Model Tony Parker Naked Gay English Lad Uncut Enjoys Football

Tony Parker

19 yo  5'11"  38" chest  30" waist  gay  7.5" cock
Model Tony Parker Naked Gay English Lad Uncut Enjoys Football
Model Tony Parker Naked Gay English Lad Uncut Enjoys Football
Model Tony Parker Naked Gay English Lad Uncut Enjoys Football
Model Tony Parker Naked Gay English Lad Uncut Enjoys Football
Model Tony Parker Naked Gay English Lad Uncut Enjoys Football
Model Tony Parker Naked Gay English Lad Uncut Enjoys Football
Model Tony Parker Naked Gay English Lad Uncut Enjoys Football
Model Tony Parker Naked Gay English Lad Uncut Enjoys Football
Model Tony Parker Naked Gay English Lad Uncut Enjoys Football
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Tony is a fit bodied lad from northern England who enjoys playing football and swimming to stay in good shape. His body is tall and lean, well defined with hard abs and smooth except his legs! He is a natural performer in front of the camera, once his pants come off his cock just stays like a rocket and he loves to show it off for people to enjoy!

Tony Parker is a gay english lad with a 7.5 inch erect uncut cock and a slim, smooth body with piercings. He is 19 years old, 5'11'' tall, and enjoys football.
Jason stuffs Tony's hole
26 Minute Video - Sun 1st Mar 2009
Jason and Tony are just gagging to get hold of each other, look at the opening moments and how they feel and kiss! Within just a minute cocks are pulled out of jeans and nothing is looking soft, just big fat erections slapping you round the face! With one place to go in the other lads mouth; luckily they are both great at oral, Tony surprised at how much he has to down! Two big fat cocks full off blood and the lads are having great time, Jason fingers Tony, rapidly followed by his uncut beef! He has a nice balance of length and width; Tony just squeals and pushes back wanting it deeper and harder. A session of this pounding and whimpering and he is soon spilling his load, Jason pulls out and dumps a massive loads all over his abs.

trailer here Str8 lad Jake fucks Tony
Str8 lad Jake fucks Tony
27 Minute Video - Fri 6th Feb 2009
Str8 lad Jake has tried to train Tony with a quick workout, who being a bit slack is soon punished and has to blow his PTís cock! In just a few seconds Jakeís soft cock stiffens and stands erect filling up Tonyís mouth. Jake then pulls down Tonyís shorts and after sucking his PTís cock Tony is rock solid and cant believe a str8 lad is sucking him off! The lads are great together and move from oral to fucking, Jake sliding his cock in and going steady for about a minute and picks up the pace leaving Tony panting for air and asking for more! They fuck in some great moves Tony ending on his back and shooting loads, Jake pulling out and dumps his cum on top of Tony!

trailer here Will slams Tony's tight hole
Will slams Tony's tight hole
26 Minute Video - Fri 28th Nov 2008
Tony and Will are quick to get in each others pants, Will pulls out Tonyís cock and is sucking it within 2 minutes! The pace doesnít slow and the lads are both greedy mouths, Tony managing to deep throat the whole of Willís big meat! Now if thatís not enough Will slides a finger up Tonyís ass and a minute later shoves his big 8 incher up Tony. After a quick gasp for air Tony is pushing back to every push in from Will and the two fuck in some great positions on the bed before Tony sits Will down on the chest of draws and does a fantastic ride it cowboy! Too much fucking and Tony dumps his load with Will in his ass, who then pulls out and drowns Tony!

trailer here Tony fucks Justin
Tony fucks Justin
26 Minute Video - Fri 10th Oct 2008
Tony and Justin are splashing around in the hotub and its not just the water that is hot, the lads are keen to feel and then taste each others cock! Tony has a real hard on, its just throbbing as Justin licks and gorges on Tonyís very hard meat. No point wasting a good erection, so Justin eases himself down onto Tony as the lads fuck in a real intense session. Justin shows his athleticism riding cowgirl while hugging a tree. The hormones are ragging as these lads fuck and kiss and fuck and kiss there way through to a big explosion, Justin shooting while riding and Tony pulling out to spew all over Justin. Wow!

trailer here Reece & Tony flip flop fuck
Reece & Tony flip flop fuck
25 Minute Video - Sun 22nd Jun 2008
Reece and Tony are two horny lads, they are soon kissing and Tonyís roving hands are quick to go up Reeceís footie shorts and find a nearly fully hard cock! Tony plays with Reeceís cock before dropping to his knees and giving some great head. They switch round and end up in a 69 as Reece eases his finger into Tonyís ass! He pulls on a condom and slides his stiff cock into Tony and is soon fucking him like a rabbit. There is some great fucking as the lads flip flop and Tony is pumping hard into Reece as he shoots a nice load, quickly followed by Tonyís mess.

trailer here

Jason slams into Tony
475 Photos - Wed 28th Jan 2009
New lad Jason and Tony seem full of hormones today, or maybe they just havenít had sex for a few days and fancy the pants off each other! They are quick into some passionate kissing and seconds later Jason feels up Tony, finds a big bulge and pulls out Tonyís cock, which is already rock hard. Jason then blows Tony and after some great oral lies back on the bed and Tony slides down his cock and goes on and rides it like a wild cowboy! The lads move into a load of positions without pulling out and all the passion catches up with Tony who shoots, then Jason lies back and shoots and seconds later Tony shoots a second load!

more photos Str8 lad Jake fucks Tony
Str8 lad Jake fucks Tony
453 Photos - Wed 7th Jan 2009
Str8 lad Jake is the dominant one in this shoot; he reaches out and grabs hold of Tony wearing a skimpy pair of shorts! About 30 seconds later Jake pulls Tonyís cock out of the leg of his shorts and its rock hard! Tony then pulls Jake out his shorts, he is just semi and a few strokes later he is fully hard! The lads take turns sucking off each other in some great oral before Tony slides his very, very hard cock up Jake, who rides him enthusiastically! The fucking is full on as they switch round and do each other in loads of positions Jake moving positions without coming off Tony! Jake shoots first all over Tonyís face, who then shoots a massive load over himself!

more photos Will slams in & out of Tony
Will slams in & out of Tony
433 Photos - Wed 29th Oct 2008
Tony & Will get straight down to business, Tony cant wait to get hold of Willís cock and as soon as he pulls it out his briefs he is sucking Will off who cant do anything except sit back and enjoy the ride! After some great deep throat Will pulls out Tony, who is rock solid and he shows his own great deep throat technique. The lads are great at oral though Will is keen to show his skills donít stop thereÖ as he slides some well lubed fingers up Tonyís hole! Will then shoves in his long and meaty cock into Tony who can only ask for it harder and longer. After about 20 minutes of intense fucking Tony explodes quickly followed by Will who drowns Tony!

more photos Tony fucks Justin in the tree
Tony fucks Justin in the tree
539 Photos - Sun 7th Sep 2008
Tony and Justin as splashing about in the hot tub, their white briefs getting all wet go translucent and semi hard ones are bulging out, Tonyís pants unable to contain him his cock is sticking out the side and as it does Justin drops to his knees to lick and suck it! The lads flip flop between each others cocks, some nice hot throbbing meat being sucked in the water has made them both very horny. They hop out and Justin climbs on top of Tony and rides cock. The lads fuck in some adventurous positions before Tony pulls out and shoot his load all over Justin, who with cum all over his face gets so aroused he instantly empties his balls. Lovely mess.

more photos Tony fucks Reece
Tony fucks Reece
394 Photos - Wed 21st May 2008
Tony is our latest new face paired with Reece, one of our first models, hardly looking a day older than his first shoot nearly four years ago! Reece reaches into Tonyís jeans and yanks out his cock, seconds later he in on his knees gobbling Tony big uncut meat, already at full mast! Tony drops to his knees and deep throats Reece, quickly followed by sliding his cock up Reeceís ass, which is precariously balanced on stools! New lad Tony fucks like a real pro, as Reeceís ass heats up with the friction of Tonyís cock slamming in and out. Tony pulls out and lies back and a few strokes later is shooting on Reeceís face who then stands up and dumps his own load on Tonyís abs!

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