Travis in Conversation - Young Athletic Man with Great Definition of Abs and Genourous Muscles!
Travis is a young man we met just over a year ago and since then he has done a number of shoots. From his very first shoot you could tell this young man had worked hard building and sculpting his body to how it is today and all that hard work he felt proud about showing it off. Travis has a naturally flirtatious personality, bright blue eyes, beautiful muscles, and after much persuasion he is letting us see his body hairy. Travis has never let his body or pubic hair grow and we have asked him to let it grow more so we can enjoy his body even more hairy. Young men with great bodies seem to enjoy showing them off, Travis has got used to doing this in the nude and he now says he loves the adrenalin rush of posing on camera. From a young man who in his first shoot didn’t want to take off his boxers to what we now see, he has come a long way. I hope you enjoy this first promotion video for FitYoungMen

Tags: travis, abs, nude, naked, young, male, athete, sailor, bum, ripped, uncut, muscles, hairy,

Check out FitYoungMen's Newest Model Tommy T's Naked Ice Bucket Challenge!
This is Tommy's T's naked ice bucket challenge he did recently and many of you spotted him and suggested he model for us, so here is the video of that challenge that he gave me the rights to use and you can now also see him in all his glory on

Check Out Some of our Models from EnglishLads and FitYoungMen Having a Lot of Fun on the Beach!
Six Models from EnglishLads and Two from FitYoungMen come together for a calendar and making of film. If you are interested in finding our more about the 2015 Wall Calendar or the Making of the Calendar Film, then you can see more details on our new website Ripped & Stripped

Ripped and Stripped - Sons of the Beach 2015 - Full Trailer from Ripped & Stripped on Vimeo.

Straight hunky young blond model Liam James - Back for interview!
Liam first modelled for us about 6 years ago, here he is back for a shoot a year ago and this is a casual chat about what he likes about modelling

Tags: liam james, model, interview,

Dan Broughton chats about his shoots at EnglishLads
One of our members' favourite models, Dan Broughton, answers questions about his shoots for

Tags: dan broughton, model, interview,

EnglishLads Models at Manchester Pride - Saturday 23rd August 2014
Well what a good finish to the main Pride season, a day at Manchester Pride and even better for the first time in years we stayed dry! The streets were packed with people and it felt a bit like a mini carnival.

For such a great event we took five models along and you will notice a new face, one of Tyler's mates, Dexter Smith, hopefully we will be seeing a lot more of him on here or our sister FitYoungMen

I want to say a big thank you to Polly and all the team at Taurus Bar for being such great hosts. We left some 2015 free calendars in the bar so you should still be able to pop in and grab one.

Tags: pride, manchester, manchester pride, andrew hayden, sam hansworth, tyler hirst, aaron janes,

EnglishLads Models at Pride Cymru, Cardiff - Saturday 16th August 2014
Here are some video highlights from our models getting flirty with the locals at Pride Cymru 2014, in Cardiff!
Models in the Video: Sam Hansworth, Tyler Hirst, Andrew Hayden

Tags: pride, cardiff, cardiff pride, andrew hayden, sam hansworth, tyler hirst, pride cymru,

EnglishLads Models at Cardiff Pride - Saturday 16th August 2014
It was welcome to Wales today with sunshine and no rain. Very welcome for us running around in just shorts, less erect nipples and everyone was in such a great mood in the sunshine.

There was no shortage of people wanting to come up and touch and be photographed, and before we knew it the day was gambling along and we were all getting slightly exhausted with the posing for selfies.

We are next out Saturday 23rd August 2014 Manchester Pride. Come and see us in Manchester and get your free copy of our 2015 calendar.

Tags: pride, cardiff, cardiff pride, andrew hayden, sam hansworth, tyler hirst, pride cymru,

EnglishLads Models At Brighton Pride - Saturday 2nd August 2014
Our day started on a low, hideous traffic on the way to Brighton and the nearer to the sea we got the greyer it seemed to get! The forecast was for wet weather and heavy rain at Brighton Pride 2014, though luckily our day brightened up and after the gloomy start to the day and a little drizzle it cheered up and we were occasionally treated to a little sunshine.

The crowd seemed to be in really good spirits and thank you all for a very warm reception. Andrew certainly won the award for the most touches and hugs, I think his hairy chest seemed to be the reason many people asked to touch, though we had needed to trim most of his chest hair so you could see his branding. Several people came up and gave him a big kiss, I think he has that cheeky grin that when directed at you just says “feel free to have a kiss”. Alex won the award for being the most comfortable when a group of transsexuals came up for a photo or two and one in particular had hands all over Alex, he did nothing except smile. We wonder what was going through his mind in the photo that is second from last! We hope you all had as much fun as us, ours was a whirlwind day, never quite enough time.

Thank you to Revenge who kindly provided a place for us to change. If you are after a free 2015 calendar we have left plenty at Revenge Brighton.

We are next out Saturday 16th August 2014 Pride Wales in Cardiff's Coopers Field. Come and see us in Cardiff.

Tags: pride, brighton, brighton pride, alex parry, andrew hayden, aaron janes,

EnglishLads Models at Northern Pride - Saturday 19th July 2014
Here are some video highlights from our models visiting Northern Pride 2014, in a very damp Newcastle upon Tyne!

Models in the Video: Cameron Donald, Alex Parry, Sam Hansworth

Tags: pride, northern pride 2014, newcastle, cameron donald, alex parry, sam hansworth,


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