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Rick Lewis

22 yo  5'9"  38" chest  30" waist  straight  7.5" cock
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Rick is a fit bodied lad who used to be a gymnast and competed to a high level and today he still plays loads of sports so stays in great shape with a really well defined and muscular body. If you need a fit bodied personal trainer then Rick is your man, just suggest you do your workout naked and he will probably agree! He is str8 and likes the idea of showing off his body to men… Maybe he will be one of these str8 lads who is a little curious to play with men… time will tell!

Rick Lewis is a straight english lad with a 7.5 inch erect uncut cock and a muscular, smooth body with piercings. He is 22 years old, 5'9'' tall, and enjoys gymnastics & football.
Englishlads.com: Str8 athlete Rick slams his meat into Kai's willing hole!
Str8 athlete Rick slams his meat into Kai's willing hole!
27 Minute Video - Sun 8th Nov 2009
Kai was gagging to work with Rick so needless to say there is not much teasing in this video; Kai goes straight to his knees, pulls down Rick’s trackies, out flops an uncut semi and Kai pops it straight into his mouth and worships it lovingly! Rick’s uncut semi is soon an uncut stiffy, pointing up slapping hard against his abs, Rick does always get rock hard! Str8 lad Rick then dives down on Kai, struggling to get Kai’s thick one totally in his mouth! Their blood is pumping hard, Rick slides a condom down his very hard cock and pushes on Kai’s hole; resists for a second, then ploughs forward making Kai squeal! Rick gives Kai a right good pumping, this straight lad has a great thigh action. The lads flip and Rick gets its for a bit, not entirely enjoying it but it still keeps him very hard! Rick then ploughs Kai’s hole real hard, Kai dumps a nice big load of cum everywhere and Rick pulls out and splatter his all over Rick.

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Englishlads.com: Str8 hunk Rick slams into Justin's eager hole!
Str8 hunk Rick slams into Justin's eager hole!
24 Minute Video - Fri 21st Aug 2009
Str8 hunk Rick is just back from holiday and looking very tanned; gay boy Justin cant keep his hands off Rick and it’s great viewing watching Justin unable to control his excitement! Within a very short time Justin has ripped open Rick’s shirt, pulled down his trousers and pulls Rick’s cock out his pants and straight into his mouth! Justin did that nearly faster than it took you to read this bit! So after the lads suck each other Rick is rock hard and Justin is soon sitting down on Rick’s very hard cock. Justin rides it fast before he is on his back, legs in the air and Rick shoves straight in making Justin squeal! There is some hot, fast and furious fucking so its not long before Justin blows while being fucked and Rick pulls out and shoots a big load all over Justin. A very drained str8 boy and a very happy cum covered gay boy!

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Englishlads.com: Kev Fucks str8 hunk Rick
Kev Fucks str8 hunk Rick
24 Minute Video - Fri 26th Jun 2009
Rick has just returned from a run, wearing a vest and very tight pair of shorts! As he flops back in the chair he is soon fiddling with his cock and balls and just as he starts to get a semi he is pleased to see Kev who si straight on his knees to a feel and mouthful of Rick’s very hard cock! After some great head Rick decides to pull down Kev’s pants and fill his own mouth and for a str8 lad has really started to enjoy sucking cock! A little cock sucking later and Rick is on his side welcoming Kev’s very big cock into his hole! Kev pumps him good though Rick is holding off from about 30 seconds in! So its not long before he squirts a nice big load. What is it when str8 lads get fucked… they have trouble holding off cumming!

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Englishlads.com: Hunk in the sunshine
Hunk in the sunshine
25 Minute Video - Fri 27th Mar 2009
Take a young str8 lad, add a little sunshine and as he strips off down to his briefs which are bulging full barely able to contain his big erection! Rick is soaking up the sun and he pulls open his briefs allowing the fresh air to blow around his balls, his cock grows ever harder coming into view through his white briefs now transparent in the water! He plays with his uncut cock in the hot tub and steps out to lie back in the sun. Rick lifts up his legs exposing his hole to the sun, slides in a finger and its not long before he shoots his cum over his body!

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Englishlads.com: Str8 hunk Rick flips with Scott
Str8 hunk Rick flips with Scott
28 Minute Video - Sun 26th Oct 2008
New lad Scott cant wait to get his hands on Str8 hunk Rick, though I think its better to say, cant wait to get his mouth round Rick’s cock! Scott is soon sucking on Rick’s very hard erection and Rick is soon ripping open Scott’s jeans and is soon wanking Scott’s equally hard uncut meat! The lads suck each other off and Rick seems to have forgotten he is str8, tough he is soon back on the str8 and narrow sliding his cock into a warm moist hole! Though a few minutes later he is panting hard getting his own moist wet hole serviced! Some great action and the two lads climax in a real cummy mess!

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Englishlads.com: Str8 lads playing!
Str8 lads playing!
27 Minute Video - Fri 8th Aug 2008
Rick and Liam are two str8 lads out walking in a field when Liam pulls down Rick’s white shorts and discovers Rick isn’t wearing underwear and his meat is looking a bit semi! The lads take a piss and pretty soon they are strolling round naked with swelling cocks. They mess around and have a sword fight, then Rick rubs some oil on Liam’s cock, this str8 lad just lies back and laughs! There is a lot of fun in the sun, the lads go for a naked run with hard-ons wacking around, then standing side by side they dump a nice big load of cum in the grass.

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Englishlads.com: Str8 hunk Rick gets fucked
Str8 hunk Rick gets fucked
23 Minute Video - Fri 6th Jun 2008
Str8 lad Rick comes together with hunky boy Will who cant keep his hands off this nice hunky man! Will strips Rick and pulls out an already erect cock and gorges some straight hunk meat! Rick is rock hard and after a few minutes of getting head he dives down and enjoys Will’s erection. There is some great oral between the two and then Will goes down on Rick’s ass and gives this str8 lad his first rimming! He seemingly loves it and its not long before Will is stuffing his cock up Ricks ass and pumping in and out at an increasingly pace. Str8 hunk Rick gets a right good stuffing and shoots a great load of cum, Will pulls out and covers Rick in his cum!

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Englishlads.com: Str8 hunk Rick gets fucked
Str8 hunk Rick gets fucked
26 Minute Video - Fri 25th Apr 2008
Jake and Rick are two str8 hunks who begin as two shy…ish lads, though are soon undressing each other and feeling each others erections through their boxers. These are two hard guys with who are soon embraced in a sixty nine and gorging on each others cocks! Rick then agrees to play with a toy and its not long before he allows Jake to slide his erect pole str8 in and Rick stays surprisingly rock hard. Some pumping later and the two lads are both shooting nice big loads of deviant lad juice!

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Englishlads.com: Str8 hunk Rick fucks gay ass
Str8 hunk Rick fucks gay ass
24 Minute Video - Sun 16th Mar 2008
Anthony and Rick are in bed, hands are feeling up each other and Anthony reaches into Rick’s pants and finds a rock hard cock that he looks at for just a few seconds before stuffing it in his gob and gorging himself on str8 meat. Surprisingly Rick doesn’t want to be the odd one out and tastes his first cock and looks to be really enjoying sucking cock! Some more oral later and Anthony sits down on Rick riding cowgirl followed by a whole load of acrobatic fucking that these lads make look easy. Anthony ends up on his back and gushes a load of cum, Rick pulls out and dumps his load on top on Anthony’s!

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Englishlads.com: Str8 Gymnast Fingers hole
Str8 Gymnast Fingers hole
28 Minute Video - Fri 25th Jan 2008
Rick is a very fit bodied str8 lad and this former gymnast is very flexible to show his body from all sorts of angles! He pulls open his suit and shirt to show off his tanned body and then down come his trousers to reveal a nicely packed pair of briefs! He pulls them down and out pops his cock… and its erect, standing proud pointing straight to the ceiling. He loves showing his body and lies down and pulls his legs up to show his ass. A teasey finger slips in the hole and after a little in and out its just too much and he shoots a big wad of cum all over his rippling abs!

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Englishlads.com: Str8 hunk Rick fucks hard into Kai's eager hole
Str8 hunk Rick fucks hard into Kai's eager hole
451 Photos - Wed 7th Oct 2009
Straight hunk Rick is being eyed up by Kai; fascinated by str8 lads he starts to suck Rick’s nipples while sliding his hands in Rick’s trackies and finding an almost fully hard uncut cock! Rick is always horny and rises to the occasion like today had a stiffy before the start! Kai’s mouth is soon full and he loves the challenge of deep throating and gorges himself on the whole of Rick’s meat. Rick then sucks Kai, though not so keen to do the deep throat action, he is definitely sucking cock better… I think its all the practice we keep giving him! Its not long though before Rick is standing behind Kai forcing his cock into Kai’s willing hole, pretending its tight its not long before he is pushing back trying to get it harder and deeper! Well Rick certainly fucks him hard and the lads fuck in some great positions, Kai lapping up getting all this straight meat! As Kai returns to getting it on his back he shoots a nice load over his abs and the bed, Rick pulls out and shoots all over Kai’s chest

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Englishlads.com: Str8 hunk Rick slams into Justin's tight ass
Str8 hunk Rick slams into Justin's tight ass
493 Photos - Wed 22nd Jul 2009
Str8 fittie Rick is laid back and horny today; his girlfriend is away so he is gagging to shoot his load! Who better to ride some str8 cock than Justin, who can’t wait to get his hands on Rick’s uncut cock. Though its his mouth that is first sucking off Rick who goes from a semi to a stiffy as soon as Justin blows him. Rick is perfecting his own technique and shows Justin str8 boys can suck cock and are quite good! Well in practice is a better phrase and Justin is soon sitting down and riding Rick in some great positions as he sits back and gets the whole of Rick’s big old cock. Rick slams into Justin on his back and then pulls out and judging by his face he is exploding over Justin… and exploding he does, sparking Justin to dump his own load as he drowns in Rick’s cum!

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Englishlads.com: Kev fucks str8 hunk Rick
Kev fucks str8 hunk Rick
443 Photos - Wed 27th May 2009
Rick is all sporty today, and before he goes near his cock he pulls down his shorts, so you can see him soft! He pulls them up and let Kev feel him up the leg of his shorts and before long his cock comes out all semi and is soon in Kev’s mouth and throbbing! The lads suck each other off and have a sword fight before a quick 69. The lads show their asses and then Rick sits down on Kev and rides his cock, before they flip over and fuck on their sides; Rick is soon spurting all over his arms and chest, Kev pulls out and dumps on Rick!

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Englishlads.com: Str8 footie lad & his toy!
Str8 footie lad & his toy!
381 Photos - Sun 22nd Feb 2009
A hot sunny day and str8 lad Rick is playing ripping off his clothes and showing off his new white briefs that after a quick dip in the hot tub go all see through! He doesn’t have to touch it much before his bulge starts to grow and he has to pull it out and have a play! Rick has a rock solid body and once aroused his cock is as hard as his abs. After a little wanking he lies down and slides a toy right up his hole, he loves the sensation and gets even harder, whether lying, standing or sitting he pumps it in and out until he sits down and shoots a nice load over his hands and on the deck. Another relieved str8 hunk!

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Englishlads.com: Str8 Rick & Scott flip
Str8 Rick & Scott flip
474 Photos - Wed 24th Sep 2008
Scott is our latest new model and he has a weakness for str8 cock, so who better than pair him with hunk young Rick! The lads really enjoy a little teasing and Scott drops to his knees to suck on Rick’s cock already semi and 10 seconds later he is rock solid. The lads do some great oral and switch around, Rick seeming to get better each shoot at sucking cock! Rick then stuffs his meat up Scott who takes it and then rides Rick with real energy pounding up and down. The lads flip and Rick takes cock and stays rock hard before he switches back and fucks Scott hard who shoots a nice load, Rick pulls out and dumps his cum on Scott, who cant resist sucking Rick dry!

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Englishlads.com: Str8 lads cock fighting
Str8 lads cock fighting
467 Photos - Wed 9th Jul 2008
Str8 hunks Liam and Rick go for a walk in the country, it’s a hot day, they jump over the gate and they start squeezing their packages, hands are soon full as Rick pulls down his shorts with a big semi! There are plenty of sly glances as these two str8 hunks check out each other and when I suggest a cock fight they jump in and batter their uncut cocks together with the focus of a football game. The guys are enjoying the sun, lying back in the grass wanking, showing their assess and when they start to get too close they go for a naked run round the field. All this foreplay and they both stand and blow huge loads into the grass.

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Englishlads.com: Str8 Rick gets Will's cock!
Str8 Rick gets Will's cock!
425 Photos - Sun 4th May 2008
Will and Rick are a really great combination, just watch the lads eyes through out the shoot and you will pick up the chemistry! Will feels up Rick, he is rock hard and its not long before our str8 lads cock is in Rick’s mouth. Str8 boy isn’t looking so str8 when you see him gobbling down on Will’s big uncut cock especially as he cant seem to get enough of it! Will then persuades Rick to let him stick his cock in his ass, Rick just seems to love it as Will gives him a right good pounding! Some fucking later, Rick’s cum spills all over his abs and then Will shoots a massive load.

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Englishlads.com: Str8 hunks love to suck!
Str8 hunks love to suck!
399 Photos - Sun 23rd Mar 2008
Two str8 lads together and there is not always enough “deviousness” but that is not an issue with these horny young men! Right at the beginning they pull out each others cock and then undress the other and rub on some oil. Even straight boys make each other hard and they are soon wanking stiff meat, when Rick drops to his knees and practices his oral technique! There is loads of messing around, from sword fights to mutual sucking and feet high in the air so they can show their asses! No shy boys here. The lads did some great wanking and sucking on each other, so its wasn’t long before they blew their spunk.

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Englishlads.com: Str8 Gymnast Rick Fucks Anthony
Str8 Gymnast Rick Fucks Anthony
467 Photos - Wed 13th Feb 2008
Rick’s solo shoot is voted the member’s favourite shoot and today he progresses from innocent str8 gymnast to deviant fucker! He is in bed with Anthony and their groping quickly turns into sucking! Anthony is the expert at deep throating showing Rick the way to suck cock! Anthony seems to be loving cock though once you see his cock up Anthony’s ass you wont believe he has never been up a boys ass before! The lads fuck like rabbits and its not long before Rick pulls out and covers Anthony who shoots seconds after Rick drowns him!

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Englishlads.com: New str8 lad Rick shows off!
New str8 lad Rick shows off!
384 Photos - Wed 26th Dec 2007
Rick is new to doing porn modelling and he is real eager to get started, just check out the bulge in his suit! He cant leave his cock alone as he rips open his shirt and drops his pants! Rick teasingly pulls down his briefs and a big uncut piece of meat springs out, looking already at near full mast! He plays around with is and shows off his gymnastic abilities and rubs his ass with his finger before sliding it in! A great new model with a very fit body happy to show off… who knows where he will go next!

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