Ryan and Kallum fuck

29 Minute Video - Sun 25th Jun 2006
Ryan and Kallum are quite the partnership Kallum is just one of the horniest lads I have met and Ryan is just looking for some one who will suck his cock! The two lads start in trackies and you can see throbbing erections through their trackies within a minute of the video starting! Cocks in hand the lads wank away before long t hey glued together in a 69 and Ryan starts to explore Kallumís ass! Ryan spits in Kallumís ass and rims it for EnglandÖ Ryan sure loves boy pussy! Before long Ryan has his rod of iron up Kallums ass and pounds away in a load of positions before Kallum rides it like a real whore! It all ends in a real mess, cum being shot all over the place, two lads who just cant get enough of each other!
The full edit is 29 minutes
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