Model Ryan Carter Naked Straight English Lad Uncut Enjoys Football and Rugby

Ryan Carter

19 yo  6'0"  40" chest  30" waist  straight  7" cock
Model Ryan Carter Naked Straight English Lad Uncut Enjoys Football and Rugby
Model Ryan Carter Naked Straight English Lad Uncut Enjoys Football and Rugby
Model Ryan Carter Naked Straight English Lad Uncut Enjoys Football and Rugby
Model Ryan Carter Naked Straight English Lad Uncut Enjoys Football and Rugby
Model Ryan Carter Naked Straight English Lad Uncut Enjoys Football and Rugby
Model Ryan Carter Naked Straight English Lad Uncut Enjoys Football and Rugby
Model Ryan Carter Naked Straight English Lad Uncut Enjoys Football and Rugby
Model Ryan Carter Naked Straight English Lad Uncut Enjoys Football and Rugby
Model Ryan Carter Naked Straight English Lad Uncut Enjoys Football and Rugby
Photo sizes: 450×675, 750×1125.
Ryan is a fit bodied lad in front of the camera for the first time, excitement and nerves rush through his body along with a good dose of hormones! He is a very sexual lad and has only been with women, though recons he wouldnít mind trying a man sometime! Ryan is a squaddie so physically in great shape. One the day of the shoot he has just had a new tattoo done and was keen to show it off! Hopefully he will be back for more!

Ryan Carter is a straight english lad with a 7 inch erect uncut cock and a defined, smooth body with tattoos. He is 19 years old, 6'0'' tall, and enjoys football and rugby.
VIDEOS FEATURING RYAN CARTER Ryan fucks Str8 lad Patrick
Ryan fucks Str8 lad Patrick
25 Minute Video - Fri 22nd Sep 2006
Ryan and Patrick are together on the beach on one of our hottest summer days back in July. Both lads feeling horny in the heat of the sea air this was always going to be a hot shoot! Ryan drops to his knees and gorges on Patrickís cock before the lads switch round and move into some great 69íing. Ryan cant hold back and slaps his cock on Patrickís gapping hole and then he rams in his cock deep into PatrickÖ just watch Patrick face. There is some great fucking in the dunes before both lads shoot a nice load on their abs!

trailer here Ryan gets double fucked
Ryan gets double fucked
27 Minute Video - Fri 8th Sep 2006
This is a real mix of lads str8 and gay and it all ends up with cocks up ass, sometimes 2, regardless of sexuality! The shoot begins with some great oral and its Jon the str8 lad who is first with a cock in his mouth! All of them are really great at blow jobs, they blow each other on the roof and then move inside where they switch round some more. All this sucking has produced some rock hard uncut meat and its bi lad Ryan who gets a load of cock up his ass. Both lads fuck him one at a time and before long two cocks are in his ass at the same time, he feels a little dirty to start and after a few minutes he encourages them to fuck him and treat him like dirt. Ryan cant get enough, being double fucked seemed to send him to new heights! After all this rampant fucking they are all as hot as hell and spunk just flows all over the place!

trailer here Str8 lad gets fucked for 1st time
Str8 lad gets fucked for 1st time
30 Minute Video - Sun 20th Aug 2006
This is Ryanís first ever shoot where he gets cock up his ass! The two lads strip each other down, Ryan starting more dominant then he drops to his knees for some cock sucking. Never happier than sucking on dick Ryan gets Fred nice and hard and then the lads swap round and Ryan gets his cock sucked. Both lads are great at oral and get into a great 69 and Ryan then gobs in Fredís ass and does some great rimming before he slams his cock str8 in. He fucks Fred real hard! Its now Fredís turn and he slips his big weapon str8 into Ryanís ass who resists for about half a second before pushing down onto Fred! Ryan gets a right good pounding before both lads shoot massive loads. For his first time being fucked Ryan just ate cock!

trailer here Rocco and Ryan get fingered
Rocco and Ryan get fingered
35 Minute Video - Fri 28th Jul 2006
Today we have the shoot with Rocco, Ryan and Natalie, two str8 lads willing to try out some ass play because there is a girl present. Natalie is Miss dominant and has them strip for her pleasure and plays with their little cocks! She drops to her knees to suck their cocks both soon resembling rockets. She instructs them to turn round, bends them over and rims both their asses. She then explores with her fingers and manages to push three fingers into Roccoís tight hole! Ryan then gets a right fucking by a strap on while Rocco watches on in amazement! After being teased and sucked by a girl the lads blow massive loads of jizz all over themselves.

trailer here Ryan and Kallum fuck
Ryan and Kallum fuck
29 Minute Video - Sun 25th Jun 2006
Ryan and Kallum are quite the partnership Kallum is just one of the horniest lads I have met and Ryan is just looking for some one who will suck his cock! The two lads start in trackies and you can see throbbing erections through their trackies within a minute of the video starting! Cocks in hand the lads wank away before long t hey glued together in a 69 and Ryan starts to explore Kallumís ass! Ryan spits in Kallumís ass and rims it for EnglandÖ Ryan sure loves boy pussy! Before long Ryan has his rod of iron up Kallums ass and pounds away in a load of positions before Kallum rides it like a real whore! It all ends in a real mess, cum being shot all over the place, two lads who just cant get enough of each other!

trailer here Kev and Ryan play
Kev and Ryan play
34 Minute Video - Fri 26th May 2006
What do squaddies do on there day offÖ well this one likes sucking cock! Kev and Ryan are pretty hot together, Ryan plays all dominant, slightly pretending not to like messing with a man! Ryan pulls down Kevís pants to reveal his throbbing cock and he is soon sucking on Kevís meat! Ryan suddenly has an urge for some ďpussyĒ so he pulls Kev towards him and shoves his tongue deep into Kevís hole. There is loads of oral in this shoot and both lads shoot massive loads on each others faces! Beginning to think Ryan is probably Bi!

trailer here Squaddie Ryan gets wanked
Squaddie Ryan gets wanked
40 Minute Video - Sun 22nd Jan 2006
This was Ryanís first time in front of the camera not shy quite excited about being in front of the camera, just a few nerves helping pump the blood round his body! He is great to work with, having only had sex with girls he has done his share of fantasising about menÖ so a little light oil rubbing on his abs gets him excited especially when his boxers get pulled down! Ryan plays a great game, Iím str8, but go on then, which you can see all through the video. He gets his dick oiled and invites me to suck itÖ ummm and its just gets so hard! He does lots of wanking by himself, slowing down as he keeps wanting to cum. Eventually I cut him loose and its not long before he spurts cum over his shoulder! Wow, horny squaddies take some beating!

trailer here

Ryan and Patrick
302 Photos - Wed 16th Aug 2006
These two lads were once str8, though I believe they now both have a slight bend! There is a lot of fun had in this shoot, both lads larking around. Ryan being all dominant shoves his hand into Patrickís shorts and pulls out a semi hard cock. Ryan drops to his knees and does some great sucking on Patrickís cock. Patrick then drops to his knees and sucks on Ryan cock soon making it resemble a rocket! Patrick then bends over in the sand dunes and Squaddie Ryan shoves his missile deep into Patrickís warm hole. There is some intense fucking which leads to Patrick shooting cum all over the place and Ryan gushing his load all over Patrick! What is it about Str8 lads cumming so much when they play with cock!

more photos Ryan, John and Toby's photos
Ryan, John and Toby's photos
435 Photos - Sun 30th Jul 2006
Three lads get together, 1 is str8, 1 is bi and the other is gay! Itís a great mix as all three are really keen to get on with it and with in seconds there is cock in mouth and the str8 lad is first to do the sucking! John is gay for pay and had the hardest cock and cheekiest smile through the shoot, work that out! There is loads of oral every lad giving and receiving oral. The climax of the shoot is bi-lad Ryan being double fucked and relishing in getting two stiff cocks rammed into his ass. He just loves it and encourages both lads to fuck harder! Ryan gets fuckedÖ fuckedÖ and fucked again before the two lads drown him in cum! WOW I think that ass could fit in a third!

more photos Fred fucks Ryan - photos
Fred fucks Ryan - photos
336 Photos - Sun 16th Jul 2006
Ryan is back for his first time fuck by another guy and new face Fred is the lucky one! There is about three tease photos in this set before Ryan is on his knees playing with Fredís big uncut juicy cock quickly followed by a blow job. There is loads of oral as the lads blow each other then Ryan spits in Fredís ass and licks it out. Fred then sits down on Ryanís rock hard cock and gets a right good fucking before the tables are turned and Ryanís virgin ass then gets stuff full of Fredís big dick. Ryan squeals a bit then asked to be pounded hard! After all this action both lads shoot a big load on Ryan!

more photos Rocco, Ryan and Natalie's photos
Rocco, Ryan and Natalie's photos
362 Photos - Wed 21st Jun 2006
Today's shoot with Rocco, Ryan and Natalie will probably be loved by some of you and hated by others! Just in case I have also added a bonus solo so go back if you are offended by a girl! Natalie was our "facilitator" she makes the lads feel comfortable to do things they otherwise wouldn't do. Natalie strips the lads and takes turns on sucking them off and before long she gets them on their backs and shoves one finger up Ryan's ass closely followed by another. Next Rocco gets a finger up his ass, then a second! Natalie then lubes up the strap on and fucks Ryan with it, he loved being fucked by a pretty girl and was in heaven! There are some really good close ups of both lads asses, Rocco's back to "trimmed" since last time and Ryan was sporting no hair! It ends with Ryan being tossed off by Natalie, squirting a nice load over his abs and then Rocco gives himself a tug and shoots a big wad over his abs and chest.

more photos Ryan fucks Kallum
Ryan fucks Kallum
370 Photos - Sun 21st May 2006
Today we welcome back Ryan and Kallum in our hardest ever shoot. Str8 army lad Ryan agreed to fuck a guy and both lads wanted to do it bareback. This is a real dirty shoot, with Ryan spitting into Kallumís ass and rimming it for England! Ryan knows what he wants, his dick is rock solid through the shoot and he just eats up Kallum. Ryan spits one more time on Kallumís ass and then without the need for lube, shoves his loaded riffle slamming into Kallumís ass, who is made so short of breath he pants like a little puppy! The lads go at it real hard, Ryan pulling out a couple of times or to stop him cumming too early! Ryan finally pulls out one last time and squirts a big load on Kallumís chest, with loads of flying cum shots. Kallum then squirts his own load adding to the mess. WOW one hard shoot!

more photos Kev and Ryan's photos
Kev and Ryan's photos
286 Photos - Wed 19th Apr 2006
Ryan is a devious str8 lad, Kev is just a horny gay lad who seems to bring out a devious streak in some of the sites str8 ones! Ryan starts the shoot slightly shy, though after a few minutes he just looses all inhibitions and asks Kev if he kissesÖ this just continues and before long Ryan has his tongue up Kevís ass! There is no stopping him he sucks cock, rims ass and has his own cock sucked in a 69. It all comes to an end with Ryan sucking off Kev and getting covered all over his face in Kevís spunk and he then decides to suck off every drop. Str8 lad Ryan then shoots his spunk of Kevís face.

more photos Ryan's photos
Ryan's photos
390 Photos - Wed 21st Dec 2005
Ryan is new to modeling and arrived full of energy, slightly nervous but really keen to do a shoot. He pulls up his baggy t shirt to reveal a well defined body with a good tan, his abs are rock solid. He plays about in his trackies and down they come to reveal a nice soft uncut cock and as soon as he touches it, it begins to grow! His dick gets as hard as his body and he really enjoys showing off in front of the camera. For a str8 lad he is not shy about showing off his ass so you get to see of close ups of every inch of his body. Ryan sits down to finish and shoots a nice load of cum on his abs and chest.

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