Kai, Kallum and Troy fuck

33 Minute Video - Fri 27th Jul 2007
Lots of people have been waiting for this video, Troy plays the young innocent 18 year old who gets taken advantage of by two horny lads. Kai and Kallum strip him off and fight each other for his cock, there is some great oral in this set as they all fight for each others cocks and they do a great chain suck. Its not long before cock is up ass and Kai slides into Troy as he sucks his b/fs cock. The lads fuck each others and do a great piggy in the middle fucking scene with Kai playing piggy getting and giving at the same time. So much rampant sex, cocks up asses and spunk begins to fly, Kai of course can only cum with cock up his ass
The full edit is 33 minutes
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Tags: sixty-nine, kissing, indoor, gay sex, finger fun, cock sucking, chain fuck, action in underwear