Former Royal Marine Tyler Pumps Jon's Hole Long & Hard Til he Gushes!

559 Photos - Sun 19th Oct 2014
Former Royal Marine Tyler Pumps Jon's Hole Long & Hard Til he Gushes!
Jon has been paired with Tyler, straight former Royal Marine Commando who today proves sometimes you canít follow orders! I suppose it was quite a challenge; it all started off with Jon blowing Tyler who proved how to properly deep throat. So it came to Tyler turn and what he soon discovered is cockís can be too big! Jon is a massive lad, his cock is just over 8 inches, but its thickness causes a real issue and straight lad Tyler discovers he canít quite follow order and deep throat young Jonís massively thick uncut cock! Though after failing that challenge Tyler is soon back on safe ground as he shows Jon how a Royal Marine fucks! Hard and fast is Tylerís technique and he makes it look so easy as he pumps Jon real long and hard. After all this fucking Jon is soon gushing a load of goo, soon followed by Tyler who dumps seconds later.

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