Str8 Hunk Fuck Fest - Hayden and Liam Slam into Anthony!

23 Minute Video - Fri 3rd Sep 2010
Itís a hot sunny day and three straight lads are soaking up the heat and judging by the bulges in their boardies the sun is making them pretty horny! Liam is first to grab himself and his bulge doesnít even look like a semi; more like a full hard on! When he comes to pull them down its not easy as his hard cock gets in the way and when Hayden pulls down his boardies his erection also pops up; Anthony gets naked and he is also healthily semi! The lads are soon wanking and sucking each other off and as Anthony bends down to suck off Hayden in comes Liam and slides into Anthonyís hole! Anthony is proving to be a great bottom and pumps back and forward as Liam fucks him! After a right good fucking Hayden slides into Anthony and then they switch round and Anthony rides Hayden while sucking off Liam! Anthony stays semi aroused loving two cocks up his ass and when Liam takes back over and picks up the pace Anthony dumps a pretty big load over himself and then gets showered by Liam and Hayden! Wow three str8 lads can be devious!
The full edit is 23 minutes plus there is a 16 minute version
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Video stills from the shoot