Two str8 lads sucking

33 Minute Video - Sun 3rd Apr 2005
Its one of those with two str8 lads who are willing to cooperate, providing their fee is high enough! Neither of them really wanted to suck dick and it took me a while to get one of them to go first, now once Tod sucked on David he really enjoyed it! Then getting David to fulfil his half of the “I’ll suck yours if you suck mine” agreement was really tough. He really would not close his lips round Tod’s cock, eventually he did it for about 2 quick sucks! We moved on and the fucking idea was a definite “you must be fucking joking” moment! I have to say both lads said they would not let the other lad go up properly, but as you can see, David managed to get it up and I just carried on shooting as Tod didn’t object…well until he realised David was fully penetrating and not just teasing him! About the same happened in reverse, David let Tod actually get properly inside and at one point seems to be enjoying it and actually said he was fine on both occasions I asked him! Two lads, just testing the water! It of course ends with lots of cum and they coordinated a joint cum shot!
The full edit is 33 minutes
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