Model Matt Brooks Naked Gay English Lad Uncut Enjoys Martial arts

Matt Brooks

21 yo  5'11"  40" chest  32" waist  gay  7" cock
Model Matt Brooks Naked Gay English Lad Uncut Enjoys Martial arts
Model Matt Brooks Naked Gay English Lad Uncut Enjoys Martial arts
Model Matt Brooks Naked Gay English Lad Uncut Enjoys Martial arts
Model Matt Brooks Naked Gay English Lad Uncut Enjoys Martial arts
Model Matt Brooks Naked Gay English Lad Uncut Enjoys Martial arts
Model Matt Brooks Naked Gay English Lad Uncut Enjoys Martial arts
Model Matt Brooks Naked Gay English Lad Uncut Enjoys Martial arts
Model Matt Brooks Naked Gay English Lad Uncut Enjoys Martial arts
Model Matt Brooks Naked Gay English Lad Uncut Enjoys Martial arts
Photo sizes: 450×675, 750×1125.
Matt is a fit bodied truck driver from south London. His shoot for the site was his idea of a dream, being paid to pull down his pants and have a wank! You can see his enthusiasm and raw lust, he is outside in the sun feeling hot and horny and what else can you do when your cock is in you hand! Matt has good definition and is really flexible from years of martial arts and his body is also covered in some pretty cool tattoos.

Matt Brooks is a gay english lad with a 7 inch erect uncut cock and a athletic, smooth body with piercings and tattoos. He is 21 years old, 5'11'' tall, and enjoys martial arts.
Matt slams into Robbie
24 Minute Video - Fri 7th Nov 2008
Matt and Robbie are in the sunshine and the heat seems to have their blood rushing; Robbie is down on his knees deep throating Matt before they flip and Matt gorges himself on Robbie’s long sausage! The lads deep throat each other before Matt shoves loads of fingers up Robbie’s ass, his only reaction is to back on them and go deeper! They rim each other and Matt then slides his pole in Robbie and pumps him like a rabbit on viagra; the lads fuck in a load of positions and Robbie’s hole should be red hot with all that friction! Robbie is first to dump his load quickly followed by Matt.

trailer here Matt slams Brett's ass!
Matt slams Brett's ass!
25 Minute Video - Fri 5th Sep 2008
Matt and Brett cant keep hands of each other, their passionate kissing leads to some great cock sucking and Matt as head strong as ever shoves his tongue deep into Brett’s hole, who whimpers in pleasure as he delights in being rimmed! A moistened hole is soon filled with Matt’s throbbing cock, do we ever see in soft. He slides up in one motion and pulls out slowly and that is the only slow motion we see for 15 minutes as he pounds in and out of Brett’s hole. He just loves it and the two lads fuck in some horny positions before its all too much Brett explodes while being fucked and Matt pulls out and dumps a big load all over Brett!

trailer here Matt slams into Justin's ass
Matt slams into Justin's ass
23 Minute Video - Fri 1st Aug 2008
Matt introduces young Justin to us, well slides his hands into his pants and has a good feel and that is 30 seconds in. Not much teasing, loads of cock sucking and these lads know how to rim, spitting on each others asses and deep probing with their tongues. These dirty little fuckers just get hotter and Matt slides into Justin’s ass and slams his balls back and forward. This is a hot shoot that climaxes with Justin shooting a load while being fucked and Matt pulling out to cum all over Justin’s chest

trailer here Matt slams into Karl
Matt slams into Karl
22 Minute Video - Sun 13th Apr 2008
Matt is the experienced pair of hands to guide the shoot and within 2 minutes he and Karl are blowing each other, no teasing in this shoot and before long Matt has got Karl naked and thrown him back on to the bed and begins to finger and eat out Karl’s gagging hole! Karl loves all the attention and his body language says “fuck me… fuck me hard…” So that’s exactly what Matt does, these two lads fuck real intense and for a long time, Karl spunks while getting cock and Matt pulls out and spunks his load over Karl!

trailer here Matt fucks Sean
Matt fucks Sean
28 Minute Video - Fri 4th Jan 2008
Matt is guiding our new lad through his first video, though instead of “holding his hand” he is holding Sean’s cock! So not much teasing, Matt is soon gorging himself on Sean’s uncut meat transitioning into some hot 69’ing and Matt’s fingers are soon sliding into Sean’s hole! Matt then fucks Sean showing him how easy it is to fuck on camera and enjoy all the positions. They take a quick breather before Sean rides Matt and with all the fucking two loads of cum are dumped on Sean. Nicely ended with a golden shower!

trailer here 1 Str8 man and 3 gay lads!
1 Str8 man and 3 gay lads!
27 Minute Video - Fri 21st Dec 2007
A good mix, 3 tops one bottom and a str8 lad! You wont be waiting long before their cocks are abused in hands and mouths. There is some great oral and Anthony just cant seem to get enough cock in his mouth. Anthony gets eaten out by a very horny Matt and its not long before he is first to fill Anthony’s hole and fuck it like the pro he is. David’s thick meat then ploughs in hard and fast, he is loving it before str8 lad Jake shoves his piston in! A lot of cock later and Anthony has all three lads cum on his face!

trailer here 1 str8 + 2 Gay lads = loads of cum!
1 str8 + 2 Gay lads = loads of cum!
27 Minute Video - Fri 2nd Nov 2007
Its three lads today, Alex, Anthony and Matt get together and when one of them is str8 its sure to be interesting! Anthony and Matt strip str8 lad Alex and its just seconds before their hands are in his pants and they are down and they are sucking some str8 boy cock! Youd think it was the last cock they were ever allowed too suck the way they go at in and its soon a suck fest with hard wet uncut cock all over the place! Matt starts eyeing up Anthony’s ass, pulls on a condom and rams his cock in and out and then pounds Anthony who is gorging himself on Alex’s cock! A few positions later and Anthony is spewing cum on his abs, Matt then pulls out and near drowns Anthony, who then sits up to get a face load of Alex’s cum!

trailer here Matt Brooks fucks Kai
Matt Brooks fucks Kai
27 Minute Video - Fri 24th Aug 2007
These two lads are well up for it and really turned on by each other, so clothes are quickly ripped off and they get into some serious cock sucking! Both are expert deep throaters and its not long before Kai slips a rubber onto Matt and lubes up his eager ass! Three seconds later Matt is inside Kai, who slightly whimpers and between pants asks for it harder. These two are just great fuckers and Matt slams into Kai’s ass in a load of positions, Kai finally exploding with cum as Matt pulls out and shoots his goo all over Kai!

trailer here Str8 hunk James & Matt
Str8 hunk James & Matt
34 Minute Video - Fri 29th Jun 2007
The photo set with these two lads has proved very popular and the video just gets hotter! Matt strips James and sucks him and then str8 boy James pulls down Matt’s pants and starts to wank him! There is loads of great oral and Matt is so turned on his cock stays rock hard. James also suffering from over hard cock syndrome goes weak at the knees when Matt rims and tongues his juicy hole. Both lads are having great fun and so its not long before James, being wanked and blown by Matt shoots a big load up Matt’s chest. Matt then blows his own jism all over the place.

trailer here Matt fucks Mason
Matt fucks Mason
37 Minute Video - Sun 29th Apr 2007
Matt and Mason are gagging to rip each others clothes off and they have trouble controlling their lust for each other as they begin with a gentle massage! Matt’s hands are pretty soon in Mason’s pants, quickly followed by a load of sucking, each gorging on the others uncut meat! Mason loved being fucked so its not long before Matt slams into him and slams into him he does… This is one of the hardest fucking scenes I have filmed in ages! With all these hormones raging out of control you will love the cum shot!

trailer here Matt's wanking frenzy
Matt's wanking frenzy
30 Minute Video - Sun 4th Mar 2007
Matt is bounding full of energy sitting in his grey baggies and they are not able to contain him for long! He does a little teasing playing in his trackies and in less than a minute he cant help himself and yanks out a fully hard uncut cock! Matt is so natural in front of the camera and he loves showing off every square inch of his nicely tanned body. There are loads of shots of him showing off his ass, he is a top really hates things in his ass but quite happy to show it and he has such a great bubble butt. After all this wanking Matt dumps a nice big load of cum.

trailer here Matt wanks outside
Matt wanks outside
28 Minute Video - Fri 29th Sep 2006
Matt is a brilliant tease, he starts the shoot in the full heat of the sun and sits down and pulls down his briefs to reveal that juicy and slightly moist foreskin! A little bit of playing and he is soon standing tall. As he plays hard, there are some great close ups showing off his stiff dick from almost every angle. This tough lad just loves to show off and he lies back so he can pull up his legs and finger his slightly hairy ass. Never content unless he gives every wank his all you are going to love Matt’s latest shoot. It all ends with him lying down and gushing cum over his abs!

trailer here Str8 lad Brendan gets head
Str8 lad Brendan gets head
43 Minute Video - Fri 15th Jul 2005
Matt and Brendan made a fantastic match, Brendan is str8 Matt is gay. I choose Matt because you could meet him and think he was str8… well until you see him next to a real str8 lad, then he is like a kid in a sweet shop! The lads begin the shoot wearing tight swimwear and are taking a shower, they soap each other and generally massage and mess about. Matt is soon on his knees pulling down Brendan’s swimmers to reveal a soft cock, when Brendan pulls down Matt’s he is rock solid! Matt sucks off Brendan and the lads then move to the bedroom. The shoot continues with Matt sucking of Brendan, in fact its hard to get him away from Brenda’s cock! Brendan is a great sport and he gets into the str8 porn while Matt tucks into him! It finishes with Brendan wanking off Matt, who shoots a massive load, then Matt sucks off Brendan until he cums, gobbling down on str8 boy cum!

trailer here Matt plays in the paddock
Matt plays in the paddock
46 Minute Video - Fri 8th Jul 2005
Matt’s shoot was one of the first at the stables and the first “widescreen” movie on the site. He is a bit of an exhibitionist in and seemed to get a thrill from the idea that someone could be watching us! He strips down and pulls down his pants as he can’t leave his dick any longer! He wanks off in the paddock and against the stables, shows off his cute round ass and generally has some great foreplay! He takes a quick run round the field before settling down and shooting jets of cum all over his abs and chest. What a shoot!

trailer here

Matt slams into Robbie
434 Photos - Sun 5th Oct 2008
These two lads are hot for it, their bodies warmed by in the late afternoon sun has made for an exceptionally explosive shoot. As they pull each others cock out you don’t see soft you just see stiff meat and Matt struggles to deep throat Robbie’s long pole which must be about 8.5 inches if not 9. They rim each other and get totally turned on before Matt slides his cock into Robbie who is soon bouncing up and down on it riding cock in one of his favourite positions. Matt slams in hard and Robbie cums buckets all over Matt’s chest and covering his face, he laps it up before he dumps his own mess.

more photos Brett ass gets slammed!
Brett ass gets slammed!
435 Photos - Wed 6th Aug 2008
Matt and Brett are hot for each other, clothes are quickly ripped off and Matt drops to his knees and sucks in Brett’s engorged meat which rises to full erection and Brett returns the favour stuffing in Matt’s uncut meat. Matt lifts up Brett’s legs and shows off his ass and then probes his tongue deep into his ass, some great rimming is followed by toe worship! The lads have a great time playing with each other then Matt pulls on a rubber and slides his meat deep inside Brett who vigorously rides Matt’s rock hard pole. Brett changes positions with ease as the lads romp round the bed before both shooting massive loads

more photos Matt fucks Justin
Matt fucks Justin
496 Photos - Sun 29th Jun 2008
Today its Matt and Just and Matt as ever is as horny as always and new lad Justin is just bursting to be discovered, or should I say bursting to get fucked! They are really keen to explore and its not long before you see the bulging pants. Matt does a great job at sucking Justin and then Matt praises Justin’s blow job. Just then rims Matt, who returns the favour by rimming and shoving in two fingers! Justin then sits down on Matt and rided him in some very horny and exotic positions as Matt pumps Justin’s ass and then pumps it some more. It all ends with Matt cuming in Justin’s mouth causing him to erupt all over his chest!

more photos Matt fucks new lad Karl
Matt fucks new lad Karl
468 Photos - Wed 12th Mar 2008
Karl is new to porn and Matt quickly learns this gay boy just wants to get it! They strip to undies, tease us a little and they are soon chowing down on each others cocks! Some great oral is followed by Matt rimming Karl’s eager hole and only surpassed by the hardest and most athletic fucking I have seen in ages. The lads just go at it full on and in positions I haven’t shot them before! These are two horny bad lads just cant get enough of each other, Karl blows first over Matt’s chest who then gushes his load and Karl rubs it in!

more photos Matt fucks Sean
Matt fucks Sean
475 Photos - Sun 2nd Dec 2007
Sean is new to modelling so who better to break him in that studly Matt! He breaks him in by dropping to his knees to sample what he has in his briefs! The lads do some great oral on each other and its not long before Matt is rimming out Sean’s ass and then fingers him, quickly followed by his stiff meat stuffed into Sean’s hole! Matt gives him a proper fucking in a load of position before pulling and shooting his load, then before Sean can shoot Matt shoots again! Some hot action in this one.

more photos 4 lads & 1 is Str8!
4 lads & 1 is Str8!
438 Photos - Sun 18th Nov 2007
Four lads on the bed and there are erections everywhere, a willing hole and full mouths! The beginning is a whole lot of oral and Jake our str8 lad is one of the hardest! He is enjoying being sucked and giving oral and the hormones are raging. Matt is first to pull on a rubber and slide his uncut meat into Anthony’s hole. He loves Matt’s stiff cock and pushes hard back and 4 minutes later Jake is rubbered and slamming his str8 meat into Anthony. Anthony has only had one str8 lad before… and that was Jake and his cock just gets stiffer. Then its big David’s turn pretty soon Anthony is cumming and then each of the three lads shoot their load all over him!

more photos 1 str8 lad, 2 gay
1 str8 lad, 2 gay
433 Photos - Wed 3rd Oct 2007
Today it’s the turn of 1 str8 with 2 gay lads! Alex is our str8 lad who enjoys having his cock in another lads mouth! Matt and new lad Anthony enjoy stripping and sucking str8 hunk Alex and they are soon naked all sucking each others cocks! This is a hot shoot with loads of action, Matt bends over Anthony and shoves in his cock, Anthony squeaks out loud as Matt pounds his big cock in and out. The lads try a bunch of positions and as they fuck away Alex gets some great head. Its all too much and Anthony gushes cum all over Matt, who quickly follows with his load as Alex dumps his own load on Anthony’s face!

more photos Matt does Kai
Matt does Kai
481 Photos - Wed 18th Jul 2007
This is one of the hottest shoots I have done in a while, though what do you expect when you have two of the sites “horniest” models together for the first time! Matt feels up Kai and they are soon in each others pants and kissing like the world is about to end! Kai pulls out Matt’s cock and gives some great head, Matt returns the favour, they are like two pigs in a cider orchard! Once high on each other Matt lubes up his rubbered meat and slides into Kai’s welcoming hole! Kai loves it and this is the first time in a shoot where you can see just how hard Kai’s bottom distorts as he gets it! Needless to say it ends in two big cum shots!

more photos Matt does James
Matt does James
416 Photos - Wed 30th May 2007
Your favourite str8 model James is with one of our favourite gay lads Matt and what a hot shoot this one is. Matt strips James and is soon on his knees sampling some str8 lad cock and James as ever, is as hard as a rock! He just loves being gently handled and lies back enjoying Matt expert cock sucking. Matt is soon exploring James’ ass with his tongue and gives him a real rimming before getting all turned on and slipping in a purple toy! James just loves all the attention, his cock as ever is hard enough to double as a missile, and its not long before spunk is firing out all over Matt’s face, he loves it and licks it up before shooting his own load.

more photos Matt fucks Mason
Matt fucks Mason
389 Photos - Wed 28th Mar 2007
These are two lads who were made to work together! Mason is new to the site, an old hand at modelling and Matt off the leash as his b/f lets him go all the way! There are hardly any teasy shots in this shoot, Mason’s uncut meat is soon in Matt’s hand and then in his mouth! A 69 follows and they both rim each other and a few minutes later Matt’s cock is plugging Mason. Mason is one of these lads who resists to begin and within a few minutes is asking Matt to pound him harder! This is a full on shoot with loads of hard fucking all ending with cum every where!

more photos Matt's stiffy
Matt's stiffy
437 Photos - Wed 31st Jan 2007
Matt is back for a new shoot he is real horny as he hasn’t played with his cock for well over a week. He pulls it out his combats and its already “semi” after a few pulls he is soon like a rocket. There are loads of close ups as he goes from hard to soft and he does some great positions, one of my favourites in doggie. Matt then does his signature move with his legs round his ears to show off some real close ups of his ass. A little more playing and his cock gets really hard and you see some great flying cum shots as he gushes all over his body… and then licks it up! Yum

more photos Matt's photos
Matt's photos
344 Photos - Wed 23rd Aug 2006
Matt is back for a new shoot, this tough martial arts expert takes no crap, though in front of the camera kind of acts like a playful tiger! Matt begins the shoot in the full heat of the sun is quickly steaming hot and strips out his clothes, pulling down his pants to reveal his juicy foreskin. A little bit of tugging and its soon swelling up and quite a handful! Matt wanks off all over the place showing off his cute slightly hairy crack in every detail. He fingers his hole and gets himself so hot and sweaty that he is soon shooting loads of cum all over his abs and chest. Wow what a gusher!

more photos Matt and Brendan play with eachother's cocks and asses and Matt shows just how flexible he really is!
Matt and Brendan play with eachother's cocks and asses and Matt shows just how flexible he really is!
359 Photos - Wed 15th Jun 2005
Two lads, one str8 boy happy to tease, one gay lad happy to please! From the second Matt saw Brendan he was like a boy who’d just been given a puppy! His wish was granted I got Brendan to agree Matt would strip him and pretty fast Matt has his clothes off and his hands in Brendan’s pants! Brendan is actually really cool with this, there is no doubt he likes girls but is willing to play along and see what happens! Well what happens is Matt is soon sucking on his dick and Brendan is rock hard! They play about, Matt is like a greedy little piggy and is feasting on Brendan’s cock! Its makes great photos as they are both just having horny fun! Matt is first to shoot and Brendan is wanking him! Then Brendan wanks his own dick and as he cums Matt dives in and catches Brendan’s cum and ends up covered in str8 boy spunk and doesn’t waste any!

more photos Cheeky hunk Matt plays in his jockstrap, fingers himself hard and then pisses and cums in a field!
Cheeky hunk Matt plays in his jockstrap, fingers himself hard and then pisses and cums in a field!
285 Photos - Wed 18th May 2005
Matt is a very horny young truck driver from south London who couldn't think of an easier way to earn money, pull down his pants and have a wank! The shoot is oustide at some stables; Matt is soon naked in the stable yard with his legs above his head and his finger in his ass. Its a varied shoot including Matt taking a piss in the paddock, wanking in loads of locations and positions and then lying back in the grass to shoot a nice load of cum!

more photos
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