Bonus Video of Jack & Stewart's Photo Set - Jack Fucks a Guy for the 1st Time!

26 Minute Video - Sat 15th Mar 2014
Jack & Stewart show us their naughty side in this shoot - we've persuaded Jack to fuck a guy for the first time, and the lucky guy taking his rather meaty uncut cock is Stewart. Both guys look really hot - Stewart is lean and defined, Jack is handsome, tall and hung! They are really hot together - they're not shy in pulling off their clothes, taking each other's cocks into their mouths and making each other feel good, and wanking each other off. Then Jack slips on a condom and slides into Stewart - pushing every inch of that huge cock into him! Stewart takes a really good pounding and Jack really goes for it, making Stewart cum while Jacks inside him, and then Jack pulls out and cums all over Stewart. Very passionate, guys!
The full edit is 26 minutes
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