Str8 & How Hairy Jerry Vale - str8 hunk & how pumped up lets loose!

25 Minute Video - Fri 19th Mar 2010
Five years on Jerry has grown up some; just check out that chest, its not just hairy but he has added quite a bit of muscle to his body, his pecs and guns are bulging and look a little lower and his thighs are suffering from the same muscle growth! Jerry is an all round bigger and more muscular package and his hairy chest just looks so masculine. Stripped to his boxers he cant resist gently nudging and touching his package and his uncut cock flops out and is soon pumping up like the rest of his body! Jerry has some fun on the bed showing off some of his PT knowledge by doing some naked working out! He is great at crunches with an erection and today is happy to show off his hole; specially for the occasion he has shaved round his hole so you cant miss anything! Some playing with that very hard cock later and he lies back and wow; its not just a cum shot itís like the same force as a new solar system in the making! Cum explodes everywhere and getting lost in all that chest hair!
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Jerry Vale

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Tags: str8 lad solo, indoor, hairy legs, hairy body

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