Model Matt Mills Naked Straight English Lad Uncut Enjoys Boxing

Matt Mills

20 yo  5'10"  36" chest  30" waist  straight  8.5" cock
Model Matt Mills Naked Straight English Lad Uncut Enjoys Boxing
Model Matt Mills Naked Straight English Lad Uncut Enjoys Boxing
Model Matt Mills Naked Straight English Lad Uncut Enjoys Boxing
Model Matt Mills Naked Straight English Lad Uncut Enjoys Boxing
Model Matt Mills Naked Straight English Lad Uncut Enjoys Boxing
Model Matt Mills Naked Straight English Lad Uncut Enjoys Boxing
Model Matt Mills Naked Straight English Lad Uncut Enjoys Boxing
Model Matt Mills Naked Straight English Lad Uncut Enjoys Boxing
Model Matt Mills Naked Straight English Lad Uncut Enjoys Boxing
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Matt is one of those str8 lads who doesn’t really care if he is clothed or naked. His idea of a teasy strip is pulling up his shirt and pulling down his pants to show his cock! Now whose complaining! Another great asset is his speed to go from soft to hard, never really small his cock is always “full” but the minute he touches it, count to 10 and its like a rock! He is amazing how quick its point up and then just stays pointing up!

Matt Mills is a straight english lad with a 8.5 inch erect uncut cock and a defined, smooth body with piercings and tattoos. He is 20 years old, 5'10'' tall, and enjoys boxing.
Str8 lad Matt fucks Liam
28 Minute Video - Fri 13th Jul 2007
Today we welcome Liam our new lad in doing porn with str8 lad Matt. Liam is a little nervous not before having had the chance to play with a str8 lad! His hands are shaking as he unbuttons Matt’s jeans though he is not shy when it comes to giving head. Matt is big, about 8.5 inches but Liam has no problems gobbling the whole thing down. After Liam has been blowing Matt for a while the lads move into the bedroom and after a quick wank Matt slides the whole length of his chunky tool into Liam’s surprisingly expansive hole! He then gives him a right good fucking bring tears of pleasure to Liam’s eyes. After all this action its not long before both lads shoot their loads on Liam’s chest.

trailer here Matt's big uncut meat
Matt's big uncut meat
28 Minute Video - Fri 25th May 2007
One of our popular str8 hunks, Matt is back for a new shoot this time in the warm spring sunshine. He does a little teasing stripping to his boxers and his big meat is soon bulging out his boxers, he pulls them down and its hard against his abs! You cant miss noticing how hard he is this shoot and he is both long and thick always enjoying showing it off for a crowd. There is not part of him “unfilmed” and the video includes some nice close up shots of his hairy hole. After a load of teasy wanking he lies back in the sun and delivers a huge wad that splatters all over his abs and chest!

trailer here str8 lad Matt fucks  Martin
str8 lad Matt fucks Martin
27 Minute Video - Fri 6th Apr 2007
This shoot is best described as “str8 lads pushing boundaries” where both of them wouldn’t mess with lads outside or doing porn but have become open to messing when being paid, the old expression “gay for pay” springs to mind! Martin will go a little further and so gives Matt a real good blow job and after the lads do a load of wanking Martin loosens himself up with the little butt plug. Matt is soon sticking his big uncut cock up Martin’s ass, though after a couple of minutes Martin is pretty stretched and cant take any more! Both lads then kneeling shoot a nice load of cum all over the bed!

trailer here Str8 lads Matt & Kia spanking!
Str8 lads Matt & Kia spanking!
27 Minute Video - Fri 22nd Dec 2006
These two lads share a friend ship of many years and are a real laugh together. A little chat to begin and they are soon down to their boxers and they decide to cane each other! It’s a really interactive video and the lads pull down each others boxers and cane each others cute little butt’s until they are red raw! Matt is soon stroking his long uncut meat and he is real proud of it, though not surprising because its massive and once hard stays rock hard. The lads do a load of wanking and Matt is first to shoot a nice big load all over himself… a few seconds later and Kia spunks… not just a little but explodes and over the place and on Matt, who is not best pleased!

trailer here

Matt does Liam
408 Photos - Wed 13th Jun 2007
Matt is back for another shoot this time with new model Liam. Liam strips off Matt’s clothes and pulls open his boxers for a feel inside and pulls out a semi hard cock! Its not long before he has dropped to his knees and sucks str8 lad Matt’s cock until its good and hard! The two lads are both enjoying themselves, str8 lad getting head and gay lad sucking str8 cock! Both lads wank each other and Matt pulls on a condom and eases his huge cock up Liam’s tight little ass. Liam then gets a real good fucking moaning in pain to start and soon in pleasure! Matt pulls out and shoots his spunk on Liam’s chest who then is quick to shoot his own cum all over Matt’s.

more photos Matt stokes it
Matt stokes it
347 Photos - Sun 22nd Apr 2007
Matt has had loads of requests for doing a solo shoot so here he is! He is very relaxed in this shoot being real teasy as his meat bulges in his boxers. Matt is hung and real proud of showing it off, he hardly has to touch it before it rears up and reaches its 9 inch throbbing state! Once he is naked he shows off every inch of his body and is cool about showing his hairy little butt hole. Matt is like a rock and after a long and teasy wank shoots the most massive load of str8 boy cum.

more photos Matt and Martin
Matt and Martin
426 Photos - Wed 7th Mar 2007
Matt seems to have caused a stir so we have him back in this shoot being a little more devious with another str8 lad Martin. Martin seems to like the idea of sucking cock and Matt likes being blown as is now accepting men can do it better than a woman! So there is lots of oral , though one way in this shoot as Matt after one experience of being paid to suck cock said he didn’t want to do it again! It’s a fun shoot with both lads getting off in their own ways… there is no shortage of rock hard uncut meat and both lads shoot a nice load.

more photos Matt & Kai play
Matt & Kai play
424 Photos - Wed 15th Nov 2006
Matt and Kai are new to the site, both str8 and really fun to have around for a shoot. The lads begin by stripping down and helping each other and very quick they are naked playing. Their shoot is full of stuff; Kai decides to take a stick and spank Matt saying he wont do it hard! He doesn’t, well at least for a couple, then lashes Matt’s ass who yelps out. They switch and Matt gets his revenge. The lads also have one of the best sword fights I have seen! After a lot of persuading the lads agree to cum over each other… its amazing as they both drown the other! Wow, the things str8 lads do for cash!

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