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Neil Rush

25 yo  6'0"  44" chest  32" waist  straight  8" cock
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Neil is a fitness instructor and really relaxed about showing off his body, in fact he enjoys stripping. When he isnít helping other people work out then his way of relaxing is to play sports and he enjoys football and running the most. His abs area really well defined and look really great from the side, maybe in over the next couple of years we may get to see him in some fitness magazines! Once Neil was naked he seemed really relaxed and when he had a hard on he seemed to enjoy showing it offÖ though who wouldnít, he is blessed with a nice big uncut cock both long and big girth!

Neil Rush is a straight english lad with a 8 inch erect uncut cock and a muscular, smooth body. He is 25 years old, 6'0'' tall, and enjoys running, cycling, weights and football.
Englishlads.com: Str8 Hairy Hunk Bezza - First timer Playing with another guys cock
Str8 Hairy Hunk Bezza - First timer Playing with another guys cock
26 Minute Video - Sun 18th Apr 2010
Str8 hunks Bezza and Neil strip off shirts, a great combination; one is dark and hairy and the other blond and hair free. One even has a near natural bush, one much more trimmed. The boxers come off and Neil is a little semi and by the time they are on the bed both have a meaty one! Neil wanks both his and Bezzaís before Bezza takes the big step of touching another lads cock! He looks sort of fascinated and since its Neilís itís a very hard one! Neil then shows him how a str8 lad should suck cock, Neil is great at in, though he wasnít able to convince Bezza to try it, just yet! After plenty more playing and some great ass showing, the lads are pumped and ready to explode and just look at what Bezza does, he is like a fountain, covers his body, face and all in his hair! Neil then dumps his load all over Bezzaís abs. Wow what is it when straight lads touch their first cock; their cum shots are massive!

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Englishlads.com: Str8 hunk Liam slams his thick long cock into Str8 hunk Neil's tight hole... and pumps it hard!
Str8 hunk Liam slams his thick long cock into Str8 hunk Neil's tight hole... and pumps it hard!
26 Minute Video - Sun 21st Mar 2010
Two str8 lads together on the bed, the shirts come off, the jeans come down and the boxers are looking very full! Liam pulls down his boxers and he is fully hard; Neil pulls down his and has a very stiff semi! The lads are soon wanking off each other and move so kneeling and facing each other, Neil slapping his cock on Liamís. Neil has the longer one, Liam is definitely thicker! Neil cant resist any longer and is sucking Liamís fat one deep and with great rhythm. Liam shows his own cock sucking talent, though is quick to show off his fucking talentÖ and slides his very thick cock into Neil; who can only inhale very sharply before relaxing and sliding down on Liam. Once he is opened up Liam does one fantastic job of pumping in and out with great energy and giving Neil a right good fucking! There are some fantastic positions with Neil pinned to the bed then the lads lie back, Liam shoots high and all over the place; Neil follows with his own shoot, way thicker his cum!

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Englishlads.com: Str8 lad Anthony takes his first cock and pushes hard onto Neil
Str8 lad Anthony takes his first cock and pushes hard onto Neil
26 Minute Video - Sun 13th Dec 2009
This is one of those rare times when I str8 lad is gagging to get fucked! Anthonyís curiosity has been in his mind a few years and he is perfect at taking cock up there! Neil, who is has a big piece of uncut cock slides it into Anthony, who is not whimpering, but backing onto it! Anthony is certainly looking like a greedy bottom and he loves it when Neil pumps hard into his ass. The lads spend two thirds of the video fucking so there is little teasing and mostly fucking. After Anthonyís hole has had a marathon workout he shoots an absolutely massive load of cum all over his abs, Neil then pulls out and dumps his nice load all over Anthonyís! Wow another str8 boy fuckedÖ and an unaware girlfriend!

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Englishlads.com: Str8 boys trying each other!
Str8 boys trying each other!
27 Minute Video - Fri 29th May 2009
Today we welcome Andy back, after Kev played with him last time he is ready to try something new! So we paired him with str8 lad Neil and both lads are happy to play. After pulling each others boxers off they start to play and wank each other off before Andy tentatively sucks Neil. After practicing you can see he is enjoying it! The lads continue to mess about, showing off their asses and having a sword fight! Neil then sits down and allows Andy to wank him til he cums, shooting a nice mess over his body! Neil then returns the favour and Andy shoots in Neilís hand!

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Englishlads.com: Str8 hunk gets blown & fucks
Str8 hunk gets blown & fucks
25 Minute Video - Sun 25th May 2008
Str8 muscle boy Neil gets stripped by Brett and then gets his first blow job from a manÖand he loves it, just look how hard he gets. After a little messing about he decides to grab Brettís cock and wank it, his own cock just gets harder! Brett decides the time is right, pulls on a condom over Neilís cock and sits down on this str8 hunks throbbing uncut meat. He rides up and down on Neil who reaches out and wanks off Brett, its not long before he shoots a nice big load of spunk all over Neil. Brett then wanks off Neil who just seconds later gushes his own load. Another str8 hunk very happy with his first cock!

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Englishlads.com: Neil's bath
Neil's bath
21 Minute Video - Fri 5th Oct 2007
Neil begins his shoot with a very quick strip and plunges straight into the bath and his uncut cock is looking decidedly big already! Some warm water and a few touches and his meat is at full mast! He dries off and heads to the bedroom and what better an end to a bath than a rub down with some moisturiser! Neil has a great time wanking his meaty cock and shows off his ass in real close up and its not long before he is lying back shooting cum on his abs.

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Englishlads.com: Str8 lad Neil gets measured
Str8 lad Neil gets measured
25 Minute Video - Fri 24th Nov 2006
Neilís latest shoot is a little different, this time he strips down to show off his latest pants, he loves undies, he pulls them down to show his soft uncut cock and when he pulls back the foreskin it starts to grow and is soon pointing str8 up. I measure his dick for him and then this str8 lad lets me wank him off and he gets curiously hard! He carries on wanking and I give him the camera and he records himself wanking and cumming! Nice big load with lots of variation from this muscle hunk!

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Englishlads.com: Four Str8 lads spunk competition
Four Str8 lads spunk competition
35 Minute Video - Sun 30th Apr 2006
Four str8 lads are offered a prize for the longest cum squirt and this definitely stirs up some competitive streaks in them. The four guys are soon down to their underwear and I pull down Neilís to get things going, once the lads are naked their dicks soon rise up and its not long before they break the tension with some messing about. Jonathan cums about half way through the shoot and only shoots about 12 inches, is so disappointed that he takes a quick rest and is soon back in the group. Danny shoots next and manages at least a metre and before long he is also back wanking for a second shoot! All four cum and Jonathan and Danny slip in another cum shot, Danny managing a second 1 metre shoot! So much str8 cum everywhere!

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Englishlads.com: Str8 muscle boy Neil
Str8 muscle boy Neil
33 Minute Video - Sun 2nd Apr 2006
This is Neilís first video and he is in front of a camera for the first time, as a personal trainer he is very fit bodied and so quite relaxed about showing off his body.He gets his pants pulled down and a little oil rubbed into his abs and before long this str8 lad has a raging hard on. He wanks away in a load of positions including showing you some real close ups of his ass. Neil has a really big dick and he seems to enjoying showing it off, his abs are some of the most cut on the site and they are soon covered in cum as he shoots a nice sticky load!

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Englishlads.com: Str8 Former Army Hunk Bezza plays with his first cock & what a stiff one Neil!
Str8 Former Army Hunk Bezza plays with his first cock & what a stiff one Neil!
559 Photos - Wed 24th Mar 2010
A short time ago we met Bezza, his first shoot a solo, his second he let Kev wank him; today he steps up and initially letting str8 hunk Neil take the lead he is not just first to touch cock but its his first cock to touch! Bezza seems happy to play with another lad and of course since its Neil he doesnít get to play with a soft one since Neil gets an instant hard on as Bezza eases his foreskin back and forth! Neil then shows Bezza its not just about wanking but more about gobbling down on cock! He was trying to tease and encourage Bezza into sucking his cock but Bezza is enjoying having his own blown so well that he cant be encouraged to touch his first cock and suck on his first time! The lads have a lot of fun together; manage to arm wrestle and wank at the same time before its time to lie back and Bezza unleashes a massive loads of cum all over himself, his chest, in his hair and one the pillow! That is one very aroused str8 hunk who then lets Neil dump his cum on Bezzaís chest! Another str8 lad discovery!

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Englishlads.com: Big lad Liam shoves his big cock up str8 muscle hunk Neil's tight ass!
Big lad Liam shoves his big cock up str8 muscle hunk Neil's tight ass!
445 Photos - Wed 24th Feb 2010
Str8 hunk Liam is as cheeky as ever today and muscular hunk Neil is looking a little nervous! Though he is quick to grab Liamís cock and the lads are soon down to their boxers rubbing their growing bulges together. Liam gets a little big for his boxers and pops out, stuffing his ever growing uncut cock into Neilís briefs! Naked, you can see both lads big chunky cocks and Neil is first to suck cock and discover just how chunky Liam is! The guys switch round and Liam shows off his own cock sucking talents before they put on a great showcase of how to 69! This is just the foreplay to Neil receiving Liamís meaty cock; looking at Neilís face itís a tight squeeze, though after Liam pumps very gently Neil is loving it and getting it increasingly hard! Saying ďfuck me a little harderĒ was not a great line to say to Liam unless you want it bad! The guys are great through the positions before Liam pulls out and shoots lots and lots of cum and seconds later Neil dumps his own loads, albeit wincing when he tenses his hole!

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Englishlads.com: Str8 Lad Anthony sucks his first cock then gets fucked by muscular Str8 hunk Neil!
Str8 Lad Anthony sucks his first cock then gets fucked by muscular Str8 hunk Neil!
464 Photos - Sun 15th Nov 2009
Two str8 lads and boy do they push their boundaries! Anthony is well known to a few of you for his nakedness in Yorkshire; today though itís the London air that seems to have got to him, he grabs Neilís cock, squeezes it and is soon diving down sucking a large uncut hard-on! For a str8 guy sucking his first cock he seems to look pretty good at it! At the same time as sucking he pulls out his own semi strokes it a few times, then Neil grabs it and is soon doing a flip and sucking Anthony! Both lads are enjoying each others great blow jobs, til Neil slides on a condom and pushes inside Anthony who backs onto it, gasping for air but loving the sensation! Anthony has played with toys before, this is his first cock and he is loving it and gets it in some great positions and Neil proves his athletic fucking prowess! While riding cock Anthony shoots a massive load with cum everywhere, gently pulls off Neil who dumps his load all over Anthony!

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Englishlads.com: Str8 hunks experimenting
Str8 hunks experimenting
415 Photos - Wed 29th Apr 2009
Two str8 lads Neil and Andy are today exploring their curious genes on each other. Andy begins the deviousness by pulling down Neilís jeans and boxers and reaching forward for a play. Neil smiles and enjoys being wanked; he returns the favour and pulls down Andyís trackies and boxers. The two naked lads then play around with each other, Andy eventually dropping to his knees and sucking his first cock. It looks like the touch paper has been lit! There is a lot more fun with cock fights and ass showing and the lads finish it perfectly by wanking each other off to cum shot.

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Englishlads.com: Str8 hunk Neil fucks Brett
Str8 hunk Neil fucks Brett
435 Photos - Wed 23rd Apr 2008
A couple of years ago we did a few solos with Str8 hunk Neil, now he is up for experimenting with men, so we partnered him with Brett. He doesnít waste any time and feels up Neil and drops to his knees to suck his cock! Neil just enjoys and gets very hard enjoying such great head! The lads mess about before Neil reaches out and grabs Brettís cockÖ and gets over his shyness really enjoying playing with another lads cock! Neil slides on a condom and lets Brett push back onto him, his cock is big and Brettís eyes water! There is some hot fucking, Brett comes and Neil pulls out and dumps his own load on Brettís face!

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Englishlads.com: Neil's rock solid
Neil's rock solid
246 Photos - Wed 5th Sep 2007
Today we welcome back Neil, its been a while since we have seen him, but he is looking as buffed as ever this time shooting him in the studio really allowed us to exaggerate his muscle. Neil is really defined and he loves showing off his body. He strips down to his black speedos and is quick to pull out his big uncut meatÖ a few gentle strokes and he is as hard as a rock! Neil shows off his body while wanking and before long its all too much and he shoots cum on his nicely tanned abs.

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Englishlads.com: Neil shoots loads
Neil shoots loads
279 Photos - Wed 18th Oct 2006
Neil is back for a new shoot, one of our models with the fittest bodies ultra tight and defined he is Menís Health Hopeful! He strips down to his favourite little briefs and then changes into a new pair, pulls them down to reveal a lush uncut cock! He has a nice slightly engorged cock with ample foreskin that is shown off in real close up as he tugs it back and forth. Neil is really hung and after a little teasing he loves to wank it for us all. He is str8, a little confused why people would want to see him naked, but that just makes him even more innocent! Neil wanks away lying back on the sofa and dumps a nice load of cum all over his abs!

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Englishlads.com: 4 str8 lads wank off
4 str8 lads wank off
312 Photos - Wed 29th Mar 2006
Todayís shoot is something a bit different, four str8 lads and a bonus for who spunks the furthest! None of the lads were particularly keen to do this shoot, but once they had broken the ice it became a little easier! Danny and Jonathan shared similar humour and are both ultra competitive so both of them wanked with the prize as their goal! All four lads wank away, there are occasional straying eyes and Danny was just checking he was the biggest! The lads have a lot of fun and the clear winner is Danny who shoots his cum at least 1.5 metres across the table!

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Englishlads.com: Neil's photos
Neil's photos
292 Photos - Wed 1st Mar 2006
Neil is in front to the camera for his first time, he has a really defined and muscular body and is very happy to show it off. He strips out his sports kit to reveal some tight little briefs with a big bulge! As he pulls them down to get so see his big uncut meat which is really long when soft and as he plays it just grows to well over 8 inches/20cm and it chunky! For a shy lad he is also cool about showing off his ass, though a little keen with the idea about shoving things up it! Its all ends with him standing up and shooting his cum onto the floor! Lovely mess from this new lad.

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