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Niall Frost

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Click to enlarge this picture of Niall Frost
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Click to enlarge this picture of Niall Frost
Click to enlarge this picture of Niall Frost
Click to enlarge this picture of Niall Frost
Click to enlarge this picture of Niall Frost
Click to enlarge this picture of Niall Frost
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Niall is new in front of the camera and declared that he has been thinking about messing with guys for a little time though hasn’t yet done anything… So this fit bodied young lad strips down, more accurately, he gets stripped down and messed with by Kev. Everything we asked Niall like “would you like Kev to play with your cock” and “would you like a blow job” he just kept saying yes to everything. So Niall uses his first shoot to experiment and experiment he does. His cock is like steel and his body responds with a great cum shoot.

Niall Frost is a bi english lad with a 7 inch erect uncut cock and a defined, smooth body with tattoos. He is 19 years old, 5'10'' tall, and enjoys football.
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Englishlads.com: Former str8 lad Niall introduces us to his b/f Nick... then fucks him rough and hard!
Former str8 lad Niall introduces us to his b/f Nick... then fucks him rough and hard!
24 Minute Video - Sun 22nd Nov 2009
In Niall’s first shoot he was curious, in his second he was bi, by his third he brings Nick, his boyfriend! Not one to be shy, Niall is quick to lean over and embrace Nick in a deep, tongue actioned kiss! The lads are soon sucking each others cock and caressing each others bodies when Niall moves on and fingers round Nick’s hole and is quick to shove in one finger and quickly follows it with a couple more! Niall loves tight holes and is soon fucking Nick real hard with his big cock pumping in and out of Nick’s hole. Nick then decided to ride it for a bit doing a great impression of a cowboy! All this pumping pushing Nick to his limit and he gushes a nice load while getting it deep from Niall, who then pulls out and squirts an equally big load all over Nick’s body!

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Englishlads.com: Str8 lad Niall fucking Troy
Str8 lad Niall fucking Troy
25 Minute Video - Fri 1st May 2009
Niall is the str8 lad who strips off Troy to discover his cock is rock hard and is only too happy to suck it! When I suggest he has a “curious gene” he agrees laughing with his full of Troy’s whopper! Curious lads seem to suck cock so well! There is some great oral with these two before Niall slaps on a rubber and oils up Troy’s cute hairless hole. A lubed finger is quickly followed by Niall’s stiff meat and the lads fuck and fuck… pant and pant around the bed; Troy while getting it hard and rough spills a big load over his chest and a minute later Niall dumps his cum.

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Englishlads.com: Str8 lad Niall gets blown
Str8 lad Niall gets blown
26 Minute Video - Sun 7th Dec 2008
Niall is new to modelling and also seems quite keen to experiment! This str8 lad strips down and reveals he finished with his girlfriend about 2 weeks ago. Kev offers him some oil and Niall quite happily lets Kev rub it onto his cock! Niall is really hard his cock standing straight up as he gets wanked. A minute later Kev offers him a blow job, Niall smiles and says yes please! He seems to love all the attention and is more than happy for a guy to give him a blow job! After a bit more playing Niall shows off his ass in real detail before lying back and gushing a really big load of cum on his abs, chest, neck and pillow! Another str8 lad happy to experiment!

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Englishlads.com: Former str8 lad Niall fucks his first boyfriend!
Former str8 lad Niall fucks his first boyfriend!
451 Photos - Wed 21st Oct 2009
Niall hadn’t played with cock when we first met him, today he brings his b/f to the shoot starts off with some hot kissing and strips off Nick, pulls down his boxers and sucks on his semi! Nick returns the favour and pulls down Niall’s boxers to reveal his nice big meat that is soon standing to attention! Niall loves getting blown, though not as much as fucking tight holes, so he is quick to lube up Nick’s hole and slide his big cock straight in, knocking the wind out of Nick. They fuck deep and hard as Niall loves pumping fast into Nick’s hole in a myriad of positions. Nick is on his back when he tenses round Niall’s cock and shoot his load, Niall pulls out, gets a quick blow job and spurts loads of cum over his body and covers Nick’s face! “Welcome to porn” Niall says to Nick!

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Englishlads.com: Str8 chav Niall fucks Troy!
Str8 chav Niall fucks Troy!
429 Photos - Wed 1st Apr 2009
Last time we saw Troy he was all dominant and fucked a lad, last time we saw Niall he was str8, enjoying Kev sucking his cock! Now he admits he has discovered his curious gene! The foreplay starts with some feeling and kissing; Niall is quick to pull down Troy’s jeans and stuff his already erect cock str8 in his mouth, his cock sucking expertise is definitely suggesting he is also a good cock sucker! Some great oral between the lads, they cant resist a sword fight before Niall stuffs his cock deep into Troy. He gasps and starts to push back and rides Niall in loads of position before dumping his big load on his abs, quickly followed by Niall’s! Another happy lad glad to have explored curiousness!

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Englishlads.com: Str8 lad Niall going Bi!
Str8 lad Niall going Bi!
412 Photos - Wed 5th Nov 2008
New lad Niall starts off his shoot by being undressed by Kev, this str8 lad hasn’t messed with guys before. Once naked he chooses the “have your cock rubbed in oil option” and as Kev touches him he goes from small and soft to large and very… very hard! The next option “do you want a blow job from Kev?” The delay for his answer lasts, well lets just say there wasn’t even time for me to finish the question before a “YES PLEASE” So this str8 lad might now need reclassifying as Bi, he loves the attention and ends up getting fingered and shooting massive amounts of cum, some great flying cum shots.

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