Straight Diving Ace Chris Lets Loose - An Innocent Massage Gets Way out of Hand!

33 Minute Video - Sun 16th Oct 2011
Welcome back Chris and when they are this horny you cant wait to get them in front of your camera! Justin has the role of giving Chris a massage, though it is not long before the whole thing seems to flip and Chris is giving Justin massage! One cheeky straight lad who believes in leading by example and the two of them have a lot of fun massaging each other! Chris hasnít let a lad play with his cock before and it becomes hard to believe because as the shoot goes on he gets hornier and hornier and Justin shoves some toys up Chris; for those who enjoy close ups you should be in heaven as the beads go in and out and 1 foot of them disappear! The vibrating goes in and judging by the reactions on Chrisís face he is having one hell of a time! Some action later and looking how much cum is on Chris he hasnít ever orgasmed like that in his life! We like first time experiences!
The full edit is 33 minutes plus there is a 16 minute version
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Tags: str8 guy getting massaged, indoor, finger fun, dildo fun, cheeky banter, cheeks spread, action in underwear

Video stills from the shoot