Model Kev Adamson Naked Gay English Lad Uncut Enjoys Tennis & Football

Kev Adamson

19 yo  5'10"  36" chest  28" waist  gay  8" cock
Model Kev Adamson Naked Gay English Lad Uncut Enjoys Tennis & Football
Model Kev Adamson Naked Gay English Lad Uncut Enjoys Tennis & Football
Model Kev Adamson Naked Gay English Lad Uncut Enjoys Tennis & Football
Model Kev Adamson Naked Gay English Lad Uncut Enjoys Tennis & Football
Model Kev Adamson Naked Gay English Lad Uncut Enjoys Tennis & Football
Model Kev Adamson Naked Gay English Lad Uncut Enjoys Tennis & Football
Model Kev Adamson Naked Gay English Lad Uncut Enjoys Tennis & Football
Model Kev Adamson Naked Gay English Lad Uncut Enjoys Tennis & Football
Model Kev Adamson Naked Gay English Lad Uncut Enjoys Tennis & Football
Photo sizes: 450×675, 750×1125.
Kevin has got great ďcome to bedĒ eyes and an equally cheeky smile. He is a keen footballer and plays in his local league and when his not playing football he is likely to be playing tennis. He was brought up on the south coast and still enjoys the social life down in Brighton.

Kev Adamson is a gay english lad with a 8 inch erect uncut cock and a defined, smooth body. He is 19 years old, 5'10'' tall, and enjoys tennis & football.
VIDEOS FEATURING KEV ADAMSON Str8 hunk Zack lets Kev rim his hole & returns the favour sucking Kev's big one!
Str8 hunk Zack lets Kev rim his hole & returns the favour sucking Kev's big one!
27 Minute Video - Fri 26th Feb 2010
Straight lad Zack has been happy to push his boundaries and today is no exception! This is a very relaxed shoot where Kev gently nudges Zack along a little starting of course with a lesson in sucking quite a big one! To date Zack has sucked of Hayden and todayís lesson was to enjoy a big banana and just look at how Zack manages, he is way better at sucking today now he has a big one in his mouth! After he gives Kev a great blow job, Kev returns the favour by rolling Zack over on to his front, sucking his toes, then diving down and pulling his cheeks apart, lubing with some spit and teasingly licking round his hole before probing in with his tongue! Zack gets caught of guard and gently moans, clearly enjoying Keví roving tongue! The guys mess about some more before Zack blows his load over Kevís chest, triggering Kev to shoot his own big load all over Zackís cum. Another step reached!

trailer here Str8 self sucker Aaron proves what he has practiced for years! He is a master cock sucker!
Str8 self sucker Aaron proves what he has practiced for years! He is a master cock sucker!
26 Minute Video - Fri 15th Jan 2010
Str8 self sucker Aaron is full of surprises, I teased him about sucking cockÖ so what does he do! Well he starts off so innocent and playing it cool, hardly rising to his ďstr8 boy batingĒ though as Kev steps onto set he is like a schoolboy obeying the headmaster and doing everything Kev asks! So Kev is soon on his knees enjoy Aaronís increasingly hard cock, he loves getting head! When Aaron sees how large a bulge is in Kevís jeans he suggest he pulls it out and before long the lads are in a measure off, with Aaron slightly pipping Kev by about half an inch! Aaron is looking just a hint over keen at playing with Kevís cock! Surprisingly Aaron dives down on Kev and licks his cock before managing to gobble down nearly all of Kevís pretty massive erection. Before long Aaron is giving suck great tongue technique to Kev he has to stop or he would pump Aaronís mouth full! Though after a little more playing Kev does pull out and squirts a massive load on Aaron, who ends up sucking Kev dry, he then stands up and blows his own massive load all over Kev. Str8 boys do like to play all resistant and wam, in the deep end!

trailer here Str8 PT Hayden enjoys Kev's head job - over aroused he sucks his first cock!
Str8 PT Hayden enjoys Kev's head job - over aroused he sucks his first cock!
25 Minute Video - Fri 11th Sep 2009
In the heat of the Spanish sun Hayden comes through the gateway, closely followed by Kev who is quick to slap sun cream all over Haydenís body! Lying back lapping up the heat on his muscles Hayden relishes Kevís firm hands gently stoking his lightly fuzzed muscular physique. Though as Kev slips under Haydenís briefs and pulls them down Hayden is looking a lot less relaxed, one muscle is showing symptoms of over hardness! Hayden loves it, Kev loves itÖ and all Kev is doing is gently stroking Haydenís solid erection. Though Kev dives down and blows Hayden who gets so horny he fills his own mouth with Kevís very hard knob! The lads are so horny, Hayden sucking his first cock and Kev being blown by Str8 hunk Hayden has two massively aroused boys! So as Hayden blows Kev he pulls out a second before drowning Hayden in cumÖ all too much Hayden blows his own load, gushing cum and more cum all over the place! Both lads blowing massive loads!

trailer here Str8 young Pup Liam - Kev what are you doing wanking and sucking Liam?
Str8 young Pup Liam - Kev what are you doing wanking and sucking Liam?
27 Minute Video - Sun 30th Aug 2009
Str8 hunk Liam, just back from travelling the world lifts up his shirt to show off his bronzed body! One of the most natural lads on camera he is very relaxed and strips to his boxers while chatting away! Wearing just a bursting full pair of white boxers he jumps on the bed and Kev appears to rub Liamís stiff muscles post football training! Kev as ever is pushing Liam and manages to pull off his boxers and somehow convinces Liam his cock also needs a rub with oil! Liam, a little hesitant watching Kev wank his cock starts to enjoy it. Kev of course is enjoying it too much and pulls out his own cock which is rock hard and wanks it while wanking Liam. Kev now so horny convinces Liam to let him suck and within seconds is deep throating Liamís long and very thick cock. Liam is only able to lie back and moan! Getting very horny, Liam grabs Kevís cock and wanks itÖ so its not long before Kev explodes his load all over LiamÖ who then returns the favour and dumps his load all over Kevís face! WowÖ Liam what have you doneÖ your first blow job from a guy and first play with a cock!

trailer here Mr Liverpool Hayden - is that a cock in both hands!
Mr Liverpool Hayden - is that a cock in both hands!
25 Minute Video - Fri 24th Jul 2009
Hayden is back, in the heat of a perfect day when suddenly hands are oiling and massing his body and ripping down his pants! Our str8 hunk is soon being sucked off by both Kev and Jason taking it in turns to gobble down his uncut meat! Hayden is loving it and the lads great blow jobs and summer sun is really turning him on. Both Kev and Jason pull out their cocks and a few minutes later Kev dares Hayden to wank JasonÖ a minute later and Hayden has both lads cocks in his hands wanking them furiously! Kev having fantasised about this for ages shoots first, Hayden next gushing a massive load and Jason can no longer hold back. Three happy lads experimenting; what an intense wank.

trailer here Kev Fucks str8 hunk Rick
Kev Fucks str8 hunk Rick
24 Minute Video - Fri 26th Jun 2009
Rick has just returned from a run, wearing a vest and very tight pair of shorts! As he flops back in the chair he is soon fiddling with his cock and balls and just as he starts to get a semi he is pleased to see Kev who si straight on his knees to a feel and mouthful of Rickís very hard cock! After some great head Rick decides to pull down Kevís pants and fill his own mouth and for a str8 lad has really started to enjoy sucking cock! A little cock sucking later and Rick is on his side welcoming Kevís very big cock into his hole! Kev pumps him good though Rick is holding off from about 30 seconds in! So its not long before he squirts a nice big load. What is it when str8 lads get fuckedÖ they have trouble holding off cumming!

trailer here Kev & Jason flip flop
Kev & Jason flip flop
27 Minute Video - Fri 17th Apr 2009
Its been long awaited; Kev getting a cock up his hole! Though he did only give it up for an equally well endowed lad, so who better than well hung Jason to slide it up Kevís hole! This is a passionate shoot, loads of kissing and rock hard cocks both lads struggling t gobble down each others big uns. Jason is first to get a good fucking and he laps it up pushing back getting more of it up his hole. Jason then lets Kev sit down on his big pole; Kev winces and pants realising itís a whopper not easy to ride! The lads flip and flop and have a great time fucking as they are both so up for each other, so it all ends in a nice cummie finish!

trailer here James & Kev Playing!
James & Kev Playing!
32 Minute Video - Fri 30th Jan 2009
James is back with his favourite lad who start the shoot by exploring James, his nipples, sucking his toes and massaging his legs and chest. James is still in his briefs, though the bulge gives away his excitement! As Kev pulls them off he has a job to lift them over Jamesí hard on! James then discovers Kevís bulging trackies and he pulls them down to reveal Kev is nearly fully hard. The toy comes out and goes in! James just gets harder as Kev slides it in and out, having to pause a few times to hold James back. They both come at the same time, James shoots miles over his shoulder and Kev covers his body and neck! Two lads hugely turned on!

trailer here Orgy in Paradise
Orgy in Paradise
27 Minute Video - Fri 12th Dec 2008
Take four lads, fly them to a tropical location, deprive them of sex for a few days and they are gagging for it! Just to add to the fun str8 fitness trainer Jake does another great ďno holes barredĒ performance! The lads do some great sucking its more like a race who can suck all three cocks first! Anthony bends over the hot tub and receives rapid pumps from Willís thick and long meat before Jake takes over and tries his own method of friction burns on Anthonyís ass! A little sensual sucking follows before the lads all lie back in the hotub to dump their loads, as ever Will winning the biggest load award!

trailer here Str8 hunk Andy experiments
Str8 hunk Andy experiments
26 Minute Video - Fri 3rd Oct 2008
Andy returns by popular demand and he loves the idea of showing off for the camera and this time he is more excited as Kev is on hand to help things along! Andy gets a gentle cock massage with oil, his rock hard cock is soon in Kevís mouth and he grabs his first cock and has a play with Kevís very hard one! They are soon romping around on the bed and Andy lets Kev play with his ass and loves it when two fingers go up! After a little gentle persuasion he gives Kevís a try and after all this foreplay watch them both shoot massive loads!

trailer here Kev & Alex's play time
Kev & Alex's play time
23 Minute Video - Sun 6th Jul 2008
Alex is doing his first porn shoot, so Kev decides to jump in and lend a hand, well its his mouth that gets most of the action as the lads strip each other and do some great oral. Alex has never had anything up his ass, so first Kev tries his tongue then a finger, though Alex resists his cock! These two really enjoy themselves messing and playing like two boys having sex for the first time. After Alex ass comes in for some close examination Kev blows his load all over Alexís ass who then blows his load in Kevís face.

trailer here Jake tries his first cock!
Jake tries his first cock!
23 Minute Video - Fri 8th Feb 2008
Our str8 lad Jake is very devious today he just wants to mess with Kev and looking at the devious smile on his face he is loving it! He feels up Kev and both lads have massive erections that they rub together. There is lots of grinding of cocks and teasy hard-ons probing cheeks! Kev sucks Jake and a few minutes later Jake is filling his own mouth with Kevís cock! There is no stopping this devious str8 hunk! Kev then starts exploring Jakeís ass with his tongue, his fingers follow and pump in and out Jakeís ass. Its not long before both lads explode!

trailer here Kev fucks Johnny
Kev fucks Johnny
24 Minute Video - Fri 10th Aug 2007
Johnny is latest new model and a little nervous about the shoot, but then he fancies the pants off his partner and our video editor Kev! So this is a fun shoot, a teasy beginning with some intimate kissing and they are soon stripping each other and get into some great 69 action before some serious rimming! Kev is just playing with Johnny and he pulls on a condom and slides it up Johnnyís ass, whose eyes cross and then pop out as Kev slides in his 8 inches of meat! There is some hot fucking and Johnny switches and rides Kevís cock and within a few minutes he cant hold back shooting cum all over Kevís chest !

trailer here Str8 Jake - 1st bj from a lad
Str8 Jake - 1st bj from a lad
25 Minute Video - Sun 5th Aug 2007
Jake is just out the army and still seems to like following orders! He strips off to order and pulls out his cock and from the minute you see his uncut meat its growing and quickly becomes fully erect! A little wanking later and str8 lad Jake agrees he wouldnít mind a blow job, so enter Kev who shows his expert technique embarrassing Jake as he is enjoying it stacks! He goes on to finger round his ass and fantasise about his blow job and a little tense of his legs and he is shooting some big wads of cum all over his abs!

trailer here Kev messes with str8 hunk Tyler
Kev messes with str8 hunk Tyler
31 Minute Video - Fri 18th Aug 2006
Tyler, one of the sites favourite str8 lads lets young Kev have a mess with him. This is a real horny shoot, the lads strip to boxers and Kev has a massive bulge, Tyler pulls them down to reveal a rock solid cock! What is a gay lad supposed to do when he has some naked str8 hunk in front of him! Kev drops to his knees and Tyler enjoys having his cock sucked. The action moves to the shower and Tyler enjoys rubbing a cock between his legs and both lads are so hard! After the shower Tyler gets rubbed in cream and they enjoy some mutual wankingÖ loads of rock solid cocks on view and Tyler gets some more sucking before they wank each other again. Both lads have been holding back for ages and Tyler shoots cum everywhere which is the trigger for Kev to dump his load! Fab shoot.

trailer here Kev and Ryan play
Kev and Ryan play
34 Minute Video - Fri 26th May 2006
What do squaddies do on there day offÖ well this one likes sucking cock! Kev and Ryan are pretty hot together, Ryan plays all dominant, slightly pretending not to like messing with a man! Ryan pulls down Kevís pants to reveal his throbbing cock and he is soon sucking on Kevís meat! Ryan suddenly has an urge for some ďpussyĒ so he pulls Kev towards him and shoves his tongue deep into Kevís hole. There is loads of oral in this shoot and both lads shoot massive loads on each others faces! Beginning to think Ryan is probably Bi!

trailer here Kev doing the Vegas strip!
Kev doing the Vegas strip!
40 Minute Video - Fri 14th Apr 2006
Kev is starring in his first solo video, though not his first shoot for this site! This one was shot in Vegas so we film in a luxurious hotel room dressed in his new sports kit! He pulls down his shorts to reveal a semi hard cock and after some touching is standing str8 up! He loves to play with his dick and its always hard watch him wank away on the sofa, the bed and then a short break for a shower. Finally he moves back to the bed for some more wanking and then he gushes a load of cum, so aroused he squirts cum over his shoulder and into his mouth! Probably one of the top cum on the site!

trailer here James & Kev play
James & Kev play
40 Minute Video - Fri 3rd Feb 2006
James is str8 and this is his first time messing with another lad and Kev is the lucky lad! The two guys strip down and take a shower and are soon rubbing shower gel all over each other! Its not so long before there are two hard cock and James is just enjoying playing with his first cock! Kev drops to his knees and gives him a blow jobÖ James is just so hard! Back in the bedroom the lads wank each other off and Kev suck some more str8 ladÖ James is really horny and when Kev goes near his ass his legs spread and Kevís finger is soon up Jamesís ass whose cock is even harder! The lads have a great time and James shoots his load all over Kev who soon gushes his own loadÖ wow so much cum!

trailer here Kev & plumber Brendan!
Kev & plumber Brendan!
40 Minute Video - Sun 27th Nov 2005
Kev and Brendan are together to the first time, Kev is excited at sucking a str8 lads cock and is very excited! Brendan is playing the role of a plumber and Kev is the cheeky gay lad trying to get into Brendanís pants! Brendan doesnít play too hard to get and is soon stood naked in the kitchen while Kev examines him! Kev takes him through to watch some porn and pretty soon has Brendanís dick in his mouth! Brendan really likes blow jobs so doesnít mind Kevís attention. The two lads do loads of wanking, Kev does loads of sucking and they both blow big loads on Kevís chest!

trailer here Kev and 2 str8 boys!
Kev and 2 str8 boys!
42 Minute Video - Fri 2nd Sep 2005
The two str8 lads strip Kev out his clothes, stunned in amazement all he can do is get a hard on! He them returns the favour and strips the 2 lads and measures their vital stats! He is soon on his knees and they both agree to getting their cocks sucked. Kev is in his element, you can see how hard his cock is! There is loads of messing about, the two str8 lads sit down to look at porn while Kev sucks them off! Brett then dumps his cum on Kevís abs, Kev then blows a huge load soon followed by Brendan who shoots his cum all over Kev!

trailer here

PHOTOGRAPH SETS FEATURING KEV ADAMSON Str8 Sporty hunk Zack Gets to Feel What a Tongue up Your Ass Feels Like!
Str8 Sporty hunk Zack Gets to Feel What a Tongue up Your Ass Feels Like!
386 Photos - Wed 3rd Feb 2010
Str8 hunk Zack is on ďexperimental form todayĒ and he gets stripped to his boxers by Kev and looking at the bulge is not just semi but rock hard! So when Kev pulls its out he gets to see Zackís hard-on and what else can you do except put the str8 lads cock in your mouth! Kev gives him some teasy tongue action before diving down and deep throating Zack whose only response is lie back and enjoy! When Kevís wandering tongue slides up Zackís hole he isnít quite sure what to do, it feels good though should a lad have his tongue up your ass!? He gets over that and is soon wanking off Kev and decides to stretch his jaw managing to gobble up nearly all of Kevís very thick and long uncut cock. After all this playing Kev shoots another of his massive loads all over Zack, who returns the favour by squirting his own load on Kev; two very big dumps!

more photos Athletic Str8 hunk Aaron sucks his first cock & Kev admits it was his best ever blow job!
Athletic Str8 hunk Aaron sucks his first cock & Kev admits it was his best ever blow job!
434 Photos - Sun 20th Dec 2009
Str8 young athlete Aaron arrives today and appears to have been deprived of sex for more than just days! He is happy to let Kev suck him and his own hands are soon exploring inside Kevís jeans and Aaron pulls out Kevís cock and wanks it! Str8 lads are just so unpredictable and after receiving some excellent head, Aaron decides he fancies some cock himself! This was a surprise though just look at him when he sucks Kevís cock, his first cock, well except his own since he can self suck, but Kev was just blown away at how great Aaron was at head! Aaron feasts away and Kev says its one of the best blow jobs he has ever receivedÖ ever, now thatís a compliment! Aaron gobbles away on Kev with tongue action I have no idea where he learnt that, and Kev pulls out and gushes cum all over Aaronís face, some fantastic flying cum photos and then Aaron gobbles more of Kev! After all these firstís its no surprise that Aaron blows his own massive load all over Kevís face and chest. Wow, str8 self sucker Aaron shows his years of practicing on himself have not gone to waste!

more photos Str8 hunk Hayden (Mr Liverpool) sucks his first cock and explodes - one of the sites biggest cum shots
Str8 hunk Hayden (Mr Liverpool) sucks his first cock and explodes - one of the sites biggest cum shots
428 Photos - Sun 9th Aug 2009
Str8 PT and part time actor Hayden is out in the hot Spanish sun and is first to start off the adventure when he pulls down Kevís zip and starts to wank his cock! Kev of course only has one response and that is to get very hard! Though in the end decides its more fun to pull down Haydenís boardies and play with his cock! The lads enjoy wanking each other off in the 30 degree heat, sweating and horny, Hayden decides its time to try something new so he dives down on Kev and proceeds to give him head! Hayden gets very hard and cant seem to get enough of Kevís meaty uncut cock, just able to leave it alone a while to allow Kev to blow him! Hayden then kneels down in front of Kev and sucks more cock, Kev so aroused by now he pulls out just missing filling Haydenís mouth and dumps gush after gush on and around Hayden. Mr Liverpool after enjoying his first cock is way more aroused and cums and cums and cums, producing one of the biggest cum shots I have seen! Str8 lads always seem to get the most aroused when they blow their first cock!

more photos Blond Str8 hunk Liam - gives in and lets Kev suck and finger him!
Blond Str8 hunk Liam - gives in and lets Kev suck and finger him!
492 Photos - Wed 29th Jul 2009
Str8 hunk Liam is feeling very horny today, lapping up the heat he seems to have forgotten he has a girlfriend back home! Liam strips down to his boxers and Kev steps into to rub him down with oil, Liamís ďboxers bulgeĒ just seems to get bigger and bigger and as Kev slowly pulls them down you can see how much blood is pumping! Young Liam has a semi, verging on a stiff erection though he seems very happy to let Kev massage his big stick! Liam is very thick as well as long and after some wanking Kev looks up into Liamís eyes asking for ďpermission to suck.Ē With Liam just smiling Kev goes in for the kill and is soon choking on Liamís massive uncut cock. Liam just smiles and lies back and enjoys it though a little bit later surprises me by grabbing Kevís cock and wanking it! Hormones racing, Kev cant hold back, he has been dying for over a year now to suck Liam and with his dream come true he erupts spewing cum all over Liam! As punishment Liam cums all over Kevís head! Another str8 boy happy to have a little fun.

more photos Hayden, that's not your cock!
Hayden, that's not your cock!
503 Photos - Wed 24th Jun 2009
Hayden is back for a new shoot and as he lies back in the sun 4 pairs of hands start roving his body! As Kev and Jason play pull of Hadenís vest they explore into his shorts which are soon round his ankles as Kev and Jason lick every inch of Haydonís cock! Hayden is getting some great head then Jason pulls open his trackies for Hayden to look in, who doesnít just look in, but grabs Jasonís meat! He then enjoys getting a blow job and wanking another lad, not sure if he should be enjoying either, but his cock is very hard! After all this playing Hayden sits back against the wall and shoot a big load over his lightly blond fuzzed abs!

more photos Kev fucks str8 hunk Rick
Kev fucks str8 hunk Rick
443 Photos - Wed 27th May 2009
Rick is all sporty today, and before he goes near his cock he pulls down his shorts, so you can see him soft! He pulls them up and let Kev feel him up the leg of his shorts and before long his cock comes out all semi and is soon in Kevís mouth and throbbing! The lads suck each other off and have a sword fight before a quick 69. The lads show their asses and then Rick sits down on Kev and rides his cock, before they flip over and fuck on their sides; Rick is soon spurting all over his arms and chest, Kev pulls out and dumps on Rick!

more photos Kev & Jason flip flop
Kev & Jason flip flop
507 Photos - Wed 18th Mar 2009
This shoot came together following Kev and Jason meeting a few times where Kev was cameraman and Jason the model and them discreetly flirting with each other! So when it comes to touching each other you can see the results, kissing is intimate, cocks are very hard and they have a great time sensually exploring each others bodies! Kev cant resist taking Jason, his first time being fucked and he enjoys being pumped by Jasonís massive cock. The tables turn and Jason sits on Kev and the energetic fucking continues til Kev pulls out and squirts all over Jason, who seconds later cums on his abs. Hot, steamy sex.

more photos Your Favourite lad James
Your Favourite lad James
391 Photos - Sun 28th Dec 2008
One of the sites most popular str8 lads is back and James is in fine form as letting Kev play around with him, slightly teasy to begin, James pretends to be shocked at having a guy suck his cock; I think he forgot he weakened many times before! Kev teases James and gives him some great head before dripping gloopy oil around Jamesí winking hole. An over oiled finger gets a bit cheeky and slides into James, quickly replaced with a favourite toy. He is semi on entry and after seven ďin & outsĒ his meat is solid and foreskin is back! By the time Kev has pummelled Jamesí cute hole he is bursting and burst he does all over Kevís face! Another str8 hunk happy to be drained dry!

more photos Orgy in the tropics!
Orgy in the tropics!
459 Photos - Wed 12th Nov 2008
Three gay boys and a str8 lad in temperatures above 100 and you are guaranteed some really horny sex! As the shorts come off the cocks are hard and the lads have so much erect cock to choose from they cant seen to get enough of each other! Str8 Lad Jake sucks, kisses and fucks his way through the shoot getting confused with his boundaries! Anthonyís ass seems to get most the lads cock and is pounded real hard and he just cant get enough. After a load of hot sweaty action the lads shoot their loads over each other and in the pool!

more photos Kev blows Str8 hunk Andy
Kev blows Str8 hunk Andy
332 Photos - Wed 3rd Sep 2008
Andy is back and looking in great shape and something is making him happy as you cant stop him smiling. There is no surprise why, this str8 lad has been looking forward to this shoot as he agreed to have his cock sucked. Kev does such a great job Andy doesnít want him to stop and just before he does he slips a finger in Andyís hole and he just smiles some more! This horny str8 hunk is loving this hole exploration and after a little bit more messing around squirts a nice load of cum on the table! I think he may experiment some more!

more photos New lad Alex gets fingered
New lad Alex gets fingered
395 Photos - Sun 1st Jun 2008
New lad Alex has that cheeky smile that just confirms he is enjoying the attention, he gets handled by Kev who squeezes his cock through his jeans and is pretty soon handling Alexís chunk semi. He is quite big and quickly rises to full erection as Kev deep throats him. He then proves his own oral is pretty good as he gives Kev some great head. They are soon 69íing and Kev starts to show off Alexís ass and slides in a finger. Alex just gets harder and harder and they lets have a lot of fun playing with each other. Kev cums first, all down Alexís back and ass and then Alex shoots his load in Kevís mouth and all over his face and chest.

more photos Jake gets it from Kev
Jake gets it from Kev
421 Photos - Wed 9th Jan 2008
Our str8 army hunk Jake ventured into his first shoot with a lad and Kev had the pleasure of easing this str8 lad into a few new discoveries! The lads feel each other and the bulges indicate lots of stiff uncut meat, which is soon in your face and the lads are having a ball wanking each other. Strangely enough itís the str8 lad who fills his mouth with Kevís bendy banana and gorges himself for ages! There is loads of oral and Kev soon starts gorging himself on Jakeís ass, fingering and tonguing, there is no stopping him. Jake gushes first and covers Kevís face, a quick wipe down and Kev shoots his own load!

more photos Kev does Johnny
Kev does Johnny
324 Photos - Wed 11th Jul 2007
Kev is back this time introducing Johnny, a lad claiming to be shy though looking at the bulge in his jeans his hormones are racing! The lads strip each other down to boxers and rub each others growing bulges, out they come and they are both hard! These two are great together and they both do some great oral on each other, then jump into a 69 before Kev gets Johnny in a compromising position and spits in his ass and fingers him getting him ready for something bigger. Johnny is leaning forward getting it doggy probed by Kevís meaty piece! These two cum like nothing I have ever seen, Kevís is the most impressive cum shot I have ever seen on a photo!

more photos Jake gets it
Jake gets it
389 Photos - Wed 4th Jul 2007
Jake is our latest hunky str8 lad just a week out of the army and at 22 I think he looks a good few years younger. He is a horny young thing, arrives at the shoot in his suit and he loves to grab himself through his trousers. After a little teasing his cock grows and slips out the leg of his boxers and it never goes soft! His body is rock hard, his cock uncut and also rock hard and he just loves stroking it. Half way through this str8 lad asks my assistant Kev to suck his cock, str8 lads are always so unpredictable! Then a couple of fingers disappear and Jake is really excited and shoots a nice load of cum all over his rock solid abs! Another str8 lad, satisfied!

more photos Tyler and Kev
Tyler and Kev
274 Photos - Wed 5th Jul 2006
Tyler is back and not by himself, this time having a little fun with Kev. Tyler is one of the sites most popular str8 lads and he is soon down to his pants when Kev plunges in to have a feelÖ Tyler loves a little attention and Kev is soon on his knees with a mouthful of Tylerís cock through his undies. Lots of oral follows as Tyler loves blow jobs and Kev is one of the best at them! You can watch the two lads wank each other, two hard cocks and then its Tylers turn for another blow job. All this gets Tyler so hot and horny he squirts a massive load of cum, most of it landing way over his shoulder! Closely followed by Kev who dumps a pretty big load all over his body!

more photos Kev and Ryan's photos
Kev and Ryan's photos
286 Photos - Wed 19th Apr 2006
Ryan is a devious str8 lad, Kev is just a horny gay lad who seems to bring out a devious streak in some of the sites str8 ones! Ryan starts the shoot slightly shy, though after a few minutes he just looses all inhibitions and asks Kev if he kissesÖ this just continues and before long Ryan has his tongue up Kevís ass! There is no stopping him he sucks cock, rims ass and has his own cock sucked in a 69. It all comes to an end with Ryan sucking off Kev and getting covered all over his face in Kevís spunk and he then decides to suck off every drop. Str8 lad Ryan then shoots his spunk of Kevís face.

more photos Kev's photos
Kev's photos
174 Photos - Wed 15th Mar 2006
Today we welcome back Kev for a solo shoot in a hotel in Vegas. He begins the shoot in his sports top and shorts and its not long before they come off and he tries to hide his hard on in his topÖbut big things cant be easily hidden and it just pops out full and hard! Kev plays around in the hotel room sitting down and standing and allowing some real close ups of his slightly hairy ass. After a load of wanking his cock is throbbing hard and he sits down and shoots a load of cum all over his new sports top! Lovely spunky mess.

more photos Kev and James' photos
Kev and James' photos
238 Photos - Sun 25th Dec 2005
Kev and James come together for Jamesís first time bit of fun with another manÖ well apart from the blowjob he got in his first shoot! Anyway Kev is the expert at blow jobs and gives James loads of great oral. Jamesí cock stays rock hard all the way through the shoot and he accepts a guy can give better head than his girlfriendÖ though he did say he wouldnít challenge her with these facts! Kev has loads of fun playing with James and he ever slips a finger up Jamesís ass which just makes James even harder! James then dumps his load on his chest while Kevís finger is still in his ass. All this excitement and its not long before Kev shoots loads of cum of his own!

more photos Kev and Brendan's photos
Kev and Brendan's photos
323 Photos - Wed 2nd Nov 2005
This was Brendanís first shoot with another guy and the first time this str8 lad received a blow job from a man! Well who better than Kev to show him how dick should be sucked! Its starts with Kev shoving his hands into Brendanís jeans and pants, then Brendan gets stripped and as soon as Kev starts wanking him his dick grows! Kev is soon sucking for England, Brendan having to admit he is way better than his g/f! The lads also have a cock fight before settling down on the floor and Brendan fires his cum on Kev chest as Kev fires his own load to mix with Brendanís!

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Kev, Brett and Brendan's photos
386 Photos - Sun 31st Jul 2005
Three of the sites favourite models, Kev, Brendan and Brett come together for this shoot, two are str8 one gay. The two str8 lads strip Kev out his clothes, stunned in amazement all he can do is get a hard on! He them returns the favour and strips the 2 lads, slowly and taking his time to play with their soft cocks! He is soon on his knees and they both agree to getting their cocks sucked. Kev is in his element, you can see how hard his cock is! There is loads of messing about, the two str8 lads sit down to look at porn while Kev sucks them off! Brendan them blows his load over Kev, Brett dumps his on his abs and Kev then blows his own cum to mix with Brendanís.

more photos Site favourite Kev wanks over himself in the mirror
Site favourite Kev wanks over himself in the mirror
167 Photos - Wed 9th Jun 2004
Kev did this shoot with me back in early 2004, so its been a while getting onto the site. The shoot is based around a large mirror so we get plenty of double takes! He never dissappoints with his cheeky smile and in this set he does a teasy strip and he is acutally pretty hard when he takes down his trousers. He pulls it out his boxers, has a play, gets naked, then wanks off in loads of positions kneeling and sitting and standing in front of the mirror before delivering a huge load while stading up and shoots all over the mirror. Great set.

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