Model Matt Hughes Naked Straight English Lad Uncut Enjoys Bike racing

Matt Hughes

19 yo  6'0"  36" chest  28" waist  straight  12" cock
Model Matt Hughes Naked Straight English Lad Uncut Enjoys Bike racing
Model Matt Hughes Naked Straight English Lad Uncut Enjoys Bike racing
Model Matt Hughes Naked Straight English Lad Uncut Enjoys Bike racing
Model Matt Hughes Naked Straight English Lad Uncut Enjoys Bike racing
Model Matt Hughes Naked Straight English Lad Uncut Enjoys Bike racing
Model Matt Hughes Naked Straight English Lad Uncut Enjoys Bike racing
Model Matt Hughes Naked Straight English Lad Uncut Enjoys Bike racing
Model Matt Hughes Naked Straight English Lad Uncut Enjoys Bike racing
Model Matt Hughes Naked Straight English Lad Uncut Enjoys Bike racing
Photo sizes: 450×675, 750×1125.
Matt wins the award on the site for the biggest cock, at 12 inches he fills his pants! He is real modest and until a few months ago thought he was “average size”. Thank goodness he is really outgoing and happy to show off his body! He is lean and taut with a real cheeky outgoing attitude, one of the nicest and most relaxed shoots I have done in a long time.

Matt Hughes is a straight english lad with a 12 inch erect uncut cock and a slim, smooth body with tattoos. He is 19 years old, 6'0'' tall, and enjoys bike racing.
VIDEOS FEATURING MATT HUGHES Str8 hunky Yorkshireman Anthony takes all of Big Matt's 12 Incher!
Str8 hunky Yorkshireman Anthony takes all of Big Matt's 12 Incher!
25 Minute Video - Fri 12th Feb 2010
Str8 hunky Yorkshire lad Anthony is back for second fucking and so who better when you are stepping up a size than big Matt! Anthony seems slightly nervous after feeling up Matt through his jeans especially when Matt jokes “its only semi!” Though as soon as Anthony has it in his mouth you can see his greedy eyes are popping out with pleasure! Anthony seems to have a double jointed jaw looking at how easily he gobbles down Matt, though looking at Matt technique on blowing Anthony he seems to be looking pretty pro at cock sucking these days! A bit of oral later and Matt slides his gigantic cock up Anthony, who groans but backs on to Matt until the whole thing disappears, all in under 10 seconds! What a greedy str8 bottom boy we seem to have found as he encourages Matt to slam in and out and not hold an inch back! So after there sexual workout Anthony gushes a pretty massive load all over his body, Matt then pulls out and dumps an even bigger load all over Anthony who must be covered in more cum than any model I can remember! Guessing he enjoyed every inch!

trailer here Matt's 12 incher Slams into Kai who slams his into Tom
Matt's 12 incher Slams into Kai who slams his into Tom
26 Minute Video - Fri 18th Sep 2009
Three boys are innocently sharing a hot-tub, though look carefully and hands are moving! Kai stands up with a nice semi then big Matt stands and his is fully hard, 12 inches of meat sticking straight up! Tom freezes, not able to believe the size of Matt’s monster and is quick to give it a feel! Kai shows him how to suck Matt’s long and fat cock, it’s a real mouth stretcher, though Tom seems to slide quite a lot in to his mouth, clearly enjoying this whopper! The guys switch around sucking before Tom bends over and gets Kai’s cock up his ass, Tom gently moaning away as Kai pumps away. Matt then pushes into Kai who is now completely skewered and pumps hard forward into Tom and pulls back hard onto Matt’s big one. A quick switch and Kai is still getting a real pumping from Matt while he sucks on Tom; inevitably Kai’s hole is red hot and he shoots a nice load while getting pumped, then Tom and Matt both splatter theur their spunk onto Kai!

trailer here 1 ft Matt slams into two holes!
1 ft Matt slams into two holes!
26 Minute Video - Fri 15th May 2009
Big Matt is in his element, he has two lads worshipping his cock; I guess most of us with an opportunity to play with an 11.5 incher would worship it! Anthony and Justin strip Matt and Justin is first to gorge; somehow he manages to down the whole thing, it must surely be tickling his belly button! Both lads do some joint sucking , there is ample room to share, though Anthony cant wait to get it in his ass and groans like a good un, asking for it harder and deeper. Justin, not wanting to be outdone gets its equally as rough and after Matt pulls out he is so aroused he gushes loads of cum all over Anthony’s face! Seeing Matt spew so hard, its just seconds and Justin is gushing over Matt’s leg!

trailer here Big Matt fucks Justin
Big Matt fucks Justin
28 Minute Video - Fri 13th Mar 2009
Its one of those situations; one lad has a 1ft cock and the other is just gagging to get hold of it! Justin is really quite keen to get his hands on Matt and he does not want to be hard to get! He hasn’t had a blow job for a while, we don’t even get to see him semi, Justin sucks and gobbles it right down, I haven’t seen anyone able to deep throat Matt like that! Matt is soon sliding his inches into Justin, who not only takes it but pushes back and gets as many inches as is possible right up inside! Matt fucks Justin really hard and before long Justin is squirting his cum all over the place! Matt pulls out and drowns Justin, all over his face!

trailer here Matt's 1 footer fucks Sean
Matt's 1 footer fucks Sean
26 Minute Video - Sun 14th Sep 2008
Big Matt is in bed with Sean and as the cameras come on the lads are fiddling beneath the sheets, a guilty Sean is silenced as he cant believe what is in his hand! Matt’s big slab of meat, 11.5 inches last time we measured, is nearly hard and Sean dives down for some oral fun. He is the best sucker there has been, this greedy boy manages to gobble down the whole thing! They flip round and do a great 69 before Sean lies back and gets ploughed by Matt’s pole who starts gentle (ish) and is soon moving his hips back and forwards in about 10 inch swings! All this fucking gets Matt so aroused he pulls out of Sean’s ass and shoots a massive load all over Sean’s chest and face. He just has to lick it up!

trailer here Big Matt fucks 2 asses
Big Matt fucks 2 asses
23 Minute Video - Sun 11th May 2008
The three lads are high spirited today, Kai sets the tone by pulling of Matt’s belt, turning him round and lashing his and Anthony’s ass! No teasing in this shoot, cocks are soon in mouth and Anthony is trying his best to gobble as much of Matt’s 1 footer as possible! Kai then fucks Anthony and they flip flop then Kai gets Matt’s 1 footer in his ass. The fucking is real intense and Anthony cums on his back and gets the others two lads cum in his face, he is almost drowned!

trailer here Matt's 1 ft slams into Mark
Matt's 1 ft slams into Mark
23 Minute Video - Fri 22nd Feb 2008
Mark is an “old porn pro” though even he is amazed and excited when he sees Matt’s 12 incher. He is quick to gobble down on the beast and is one of the best at sucking it so deep. Matt is nearly fully hard and yet Mark can get a long way down this pole! Big boy Matt is soon stuffing down Mark’s cock and shows his own oral skills…Mark then goes to work on eating out Matt, sending ripples of pleasure through his body. Matt then slams his cock into Mark tight hole and pounds away… and pounds away, Mark loving every second, cums and then gets Matt’s huge load all over him!

trailer here 1 ft Matt up Tommy's ass!
1 ft Matt up Tommy's ass!
28 Minute Video - Fri 11th Jan 2008
Tommy is as eager as they come, he has heard about Matt’s legendary 1ft pole and is gagging to try it out! A bit of teasing and Tommy is soon handling Matt’s meaty cock not able to believe its size when its soft! A little bit of playing and Tommy is on his knees gorging as much of Matt as he can swallow! Matt gets all horny and gobbles Tommy’s cock and after some more oral the lads run to the bedroom. Matt slides his meat up Tommy’s ass, he whines and gasps, biting the pillow enjoying the pain with pleasure. Matt pumps him harder than I have yet seen him fuck, all of it goes in and out and Tommy gets so aroused by 15 minutes of fucking that he shoots a huge load. He then has Matt shoot his load on his face!

trailer here Kai takes 12 inch Matt
Kai takes 12 inch Matt
29 Minute Video - Sun 19th Aug 2007
Today we see the big Matt slide it up Kai’s ass and I still cant believe Kai managed to take the whole thing! They tease each other a little, Kai trying to remain cool at the thought of playing with such a weapon. He manages to suck the whole thing before Matt gets completely hard so easily downing 9 inches of meat… once Matt is fully hard he gets really thick. The lads suck each other off and do some great 69’ing before Kai lubes up Matt’s rubbered cock, bends over and Matt slides it in… and in and before you know it Kai is getting fucked by the whole 12 inches! Its not long before Kai explodes cum everywhere!

trailer here Str8 lads Big Matt & James
Str8 lads Big Matt & James
26 Minute Video - Fri 3rd Aug 2007
It’s always interesting to have two str8 lads together, as it can either be a “stand-off” or a “free for all!” There is a little teasing as both lads take turns with the ropes and some knots but its not long before Matt is on his knees pulling down James’ pants and gorging himself on James rather solid erection! Matt is enjoying tasting cock and seems to be great at deep throating and when he comes up for air the two lads wank each other off. Matt then jumps on James’ cock and its not long before both lads are shooting cum. Now one like dildos and one has a big cock where next!

trailer here Duncan blows Matt
Duncan blows Matt
27 Minute Video - Fri 15th Jun 2007
Big Matt is back and our str8 lad with the massive 1 ft pole cant resist some more boy on boy action! Duncan begins by felling up Matt through his jeans and just cant believe the size of the boy! He pulls it out and is straight down on it and for the next 10 minutes no one can get him off! Duncan is great at sucking Matt, its so dam big its amazing how much he can take. Matt even enjoys sucking off Duncan who cant control himself and cums twice in this shoot. Matt blows a huge wad most of which Duncan seems to eat!

trailer here Craig & Matt's 1 footer!
Craig & Matt's 1 footer!
28 Minute Video - Fri 9th Mar 2007
This is one of those shoots, Matt our str8 12 inch boy wonder strips and grabs hold of Craig’s cock and its all experimenting from there! Without any prompting he drops down and blows Craig who says he is a great cock sucker! Look at what happens to Matt, his cock grows to full size and that is rare when you have such a large one. The two lads suck each other for ages and move into a 69 and Matt gets his ass rimmed! Some great action and Craig is so excited he blows a load of cum streaming all over his abs and shoulder, quickly followed by Matt who blows an equally big load, both lads trying something new!

trailer here Str8 hunk 1 ft Matt gets blown
Str8 hunk 1 ft Matt gets blown
30 Minute Video - Fri 19th Jan 2007
Matt has the most gigantic cock, its just over six inches when soft and doubles to 1ft when hard! He is quite slim and toned so it looks even more massive with his slim build. Matt enjoys being photographed and strips down to get his soft cock measured, after a little bit of touching it starting to grow and he relishes in showing it off. Once nearly hard he pulls his legs up over his head and tries to self suck, he gets pretty close, his back is just not flexible enough! After a load of wanking Str8 lad Matt agrees to get his 1st blow job from a man and before long he is being jerked off and shoots his load without lifting a finger. Cum is shot everywhere!

trailer here Str8 biker boy Matt's 1 footer
Str8 biker boy Matt's 1 footer
33 Minute Video - Fri 27th Oct 2006
Matt is our biggest guy on the site and weighing in at over 11 inches we feel confident to talk about our 1ft lad! Matt is tall and slim so his big meat looks massive on him as its not only long but thick. He strips down out of his biking leathers to reveal a big soft one, over 6 inches when flaccid! A little play and its getting pretty big, then after a little oil gets rubs on his dick for him its gets like a rock! Another str8 lad who gets curiously hard when he experiences his first man-wank! He shows off every part of his body spreading his legs to show his juicy and slightly hairy ass! After a load of wanking he is so aroused his fire hose shoots splooge all over the place!

trailer here

PHOTOGRAPH SETS FEATURING MATT HUGHES Matt Hughes fucks Str8 Lad Anthony - Though he is looking a little less str8 now!
Matt Hughes fucks Str8 Lad Anthony - Though he is looking a little less str8 now!
514 Photos - Wed 20th Jan 2010
Str8 lad Anthony is pretty new to modelling; this is his third shoot and just look at what he is doing! Sitting next to Anthony, most of you know him as Big Matt… I had mentioned to Anthony about stepping up a size and he said he was up for anything! So when he first saw Matt’s erection through his briefs he though we had stuffed something down there! When I said pull the end of Matt’s cock out and suck it, he didn’t waste any time and as soon as he tried to suck it he realised this one real thick piece of meat! Matt I believe has one of the thickest and longest cocks out there and Anthony has just discovered its impact on your jaw! Its just so fat you can not go too deep unless you have one of those double jointed jaws! Anyway once Anthony has semi mastered sucking it he gets Matt to slide into his ass, not steadily he asked Matt to just “put it in” as he thought it would be the best way! Once in he starts pushing back and the lads fuck real hard and Matt even pile drives his cock standing over his ass! Some hard fucking, Anthony still skewered spews a massive load, shot after shot, though when Matt pulls out, leans over, he covers Anthony with just one big load, squirt after squirt flies out of Matt so Anthony is covered all over his face and body! In terms of maintaining correctness, I think I will be needing to change Anthony’s sexuality to bi!

more photos Big Matt & his 1ft cock get sucked then slammed into Kai!
Big Matt & his 1ft cock get sucked then slammed into Kai!
406 Photos - Wed 19th Aug 2009
Big Matt and his 1 foot cock is very turned on today, just look at his bulge his boxers are fully loaded as Matt has a good semi on before his pants are even off! Tom not having seen Matt before looses the ability to speak when Matt flops out his massive meat. He watches Kai give Matt head and worried he won’t be able to open his jaw enough he quickly shows Kai how to suck massive cock quickly sliding most the way down the 1 footer! The lads suck each other off, Matt now enjoying cock it’s hard to get him away, though Kai legs in the air on the table is not hard to resist! Matt slams into Kai who so winded he cant whine loud enough to slow down Matt! Though once Kai’s ass has dislocated he loves being pumped by such a massively long and fat cock! Kai then takes a break and fucks Tom who sucks Matt and then they switch round and Matt again fucks Kai who explodes a nice load quickly followed by Tom then Matt. Kai is covered, all three shot massive loads and Kai is covered in the lot!

more photos Big Matt fills 2 holes
Big Matt fills 2 holes
501 Photos - Wed 15th Apr 2009
Big Matt is back for a double hole filling; Justin and Anthony are on their knees feeling up Matt and Justin is soon pulling Matt’s cock out his boxers and licking and sucking it! Anthony wrestles it into his mouth and does some impressive deep throating before Justin proves he can also slide in nearly 12 inches! The lads all wank and suck each other off before Justin fucks Anthony; Anthony fucks Justin and Matt slides into Anthony who fucks and gets it. Some great chain fucking with Anthony writhing like a good un and he cant hold off any longer as he shoots his cum while sandwiched! Big Matt then slams into Justin who cant get enough backing further into Matt before he & Matt lie down and shoot almost synchronised; big loads everywhere!

more photos Big Matt - Justin takes it all!
Big Matt - Justin takes it all!
476 Photos - Sun 8th Feb 2009
Big Matt is back and Justin is just gagging to get his hands on Matt’s massive one footer! He is quick to feel Matt’s bulge and he then cant stop smiling! Its soon in Justin’s mouth, Matt just semi at this stage is about 8 inches and Justin gorges the lot… a minute later Matt is near fully hard, just shy 1 foot and Justin still manages to deep throat it! Not able to resist the next challenge he lies down and lets Matt slide in his massive pole, slightly teasy, then slams the hole lot in! Justin loves it and the lads fuck in some great positions Matt staying hard all the time! Justin cums all over himself and then puts his head down on Matt’s chest who covers him as his hose explodes!

more photos Big Matt fucks Sean
Big Matt fucks Sean
339 Photos - Wed 13th Aug 2008
Big Matt is back on great form and that 1footer is in great hands! Sean is by far the best lad I have seen with Matt, an ability to deep throat the whole thing must put Matt’s cock somewhere down inside Sean’s chest! He is just great at sucking Matt’s very long and really fat cock! Some great oral, Matt not wanting to miss out does his own deep throat on Sean. After loads of fun then Matt rubbers up and lubes Sean before he forces his awesome cock between Sean’s cheeks. Sean just loves it and starts pushing back wanting the whole thing. They fuck in a load of positions before Matt pulls out and shoots a massive load in Sean’s mouth and all over his face.

more photos Kai gets 1ft & gives 8 inches
Kai gets 1ft & gives 8 inches
431 Photos - Wed 9th Apr 2008
Big Matt, Kai and Anthony are all on one bed and these three lads just cant their hands off each other, you’d never think one of them was str8! Cocks are quickly out and in mouths or hands, so many erect cocks its hard to choose which one to suck on! Matt as usual doesn’t get completely hard until a cock is in his mouth and once he has sucked dick his massive 12 incher is sliding into Kai’s welcoming hole! A minute later and Kai slips on a condom and enters Anthony, some great 3 sum fucking leads to Matt pulling out and shooting his load in Anthony’s mouth, Kai’s sees this and dumps his load all over Anthony’s body! Cum everywhere!

more photos 1 ft of cock slams in
1 ft of cock slams in
463 Photos - Wed 23rd Jan 2008
Next time you are in your local fruit & veg department find the extra large cucumbers, try deep throating one and you will then have some idea how long and chunky Matt is! Watch Mark try his hardest to get deeper and deeper sucking Matt; he just needs to learn the python’s technique! Both lads do some great sucking before Mark slides a double ended dildo up his ass prepping himself for Matt, who then feeds his cock right up Mark and pumps him real fast! The lads fuck in a variety of positions Mark not able to hold back as he dumps his cum while being fucked. A few minutes later Matt dumps his load all over Mark!

more photos Matt's 12 inches slam into Tommy
Matt's 12 inches slam into Tommy
462 Photos - Wed 12th Dec 2007
Big Matt is back to let another lad enjoy his massive tool! When we recently met Tommy he asked if we can pair him with some lads with big cocks, so this was a natural pairing! Tommy is eager to fell up Matt and is quick to get into his boxers, pull it out and get it in his mouth! Matt is floppy when we first see it though its soon near full throb with Tommy’s great oral. The lads do some great oral then Matt eases his cock into Tommy and by the count of six he is all the way in! Tommy just loves it and gets the whole of Matt’s 12 incher pounding up his ass! Its not long before Tommy shoots a big load and then gets his face splattered as Matt fires a huge load all over Tommy’s and his own face!

more photos 12 inch Matt fucks Kai
12 inch Matt fucks Kai
410 Photos - Sun 22nd Jul 2007
We have been working big Matt up to doing something like this it was just a question of who would take that cock! So Kai volunteered saying he likes a challenge and has a fuck buddy with a 10 incher so what’s 2 more! Matt is quick to get Kai’s cock out and sucks it most unlike a str8 boy! He gives great head! The two lads blow each other and enjoy some 69ing before Matt slowly tries to get his cock inside Kai. He loves it whimpering in pain and pleasure encouraging Matt to push some more! In the end Matt fucks him with all but an inch of his cock… so where did those 11 go! Some massive cum squirts from both lads, both turned on from trying something new!

more photos Matt & James
Matt & James
327 Photos - Sun 1st Jul 2007
Its rare to see two str8 lads having so much fun together and they are two of the sites favourites! Big Matt is getting quite curious and strips hunky James down to his boxers and ties him with ropes! Matt pulls down his boxers and pulls the ropes tight round his cock and balls, before he drops to his knees and tastes James’ uncut cock. Matt does a great job at blowing James who then turns the table and strips Matt, only he gets a shock when he pulls down Matts’s boxers! Matt is a 1 footer and no wonder James feels a little “average” when he gets an eyeful! The lads wank each other and the inevitable happens, str8 boy spunk comes flying.

more photos Matt & Duncan
Matt & Duncan
426 Photos - Wed 16th May 2007
Big Matt our str8 “super hung 1 footer” is back for some more devious fun! Duncan is quick to have a feel through Matt’s jeans and cant believe its not hard! He drops to his knees to explore and pulls Matt’s jeans down, a bit more feeling and Duncan soon has Matt growing and coping out the leg of his boxers! Duncan is soon gorging on str8 cock though not even this expert sucker can deep throat the whole thing, then who could! It’s a fun shoot with Matt soon getting hot and horny and wanting to suck some cock, so loads of oral, loads of ass shots and Duncan’s face is soon covered with Matt’s cum… and he licks it up!

more photos Str8 lad Matt sucks cock
Str8 lad Matt sucks cock
462 Photos - Wed 7th Feb 2007
Matt our str8 biker is full of beans in this shoot, he agreed to let Craig suck his cock and really enjoyed it, just look how hard he gets. While being sucked off he also has a little play with Craig’s cock! After his blow job he is so horny he dives down on Craig, some str8 lads you can never predict what they will do. They then 69 and are both as hard as a rock, str8 lad experimenting and gay lad in heaven sucking str8 cock! Just watch their eyes and expressions, big cheesy grins and roaming eyes. After a load of oral and wanking, the lads are really aroused and Matt is first to blow his load out his 12 inch cock quickly followed by gay lad Craig shooting streams of cum over his shoulder!

more photos Matt's whopper
Matt's whopper
331 Photos - Sun 17th Dec 2006
Matt is back for his second shoot and there is no stopping him as he strips off a few clothes and then squeezes his cock through his pants to show a bloody big bulge! He is just massive and after a bit more touching its out the top of his pants. Matt starts to have a play and I didn’t believe he could get so hard as his cock at one point is sticking str8 up all 11 and a bit inches of it! He shows it off from every possible angle and this str8 lad also flings his legs back over his head and shows his str8 lad hole in real close up. Matt has got real aroused and is lying back and there are some great shoots of cum flying all over the place!

more photos Matt's 12 incher in photos!
Matt's 12 incher in photos!
347 Photos - Wed 20th Sep 2006
Matt is our new lad today and I know he goes str8 in at the top for having the biggest cock on the site. He is simply massive, when soft he is at least 6 inches and at full mast he is 12 inches, that’s 30 cms! Matt is a keen bike racer, turning up at the shoot on a bike that nearly shook the house down! He has a great personality, you will see how happy he is in the photo shoot and for a first timer in front of the camera he is real natural. He wanks off in a load of positions, even cool about showing his ass, this str8 lad is very chilled about showing off his body. It all ends in nice loads of cum on his abs and down his massive meat!

more photos
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