting down in the chair, lifting up his legs and sliding a finger in his hole. After some in and out finger in hole action his cock has become real hard and he shoots a nice load on his abs and chest.

trailer here Str8 hunk Rick gets fucked
Str8 hunk Rick gets fucked
26 Minute Video - Fri 25th Apr 2008
Jake and Rick are two str8 hunks who begin as two shy…ish lads, though are soon undressing each other and feeling each others erections through their boxers. These are two hard guys with who are soon embraced in a sixty nine and gorging on each others cocks! Rick then agrees to play with a toy and its not long before he allows Jake to slide his erect pole str8 in and Rick stays surprisingly rock hard. Some pumping later and the two lads are both shooting nice big loads of deviant lad juice!

trailer here Jake tries his first cock!
Jake tries his first cock!
23 Minute Video - Fri 8th Feb 2008
Our str8 lad Jake is very devious today he just wants to mess with Kev and looking at the devious smile on his face he is loving it! He feels up Kev and both lads have massive erections that they rub together. There is lots of grinding of cocks and teasy hard-ons probing cheeks! Kev sucks Jake and a few minutes later Jake is filling his own mouth with Kev’s cock! There is no stopping this devious str8 hunk! Kev then starts exploring Jake’s ass with his tongue, his fingers follow and pump in and out Jake’s ass. Its not long before both lads explode!

trailer here Army hunk & his toy
Army hunk & his toy
26 Minute Video - Fri 18th Jan 2008
Jake is back for a little adventure, dressed in his running shorts and vest you cant miss how full they are with a healthy bulge! He lifts the shorts up and his semi comes in to view, his cheeky smile giving away he loves playing with his uncut cock! After playing around he retires to the sofa and puts his legs in the air and slides a finger into his ass! He seems to love it and the finger is followed by a toy…which is followed by a bigger one! This soon pushes him over the edge and he gushes cum all over his abs. Another str8 lad enjoying toys!

trailer here 1 Str8 man and 3 gay lads!
1 Str8 man and 3 gay lads!
27 Minute Video - Fri 21st Dec 2007
A good mix, 3 tops one bottom and a str8 lad! You wont be waiting long before their cocks are abused in hands and mouths. There is some great oral and Anthony just cant seem to get enough cock in his mouth. Anthony gets eaten out by a very horny Matt and its not long before he is first to fill Anthony’s hole and fuck it like the pro he is. David’s thick meat then ploughs in hard and fast, he is loving it before str8 lad Jake shoves his piston in! A lot of cock later and Anthony has all three lads cum on his face!

trailer here Str8 lad Jake fucks Anthony
Str8 lad Jake fucks Anthony
25 Minute Video - Sun 9th Dec 2007
Jake and Anthony are quite the combination, Jake is married with children and not long out the army seems to obey most orders! So we put him with Anthony who knows how to get a str8 lad up him! Anthony strips Jake and gives him some great head, Jake loves his cock getting sucked! He then gets all confident and pushes Anthony back on the bed and sucks some cock! There is no stopping him in this shoot and before long he is rubbered up and fucking Anthony’s cute little ass like a real pro! A load of positions later and Anthony gushes his load, Jake pulls out and seconds later blows cum all over Anthony. Wow another devious str8 lad.

trailer here Alex and Jake play
Alex and Jake play
27 Minute Video - Fri 19th Oct 2007
Alex and Jake are both str8 but share one thing in common, a “horny gene” and are relaxed enough about their sexuality to have a play with a lad for their mutual enjoyment! Alex claims to be a little more shy though they both are happy to slowly undress the other and touch the other. Some wanking later and they are easily encouraged to suck their first cock and both lads are really enjoying it, just look at how hard their cocks are! All this excitement and both lads are about to burst and Jake blows a big load first soon followed by Alex… and just look where their eyes are!

trailer here Str8 Jake - 1st bj from a lad
Str8 Jake - 1st bj from a lad
25 Minute Video - Sun 5th Aug 2007
Jake is just out the army and still seems to like following orders! He strips off to order and pulls out his cock and from the minute you see his uncut meat its growing and quickly becomes fully erect! A little wanking later and str8 lad Jake agrees he wouldn’t mind a blow job, so enter Kev who shows his expert technique embarrassing Jake as he is enjoying it stacks! He goes on to finger round his ass and fantasise about his blow job and a little tense of his legs and he is shooting some big wads of cum all over his abs!

trailer here

PHOTOGRAPH SETS FEATURING JAKE COOPER Hayden sucks Jake who sucks Jason - Str8 lads playing in the hot summer sun
Hayden sucks Jake who sucks Jason - Str8 lads playing in the hot summer sun
394 Photos - Wed 25th Nov 2009
Two str8 lads and one bi guy in Spain’s hot sun and its all starts with a hose fight! The lads are soon naked and wet; Hayden is soft and is first to suck a cock and is soon very hard! There seems to be a trend here, the minute Hayden sucks cock he gets very hard! Though he is not alone with the hard on stakes as Jake also gets hard very easily the second he touches or someone else touches his cock! So the lads are soon swapping round and taking turns in sucking cock. Jake has been holding off for ages so when he releases he dumps a nice big load all over Hayden… then Jason blows on Hayden’s shoulder and as he finishes Hayden lies back, his body spasms time and time again and he shoots lots and lots of cum! You can tell Hayden has sucked cock! Three nice loads and the lads wash them selves off with the hose.

more photos Str8 lad Jake fucks Jason
Str8 lad Jake fucks Jason
420 Photos - Wed 1st Jul 2009
Jake and Jason are out in the hot sun, its so warm they decide to spray each other off with the hose to cool down a little. They are soon tugging down each others shorts and chasing around naked playing in the water. A little suck and they are both nice and hard, str8 lad Jake is really into cock sucking! Jason has been gagging to get fucked from Jake and he eagerly sits down on Jake’s cock and rides him, at speed! Jake then takes control and fucks Jason Doggie who pants and grinds into Jake. Some rapid fucking later and Jake stands up and spews over Jason’s chest who within seconds dump his own load.

more photos Str8 Jake fucks David
Str8 Jake fucks David
405 Photos - Wed 18th Feb 2009
New lad David and PT Jake are dressed in vests and skimpy shorts and the lads are soon kissing and their uncut cocks are pulled out the leg and there are no softies here! You can see their erections in their shorts, very horny lads today and Str8 lad Jake is soon stuffing David’s cock between his lips. The deviousness continues, just look at their fucking positions, at least one I haven’t seen before! David is squeeling in pleasure riding up and down his hole must be red raw with the pace the lads fuck. Jake fucks hard and as David shoots he pulls out and dumps a big load all over David. Great mess!

more photos Str8 lad Jake fucks Tony
Str8 lad Jake fucks Tony
453 Photos - Wed 7th Jan 2009
Str8 lad Jake is the dominant one in this shoot; he reaches out and grabs hold of Tony wearing a skimpy pair of shorts! About 30 seconds later Jake pulls Tony’s cock out of the leg of his shorts and its rock hard! Tony then pulls Jake out his shorts, he is just semi and a few strokes later he is fully hard! The lads take turns sucking off each other in some great oral before Tony slides his very, very hard cock up Jake, who rides him enthusiastically! The fucking is full on as they switch round and do each other in loads of positions Jake moving positions without coming off Tony! Jake shoots first all over Tony’s face, who then shoots a massive load over himself!

more photos Orgy in the tropics!
Orgy in the tropics!
459 Photos - Wed 12th Nov 2008
Three gay boys and a str8 lad in temperatures above 100 and you are guaranteed some really horny sex! As the shorts come off the cocks are hard and the lads have so much erect cock to choose from they cant seen to get enough of each other! Str8 Lad Jake sucks, kisses and fucks his way through the shoot getting confused with his boundaries! Anthony’s ass seems to get most the lads cock and is pounded real hard and he just cant get enough. After a load of hot sweaty action the lads shoot their loads over each other and in the pool!

more photos Orgy in the banana grove!
Orgy in the banana grove!
528 Photos - Sun 24th Aug 2008
Take two gay lads, fly them to a tropical paradise, throw in a third str8 one and you are guaranteed some horny action! Shaded from the scorching sun below the banana trees these lads splash around in the water, then at the pull of some shorts it turns all sexual! As the shorts gets pulled down, their uncut cock are real stiff and youd think this was the first time any of them had seen a naked man after years of lusting after one! Cocks get sucked and the str8 one gobbles before he gets sandwiched between the others, fucking and getting fucked. The lads fuck and fuck some more the sun makes some hot with passion before they all dump their load on Anthony’s face!

more photos Str8 lad fucked in paradise
Str8 lad fucked in paradise
444 Photos - Sun 27th Jul 2008
Today it Str8 lad Jake’s turn to mess with the very popular Will who just cant seem to get enough of this str8 hunk. They are in a hot tropical location and they are soon kissing and Jake drop to his knees for a mouthful of Will’s thick young cock! There is definitely a buzz here, did Jake forget he is str8! They suck each other and Will then Rims young Jake’s ass who pants and groans in pleasure. He then jumps on top of Will and rides him, in a load of positions before its all too much for this str8 hunk and he cums while riding, Will then jerks off and shoots a massive load drowning his body!

more photos Str8 boys playing dares
Str8 boys playing dares
400 Photos - Wed 16th Jul 2008
Nathan and Jake are two str8 lads, though after seeing this shoot its fair to say their boundaries are wide open! They begin by squeezing each other through their jeans, a bit more stripping and Jake has a mouthful of Nathan who admits he is beginning to like guys sucking his cock. This is also the first time Nathan sucks cock, a bit gingerly to begin but he soon begins to enjoy gobbling! After some mutual wanking Jake slides a rubber onto a dildo and eases it into his ass, he gets really hard and when Nathan wanks he its not long before he blows a nice load. Seconds later, Nathan seeing all this cum, blows his own load, wondering about the effect of a toy in his ass!

more photos Str8 hunk Jake fingers ass
Str8 hunk Jake fingers ass
378 Photos - Wed 4th Jun 2008
Jake is feeling horny today, he squeezes himself through his jeans and you can see the outline of his cock, he undoes the buttons and his cock is soon bulging in his briefs and pushing out for all to see. When he pulls it out its nearly fully erect and I had been trying to do some soft shots to begin. As ever with Jake when he touches his cock, almost immediately it gets hard. Once he is naked and lying back in the chair he lifts up his legs and lubes up his hole, gently easing his finger in and out and repeated quite a few times! Though its not long once he finger fucks himself that he cums all over his abs. Another happy str8 hunk.

more photos Str8 hunks love to suck!
Str8 hunks love to suck!
399 Photos - Sun 23rd Mar 2008
Two str8 lads together and there is not always enough “deviousness” but that is not an issue with these horny young men! Right at the beginning they pull out each others cock and then undress the other and rub on some oil. Even straight boys make each other hard and they are soon wanking stiff meat, when Rick drops to his knees and practices his oral technique! There is loads of messing around, from sword fights to mutual sucking and feet high in the air so they can show their asses! No shy boys here. The lads did some great wanking and sucking on each other, so its wasn’t long before they blew their spunk.

more photos Jake gets it from Kev
Jake gets it from Kev
421 Photos - Wed 9th Jan 2008
Our str8 army hunk Jake ventured into his first shoot with a lad and Kev had the pleasure of easing this str8 lad into a few new discoveries! The lads feel each other and the bulges indicate lots of stiff uncut meat, which is soon in your face and the lads are having a ball wanking each other. Strangely enough it’s the str8 lad who fills his mouth with Kev’s bendy banana and gorges himself for ages! There is loads of oral and Kev soon starts gorging himself on Jake’s ass, fingering and tonguing, there is no stopping him. Jake gushes first and covers Kev’s face, a quick wipe down and Kev shoots his own load!

more photos Str8 Jake plays with a toy
Str8 Jake plays with a toy
371 Photos - Sun 16th Dec 2007
Jake has recently been trying lots of new things, this str8 lad is a great top and today he is dressed in his vest and shorts revealing a healthy bulge that is soon spilling out the leg of his shorts! His cock stands to attention as this former squaddie strips down to nothing to show off his tight body. A bit of wanking later he is on the floor with legs in the air and finger prodding his hole… seconds later he lubes up a dildo and in it goes and out it comes in a very repetitive motion! Jake’s cock stays like a rock and after a few minutes of him fucking his hole he is spewing cum on his abs! Another happy str8 lad discovering ass pleasures!

more photos 4 lads & 1 is Str8!
4 lads & 1 is Str8!
438 Photos - Sun 18th Nov 2007
Four lads on the bed and there are erections everywhere, a willing hole and full mouths! The beginning is a whole lot of oral and Jake our str8 lad is one of the hardest! He is enjoying being sucked and giving oral and the hormones are raging. Matt is first to pull on a rubber and slide his uncut meat into Anthony’s hole. He loves Matt’s stiff cock and pushes hard back and 4 minutes later Jake is rubbered and slamming his str8 meat into Anthony. Anthony has only had one str8 lad before… and that was Jake and his cock just gets stiffer. Then its big David’s turn pretty soon Anthony is cumming and then each of the three lads shoot their load all over him!

more photos Jake does Anthony
Jake does Anthony
464 Photos - Wed 7th Nov 2007
I always thought Jake and Anthony would get on well, Jake is str8 and happy to experiment for the camera, though I didn’t realise how far he would go! The lads begin with a quick feel up and wow a few seconds later they are kissing! That was a surprise, though next they are pulling at each others underwear and Anthony drops to his knees to blow Jake. He cant resist and returns the favour and quickly after he slides his cock up Anthony’s ass and fucks him like a pro! The lads fuck like rabbits in a load of positions, Anthony lies back pushing hard onto Jake’s cock and shoots a big load, quickly followed by Jake who pulls out and dumps his load all over Anthony’s face, who cant resist licking it up!

more photos Alex & Jake play
Alex & Jake play
368 Photos - Wed 19th Sep 2007
Alex and Jake are both str8 and the only reason I say that is once you see them pull down each others pants there are two curiously hard cocks! Both have been on the brink for messing for ages and mess they do, quickly leading to them both trying their first cock. They seem to be quite good at blowing each other and both them stay rock hard all the way through, a little more wanking later and they lie back and sync their cum shots perfectly as they both explode with loads of cum.

more photos Jake gets it
Jake gets it
389 Photos - Wed 4th Jul 2007
Jake is our latest hunky str8 lad just a week out of the army and at 22 I think he looks a good few years younger. He is a horny young thing, arrives at the shoot in his suit and he loves to grab himself through his trousers. After a little teasing his cock grows and slips out the leg of his boxers and it never goes soft! His body is rock hard, his cock uncut and also rock hard and he just loves stroking it. Half way through this str8 lad asks my assistant Kev to suck his cock, str8 lads are always so unpredictable! Then a couple of fingers disappear and Jake is really excited and shoots a nice load of cum all over his rock solid abs! Another str8 lad, satisfied!

more photos
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