Bonus Video of Luke and Chris's Photo Shoot - Luke Fucks His First Guy

18 Minute Video - Thu 10th Oct 2013
Young straight lad Luke is progressing fast! We've paired him with ultra cheeky chap Chris, who doesn't hold back - he's nibbling on Luke's ear and rubbing his crotch just seconds into the shoot! Neither are shy at kissing each other deeply, and before you know it - boing! - we have some hard cocks! On the bed the lads wank each other while snogging some more, then Chris has the enviable job of going down Luke, sucking his big uncut cock before Chris limbers up ready to get pounded! Luke slides himself in and they fuck like rabbits - Chris on top, the lads on their sides, and Luke from behind - then Chris shoots far while Luke is still fucking him, and Luke pulls out and shoots a nice load on Chris's leg.. what a mess!
The full edit is 18 minutes
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