Ripped Young Martial Arts Expert Danny McCaw Plays his Guitar & Takes a Bath!
Danny is a young man who has worked really hard to get his body like it is, during his teens he took up Mixed Martial Arts and did that for six years, today he plays a lot of football and goes to the gym and what a great physique for someone that is 6í2 tall and at 82 kilos everything on his body is solid, his abs are great and an uncut talent you wonít be able to take your eyes off.

Danny is naturally flirtatious and you can chat away with him and the hours fly by. I discovered he loves Australian women with beach fit bodies and is quite picky who he dates, but talking to him it sounds like he gets a shag every night and plays with his uncut talent every morning! A very horny and sexual lad, who when not playing sports or shagging is playing with his guitar as this budding young musician seems to have another talent!

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Connor Hunter from MTVís Ex on the Beach - Naked Male Hunk!
Connor Hunter was on series 2 of MTV's Ex on the Beach and this Nawty Essex Boy got known for running round on the show with very little on and chasing the girls. Today in this teaser trailer he shows just a hint of what you can get to see in his exclusive photo shoot for When you are young and have a great physique and a large uncut cock, why not let us share in the pleasure!

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Ripped and Stripped 2016 - Making Of Video Now Available
We had such a great time in Dorset making this 2016 calendar with 4 fantastic athletic male models, all amateurs and we hope you are going to have a great time watching this 'Making of' video full of fun and laughter.

In the full length 45 minute film, you will of course get to see what we can't show you in the trailer and it is why the film is classified by the BBFC as certificate 18. A 45 minute video is available to stream and download now.

Find out more at Ripped & Stripped

Ripped and Stripped 2016 Full Trailer - Making of the Calendar from Ripped & Stripped on Vimeo.

EnglishLads 2016 Calendar - Available at These Bars
If you didnt get a chance to get a 2016 calendar from us at one of the pride events you can also find the calendar in the following bars, sauna's and hotels throughout the UK:

London, at these two bars in Soho: The Edge Bar & The Yard Bar

Brighton at Legends & Charles Street Envy

Blackpool at The Flying Handbag

Bristol at QueenShilling

Birmingham at Greenhouse, Darlaston & The Village Inn

Cardiff at WOW Bar & Pulse

Edinburgh at CCBlooms

Glasgow at Delmonicas

Hull at Delmonicas

Leicester at Rainbow and Dove & The Dover Castle

Luton at The GreenHouse

Manchester at New York New York

Newcastle at The Yard & Eazy Street

Newport at The GreenHouse

Southampton at The London Hotel & The Titanic

Swindon at The Mailcoach

Torquay at Key West Resort

EnglishLads at Brighton Pride - Saturday 1st August 2015
A hot day welcomed us in Brighton Pride this year, it was rammed and two of our new lads on their first venture at a gay pride did a great job and sharing the 2016 calendar and endless selfies!

We will be doing a few more pride events, Saturday 15th August Cardiff Mardi Gras and Sat 29th August Manchester Pride.

If you dont have a chance to see us at one of the pride events you can also find the calendar in London at these two bars in soho: The Edge Bar, Soho and The Yard Bar, Soho and in Edinburgh at CCBlooms 23-24 Greenside Ln, Old Town, Edinburgh EH1 3AA

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The 2016 EnglishLads Calendar - Available Now
We've got a sexy new calendar for 2016 and four bonus months of 2015, the first month is September 2015.

We had a lot of fun making this calendar, it was a hard day, but with naked lads running around on the beach there was a lot of uncut cock flashing around. Though the water was a little chilly so shrinkage was a slight problem!

What also makes it different is we filmed the making of the calendar, so hopefully in a few weeks time we will look to edit down the mass of footage into something horny and make it available to download here on the EL website.

The photographs used in the calendar donít show any cock, but the video will show it all and I also have quite a few photograph outtakes that also show plenty of cock, all of this we will get on line over the summer for people to enjoy.

The calendar will get its first outing at Brighton Pride on Saturday 1st August 2015. During August we will also make the calendar available in bars round the country, the first two who already have the calendar are The Edge Bar, Soho and The Yard Bar, Soho

Check out our hottest yet calendar and enjoy some of your favourite models running around naked on the beach and wait til you see the film!

Models in the 2016 Calendar include Damian Willaby, Aaron Janes, Jack Windsor, Cameron Donald, and Tyler Hirst

Download PDF of 2016 Calendar

Open PDF of 2016 Calendar

Have one Delivered to Your Home buy it here.

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Outakes from the Making of the 2016 EnglishLads Calendar
Just a few weeks ago we went down to our favourite beach on the Dorset Coast and had a fun filled day taking some photographs for the new 2016 calendar. This year we have done it completely seperate from RippedAndStripped our other calendar project so for 2016 we have two seperate calendars both with making of the calendar films and both with different models.

Although the day we photographed the EL calendar it was really hot, the water wasn't quite as hot and these photographs represent the first we took on the day, we just arrived and I asked the lads to get wet so it looked better on their bodies. So these are really the warm up. Aaron was the brave one who took to the waters to show off and not allowing that Jack and Damian rugby tackle him... and at full speed!

The calendar is currently at the printers and we will have these to hand out at the next three large pride events: so you will see us here Saturday 1st August 2015 Brighton Pride, Saturday 15th August Cardiff Mardi Gras and Sat 29th August Manchester Pride. We will post details in a few weeks of the bars where you can also get a copy.

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Travis in Conversation - Young Athletic Man with Great Definition of Abs and Genourous Muscles!
Travis is a young man we met just over a year ago and since then he has done a number of shoots. From his very first shoot you could tell this young man had worked hard building and sculpting his body to how it is today and all that hard work he felt proud about showing it off. Travis has a naturally flirtatious personality, bright blue eyes, beautiful muscles, and after much persuasion he is letting us see his body hairy. Travis has never let his body or pubic hair grow and we have asked him to let it grow more so we can enjoy his body even more hairy. Young men with great bodies seem to enjoy showing them off, Travis has got used to doing this in the nude and he now says he loves the adrenalin rush of posing on camera. From a young man who in his first shoot didnít want to take off his boxers to what we now see, he has come a long way. I hope you enjoy this first promotion video for FitYoungMen

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Check out FitYoungMen's Newest Model Tommy T's Naked Ice Bucket Challenge!
This is Tommy's T's naked ice bucket challenge he did recently and many of you spotted him and suggested he model for us, so here is the video of that challenge that he gave me the rights to use and you can now also see him in all his glory on

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Check Out Some of our Models from EnglishLads and FitYoungMen Having a Lot of Fun on the Beach!
Six Models from EnglishLads and Two from FitYoungMen come together for a calendar and making of film. If you are interested in finding our more about the 2015 Wall Calendar or the Making of the Calendar Film, then you can see more details on our new website Ripped & Stripped

Ripped and Stripped - Sons of the Beach 2015 - Full Trailer from Ripped & Stripped on Vimeo.