Model Kai Ford Naked Gay English Lad Uncut Enjoys Cycling & Rugby

Kai Ford

20 yo  5'9"  38" chest  30" waist  gay  7.5" cock
Model Kai Ford Naked Gay English Lad Uncut Enjoys Cycling & Rugby
Model Kai Ford Naked Gay English Lad Uncut Enjoys Cycling & Rugby
Model Kai Ford Naked Gay English Lad Uncut Enjoys Cycling & Rugby
Model Kai Ford Naked Gay English Lad Uncut Enjoys Cycling & Rugby
Model Kai Ford Naked Gay English Lad Uncut Enjoys Cycling & Rugby
Model Kai Ford Naked Gay English Lad Uncut Enjoys Cycling & Rugby
Model Kai Ford Naked Gay English Lad Uncut Enjoys Cycling & Rugby
Model Kai Ford Naked Gay English Lad Uncut Enjoys Cycling & Rugby
Model Kai Ford Naked Gay English Lad Uncut Enjoys Cycling & Rugby
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Kai is a fit bodied butcher lad who youíd think was straight when you met him, until that cheeky smile and glance gives him away! He is a horny little fucker who spends much of his time at work trying to hide his stiff cock as it seems he gets a stiffy at the drop of a hat! He does loads of cycling which keeps him in great shape and says he is happy to have sex with girls, just not exclusively as he ďloves cock too much!Ē Definitely in the category of will fuck anythingÖ

Kai Ford is a gay english lad with a 7.5 inch erect uncut cock and a athletic, smooth body with tattoos. He is 20 years old, 5'9'' tall, and enjoys cycling & rugby.
VIDEOS FEATURING KAI FORD Str8 athlete Rick slams his meat into Kai's willing hole!
Str8 athlete Rick slams his meat into Kai's willing hole!
27 Minute Video - Sun 8th Nov 2009
Kai was gagging to work with Rick so needless to say there is not much teasing in this video; Kai goes straight to his knees, pulls down Rickís trackies, out flops an uncut semi and Kai pops it straight into his mouth and worships it lovingly! Rickís uncut semi is soon an uncut stiffy, pointing up slapping hard against his abs, Rick does always get rock hard! Str8 lad Rick then dives down on Kai, struggling to get Kaiís thick one totally in his mouth! Their blood is pumping hard, Rick slides a condom down his very hard cock and pushes on Kaiís hole; resists for a second, then ploughs forward making Kai squeal! Rick gives Kai a right good pumping, this straight lad has a great thigh action. The lads flip and Rick gets its for a bit, not entirely enjoying it but it still keeps him very hard! Rick then ploughs Kaiís hole real hard, Kai dumps a nice big load of cum everywhere and Rick pulls out and splatter his all over Rick.

trailer here Matt's 12 incher Slams into Kai who slams his into Tom
Matt's 12 incher Slams into Kai who slams his into Tom
26 Minute Video - Fri 18th Sep 2009
Three boys are innocently sharing a hot-tub, though look carefully and hands are moving! Kai stands up with a nice semi then big Matt stands and his is fully hard, 12 inches of meat sticking straight up! Tom freezes, not able to believe the size of Mattís monster and is quick to give it a feel! Kai shows him how to suck Mattís long and fat cock, itís a real mouth stretcher, though Tom seems to slide quite a lot in to his mouth, clearly enjoying this whopper! The guys switch around sucking before Tom bends over and gets Kaiís cock up his ass, Tom gently moaning away as Kai pumps away. Matt then pushes into Kai who is now completely skewered and pumps hard forward into Tom and pulls back hard onto Mattís big one. A quick switch and Kai is still getting a real pumping from Matt while he sucks on Tom; inevitably Kaiís hole is red hot and he shoots a nice load while getting pumped, then Tom and Matt both splatter theur their spunk onto Kai!

trailer here Kai pounds James' ass
Kai pounds James' ass
26 Minute Video - Fri 16th Jan 2009
Kai is back with a new lad James, they come from the same town and had chatted a few times; it soon became obvious they had been gagging to have sex! James who seems to be the slightly nervous one is the dominant one, kissing and then sucking off Kai to get things going! The lads suck each others uncut cocks and Kai rubbers up and slides some lube up Jamesí ass quickly followed by his thick meat. Kai is a great fucker; he will begin all gentle and puppy like and within seconds is like a charging bull, leaving Jamesís ass on fire! Some incurable fucking and youíre guaranteed some great cum shots; both lads spurt freely, James is covered!

trailer here Big Matt fucks 2 asses
Big Matt fucks 2 asses
23 Minute Video - Sun 11th May 2008
The three lads are high spirited today, Kai sets the tone by pulling of Mattís belt, turning him round and lashing his and Anthonyís ass! No teasing in this shoot, cocks are soon in mouth and Anthony is trying his best to gobble as much of Mattís 1 footer as possible! Kai then fucks Anthony and they flip flop then Kai gets Mattís 1 footer in his ass. The fucking is real intense and Anthony cums on his back and gets the others two lads cum in his face, he is almost drowned!

trailer here Kai's fat cock slams into Rich!
Kai's fat cock slams into Rich!
23 Minute Video - Fri 4th Apr 2008
Little Rich is new to porn and Kaiís experienced hands are soon squeezing Richís cock which rears up to stiffness within seconds! The lads do a great job arousing each other with some great oral and Kai is soon pushing his cock deep into Richís tight little hole! Rich gets a right good pounding and Kai while fucking him on his front pulls out and shoots all down his back. Rich is quick to follow, shooting his own load all over Kaiís abs!

trailer here Matt Brooks fucks Kai
Matt Brooks fucks Kai
27 Minute Video - Fri 24th Aug 2007
These two lads are well up for it and really turned on by each other, so clothes are quickly ripped off and they get into some serious cock sucking! Both are expert deep throaters and its not long before Kai slips a rubber onto Matt and lubes up his eager ass! Three seconds later Matt is inside Kai, who slightly whimpers and between pants asks for it harder. These two are just great fuckers and Matt slams into Kaiís ass in a load of positions, Kai finally exploding with cum as Matt pulls out and shoots his goo all over Kai!

trailer here Kai takes 12 inch Matt
Kai takes 12 inch Matt
29 Minute Video - Sun 19th Aug 2007
Today we see the big Matt slide it up Kaiís ass and I still cant believe Kai managed to take the whole thing! They tease each other a little, Kai trying to remain cool at the thought of playing with such a weapon. He manages to suck the whole thing before Matt gets completely hard so easily downing 9 inches of meatÖ once Matt is fully hard he gets really thick. The lads suck each other off and do some great 69íing before Kai lubes up Mattís rubbered cock, bends over and Matt slides it inÖ and in and before you know it Kai is getting fucked by the whole 12 inches! Its not long before Kai explodes cum everywhere!

trailer here Kai, Kallum and Troy fuck
Kai, Kallum and Troy fuck
33 Minute Video - Fri 27th Jul 2007
Lots of people have been waiting for this video, Troy plays the young innocent 18 year old who gets taken advantage of by two horny lads. Kai and Kallum strip him off and fight each other for his cock, there is some great oral in this set as they all fight for each others cocks and they do a great chain suck. Its not long before cock is up ass and Kai slides into Troy as he sucks his b/fís cock. The lads fuck each others and do a great piggy in the middle fucking scene with Kai playing piggy getting and giving at the same time. So much rampant sex, cocks up asses and spunk begins to fly, Kai of course can only cum with cock up his ass

trailer here Kai's big chopper & dildo
Kai's big chopper & dildo
28 Minute Video - Sun 27th May 2007
Kai is our latest lad in front of the camera for his first time and full of confidence not able to contain his excitement of being in front of the camera. He pulls off his shirt and reveals his toned and hair free body. Down come the trackies and you can clearly see the bulge of something excited! He pulls them down to reveal a hefty uncut cock and some balls that are just mega dangly. We get to see Kai putting on a great performance, his first time using a toyÖ and you can watch him ride a whopper! After so much playing with his cock and ass he kneels down and shoots streams of cum all over the place.

trailer here

PHOTOGRAPH SETS FEATURING KAI FORD Str8 hunk Rick fucks hard into Kai's eager hole
Str8 hunk Rick fucks hard into Kai's eager hole
451 Photos - Wed 7th Oct 2009
Straight hunk Rick is being eyed up by Kai; fascinated by str8 lads he starts to suck Rickís nipples while sliding his hands in Rickís trackies and finding an almost fully hard uncut cock! Rick is always horny and rises to the occasion like today had a stiffy before the start! Kaiís mouth is soon full and he loves the challenge of deep throating and gorges himself on the whole of Rickís meat. Rick then sucks Kai, though not so keen to do the deep throat action, he is definitely sucking cock betterÖ I think its all the practice we keep giving him! Its not long though before Rick is standing behind Kai forcing his cock into Kaiís willing hole, pretending its tight its not long before he is pushing back trying to get it harder and deeper! Well Rick certainly fucks him hard and the lads fuck in some great positions, Kai lapping up getting all this straight meat! As Kai returns to getting it on his back he shoots a nice load over his abs and the bed, Rick pulls out and shoots all over Kaiís chest

more photos Big Matt & his 1ft cock get sucked then slammed into Kai!
Big Matt & his 1ft cock get sucked then slammed into Kai!
406 Photos - Wed 19th Aug 2009
Big Matt and his 1 foot cock is very turned on today, just look at his bulge his boxers are fully loaded as Matt has a good semi on before his pants are even off! Tom not having seen Matt before looses the ability to speak when Matt flops out his massive meat. He watches Kai give Matt head and worried he wonít be able to open his jaw enough he quickly shows Kai how to suck massive cock quickly sliding most the way down the 1 footer! The lads suck each other off, Matt now enjoying cock itís hard to get him away, though Kai legs in the air on the table is not hard to resist! Matt slams into Kai who so winded he cant whine loud enough to slow down Matt! Though once Kaiís ass has dislocated he loves being pumped by such a massively long and fat cock! Kai then takes a break and fucks Tom who sucks Matt and then they switch round and Matt again fucks Kai who explodes a nice load quickly followed by Tom then Matt. Kai is covered, all three shot massive loads and Kai is covered in the lot!

more photos Kai slams into James
Kai slams into James
423 Photos - Wed 10th Dec 2008
James is new to porn and who better to pair him with than Kaiís experienced hands! There was some sexual tension between these two, had known each other for a couple of years and nothing had happened! They both wanted each other and they kiss and suck with real enthusiasm and you wont see soft cocks in this shoot! They do some great sucking before Kai puts James through his paces! They fuck real hard and in some great positions with James not able to catch his breath once Kauiís large cock enters. Kai shoots first on James who then squirts loads all over his abs, chest and the bed!

more photos Kai gets 1ft & gives 8 inches
Kai gets 1ft & gives 8 inches
431 Photos - Wed 9th Apr 2008
Big Matt, Kai and Anthony are all on one bed and these three lads just cant their hands off each other, youíd never think one of them was str8! Cocks are quickly out and in mouths or hands, so many erect cocks its hard to choose which one to suck on! Matt as usual doesnít get completely hard until a cock is in his mouth and once he has sucked dick his massive 12 incher is sliding into Kaiís welcoming hole! A minute later and Kai slips on a condom and enters Anthony, some great 3 sum fucking leads to Matt pulling out and shooting his load in Anthonyís mouth, Kaiís sees this and dumps his load all over Anthonyís body! Cum everywhere!

more photos Kai & Rich flip flop
Kai & Rich flip flop
444 Photos - Wed 5th Mar 2008
Little Rich is new to modelling and so we put him in the experienced hands of Kai who cant wait to get onÖ Kai is soon tugging down Richís trackies, his cock is soft and Kai tugs on his foreskin and his mouth is soon full of rock solid meat. Rich then tries being all dominant and tries to suck Kai and soon realises Kaiís cock is very thick! There is loads of great oral though topped by the fucking, Kai sliding his big meat up Little Richís small hole and pounds him in dozens of positions, the lads then flip flop and Kai shoot while Rich fucks his ass.

more photos 12 inch Matt fucks Kai
12 inch Matt fucks Kai
410 Photos - Sun 22nd Jul 2007
We have been working big Matt up to doing something like this it was just a question of who would take that cock! So Kai volunteered saying he likes a challenge and has a fuck buddy with a 10 incher so whatís 2 more! Matt is quick to get Kaiís cock out and sucks it most unlike a str8 boy! He gives great head! The two lads blow each other and enjoy some 69ing before Matt slowly tries to get his cock inside Kai. He loves it whimpering in pain and pleasure encouraging Matt to push some more! In the end Matt fucks him with all but an inch of his cockÖ so where did those 11 go! Some massive cum squirts from both lads, both turned on from trying something new!

more photos Matt does Kai
Matt does Kai
481 Photos - Wed 18th Jul 2007
This is one of the hottest shoots I have done in a while, though what do you expect when you have two of the sites ďhorniestĒ models together for the first time! Matt feels up Kai and they are soon in each others pants and kissing like the world is about to end! Kai pulls out Mattís cock and gives some great head, Matt returns the favour, they are like two pigs in a cider orchard! Once high on each other Matt lubes up his rubbered meat and slides into Kaiís welcoming hole! Kai loves it and this is the first time in a shoot where you can see just how hard Kaiís bottom distorts as he gets it! Needless to say it ends in two big cum shots!

more photos Kai, Kallum & Troy
Kai, Kallum & Troy
443 Photos - Wed 20th Jun 2007
Troy, Kai and Kallum jump on the bed for a full on orgy. Troy is in the middle and is soon being stripped by the other two, they are all over him and its not long before there hands are down his pants and its out on show and hard, very hard! Troyís cock sticks straight up as he receives a double blow job. There is loads of sucking before Kallum slips on a rubber and shoves his big cock up Troy who loves a good fucking. When Kallum pulls out Kai goes in and this turns into a real fuckfest. Troy is first to shoot and he cums twice in sixty seconds while being fucked. Kallum then fucks Kai who shoots his own load before Kallum dumps his cum. Wow this is a hot one.

more photos Kai's first time
Kai's first time
406 Photos - Wed 25th Apr 2007
Kai has fantasised about being in front of the camera for ages, he strips out his trackies and is soon poking out his boxers, the lad is like a rock and he hasnít touched it! He is sure horny and loves showing off every inch of flesh. There are shots for everyone with loads of close up ass shots and not forgetting a very stiff piece of meat and big dangly balls! Kai had been wanking for about 35 minutes and had himself on the edge for most of that, so when he cums, he shoots a nice big load of cum all over the bed.

more photos
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