Model Jonathan Harvey Naked Straight English Lad Uncut Enjoys Rugby, hockey, tennis

Jonathan Harvey

18 yo  6'1"  44" chest  34" waist  straight  7" cock
Model Jonathan Harvey Naked Straight English Lad Uncut Enjoys Rugby, hockey, tennis
Model Jonathan Harvey Naked Straight English Lad Uncut Enjoys Rugby, hockey, tennis
Model Jonathan Harvey Naked Straight English Lad Uncut Enjoys Rugby, hockey, tennis
Model Jonathan Harvey Naked Straight English Lad Uncut Enjoys Rugby, hockey, tennis
Model Jonathan Harvey Naked Straight English Lad Uncut Enjoys Rugby, hockey, tennis
Model Jonathan Harvey Naked Straight English Lad Uncut Enjoys Rugby, hockey, tennis
Model Jonathan Harvey Naked Straight English Lad Uncut Enjoys Rugby, hockey, tennis
Model Jonathan Harvey Naked Straight English Lad Uncut Enjoys Rugby, hockey, tennis
Model Jonathan Harvey Naked Straight English Lad Uncut Enjoys Rugby, hockey, tennis
Photo sizes: 450×675, 750×1125.
Jonathan is a very athletic lad who is always running round playing one sport or another. He plays rugby and cricket at a pro level and names loads of other sports like hockey and tennis and water polo as regular activities. He lives for working out and is another natural in front of the camera. This is his first ever shoot and he is so relaxed and confident with his body that he just shines and enjoys posing. For an 18 year old he has a really great body and for a str8 lad loves wanking in front of the camera!

Jonathan Harvey is a straight english lad with a 7 inch erect uncut cock and a muscular, smooth body. He is 18 years old, 6'1'' tall, and enjoys rugby, hockey, tennis.
Str8 hunk Jonathon
26 Minute Video - Fri 2nd Feb 2007
Jonathan had a bit of a hangover the day of the shoot, starts off doing some push ups and is pretty quick undoing his flies to pull out his dick. Jonathan is an 18 year old with a great muscular body and he loves showing it off despite being str8 he likes the idea lads will find him attractive. He does a load of wanking standing around in the kitchen area and before long he lies down on the fireplace. All this wanking and he is rock hard and bursting and as you will see from his cum shot he hadnít wanked for a couple of days so he squirts a big load.

trailer here Str8 sporty hunk Jonathan
Str8 sporty hunk Jonathan
31 Minute Video - Fri 4th Aug 2006
Jonathan is back for his latest video, this time he strips out his sports gear and has a casual play, he has become really relaxed with the camera and likes to show off. After a bit of wanking of rock hard 18 yo meat he decides to clipper his pubes a little. After a light trim he carries on wanking and you get to see all of him in real detail. Jonathan has a great time and shoots a nice big load all over his abs and chest and finishes off in a lather in the shower!

trailer here Four Str8 lads spunk competition
Four Str8 lads spunk competition
35 Minute Video - Sun 30th Apr 2006
Four str8 lads are offered a prize for the longest cum squirt and this definitely stirs up some competitive streaks in them. The four guys are soon down to their underwear and I pull down Neilís to get things going, once the lads are naked their dicks soon rise up and its not long before they break the tension with some messing about. Jonathan cums about half way through the shoot and only shoots about 12 inches, is so disappointed that he takes a quick rest and is soon back in the group. Danny shoots next and manages at least a metre and before long he is also back wanking for a second shoot! All four cum and Jonathan and Danny slip in another cum shot, Danny managing a second 1 metre shoot! So much str8 cum everywhere!

trailer here Str8 lads fuck
Str8 lads fuck
32 Minute Video - Fri 28th Apr 2006
This video is the first with 2 str8 lads and a girl, the girl is pretty dominant and is soon down to pleasuring the lads. She sucks them both off and then shoves both cocks in her mouth at once. There is loads of oral and both lads get their asses played with causing Jonathan to shoot his load within the first ten minutes! Very quickly he is hard again and back in action. Both lads fuck the girl at the same time and their balls and cock knock and slap together. All in all you have two turned on lads who both shoot a huge load of spunk. For Jonathan its two cum shots in the same video!

trailer here Str8 young pup Jonathan
Str8 young pup Jonathan
40 Minute Video - Sun 16th Apr 2006
This was Jonathanís first shoot for the site and his first time in front of the camera. At just 18 he is full of confidence and seems to thrive on being filmed. He strips down to his pants and gets a little oil applied and then continues to wank away while watching his favourite girl on girl video! Not shy he is willing to show his ass and allow real close up shots. Jonathan really enjoys wanking off and stays hard through out the shoot and even when he gets his cock measured. His cum shot is strong and he gushes all over his abs and chest and hits the pillow behind his head. Great shoot!

trailer here Str8 lads in the shower
Str8 lads in the shower
32 Minute Video - Fri 7th Apr 2006
Todayís shoot is two lads, both str8 and both full of spunk. Danny is a footballer and Jonathan is a rugby player. Both lads are pushing boundaries personal boundaries wanking off next to another lad! The two start off in the changing room pull down their trackies and shorts to reveal hard cocks. Two lovely solid uncut cocks spring up and the guys wank off, after a short time they jump in the showers and their cocks never go soft. The lads have a great time wanking under really hot water while watching their favourite porno, its not long before Jonathan gushes wads of cum and a few minutes later Danny squirts loads and hits the video! Young pups cum most!

trailer here

Jon's str8 jerk
293 Photos - Sun 31st Dec 2006
Jonathan is back for a shoot we did last autumn, he begins with a few push ups as he is always conscious about trying to look good. He strips down to his boxers and his cock is semi as it half shows out the fly. His hands go into his boxers and his uncut meat is soon fully hard. Jonathan is always horny and you get to see his foreskin in real close up and this str8 lad reluctantly agrees to show his ass for a few seconds, so I went for a handful of real close ups! He lies down next to the fire and shoots a big load of cum all over himself. Spunky Hunk!

more photos Jonathan's photos
Jonathan's photos
316 Photos - Wed 28th Jun 2006
Jonathan begins the shoot in his favourite trackies and undies. He has a great body to show off and really enjoys flexing and posing. Before long he is down to his bulging briefs happy to squeeze and show off his growing cock. He whips them down and you start to see his growing cock and his retracting foreskin! A little tug and its as stiff as an iron rod pointing str8 up and pulsating to his heart beat! He wanks off in a load of positions with some great close ups. It all ends up with him down on his knees squirting a load of cum over a box. Yummy str8 cum all over the place!

more photos 4 str8 lads wank off
4 str8 lads wank off
312 Photos - Wed 29th Mar 2006
Todayís shoot is something a bit different, four str8 lads and a bonus for who spunks the furthest! None of the lads were particularly keen to do this shoot, but once they had broken the ice it became a little easier! Danny and Jonathan shared similar humour and are both ultra competitive so both of them wanked with the prize as their goal! All four lads wank away, there are occasional straying eyes and Danny was just checking he was the biggest! The lads have a lot of fun and the clear winner is Danny who shoots his cum at least 1.5 metres across the table!

more photos Jonathan's photos
Jonathan's photos
358 Photos - Wed 22nd Mar 2006
Jonathan is our young blond str8 stud, who has a natural talent for showing off in front of the camera. He is just 18 and full of hormones and spunk! The shoot starts with him wearing just his shorts and trainers and before long his shorts are round his knees and his uncut dick is in his hand. He is soft to begin and with a little play his cock springs to life and slaps up against his abs. For a str8 lad he shows off every inch of his body and some real close up ass shots before he settles down on the chair for a final wank. He just gushes loads of cum all over his body and neckÖ wow another horny str8 lad who spunks every where!

more photos Jonathan & Danny's photos
Jonathan & Danny's photos
276 Photos - Sun 12th Mar 2006
Jonathan and Danny come together in some warm showers down my local rugby club, the lads are naked almost immediately enjoying the hot water and the porn on my laptop! Considering these two are both young and str8 they get on with their job not really caring the other is there. Their cocks get hard and they wank away in the steam and water until Jonathan gushes a massive load of cum, not even all the water pouring over him hides that! A few minutes later Danny cums in streams of cum also so much its still visible amongst all this water! Great wank by two lads who would originally would only do solos.

more photos Matt & Jonathan fuck Karla
Matt & Jonathan fuck Karla
406 Photos - Wed 22nd Feb 2006
This shoot has been along time in the making, two lads, one girl. Its been a really hot topic in the forum so I hope enough of you who supported the idea like the results! I took football coach Matt, who always has a cock like a missile with new lad Jonathan and introduced them to Karla! Its amazing how after a quick touch by her they are both bulging in their pants! Karla strips the lads and very quickly is on her knees giving head to the lads who are just blown away! Its not before they are fucking her both at the same time and sort of coping with the other! Both lads gets so fucking hard you think their cocks are going to explode and its not long before Jonathan splatters his youthful abs with spunk, quickly followed by Matt who blows his loads while Karla plays with his ass!

more photos
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