New Straight Blond Pup Shane Wilson Jumps Straight into his First Manhandling!

442 Photos - Wed 18th Apr 2012
Shane is new to modelling and mention he is having a hard time with his girlfriend; so he is a horny young man with his balls full, he strips down to his boxers, closes his eyes and Dan is there and pulling at his boxers! He doesn’t resist too much and is happy to stand around naked and let Dan be the first man to touch his cock! Shane’s soft cock is soon covered in oil and Dan plays around with Shane’s foreskin; Dan’s new toy is soon swelling up, Shane looking slightly embarrassed, but none the less enjoying his hands free wanks! Considering this is the first shoot and the first time this straight lad has been touched by a guy he does great and lies back and enjoys letting Dan play with him. Dan also does a great job at showing Shane’s hairy hole! Lots of playing and Shane is soon unloaded on his abs! A great first effort!

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