Model Troy Bolton Naked Gay English Lad Uncut Enjoys Kayaking

Troy Bolton

18 yo  5'8"  38" chest  28" waist  gay  8" cock
Model Troy Bolton Naked Gay English Lad Uncut Enjoys Kayaking
Model Troy Bolton Naked Gay English Lad Uncut Enjoys Kayaking
Model Troy Bolton Naked Gay English Lad Uncut Enjoys Kayaking
Model Troy Bolton Naked Gay English Lad Uncut Enjoys Kayaking
Model Troy Bolton Naked Gay English Lad Uncut Enjoys Kayaking
Model Troy Bolton Naked Gay English Lad Uncut Enjoys Kayaking
Model Troy Bolton Naked Gay English Lad Uncut Enjoys Kayaking
Model Troy Bolton Naked Gay English Lad Uncut Enjoys Kayaking
Model Troy Bolton Naked Gay English Lad Uncut Enjoys Kayaking
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Troy is a young spunky lad who loves to get fucked! He is a squaddie with a slim and toned body really fit and slightly shy, though once he is horny all his inhibitions vanish! He is hairless on his upper body and quite hairy legs and his cock is like a rocked, its one of the hardest I have seen in a while… especially since he was being fucked! Enjoy this horny young cadet getting riding his b/f’s missile.

Troy Bolton is a gay english lad with a 8 inch erect uncut cock and a slim, smooth body with tattoos. He is 18 years old, 5'8'' tall, and enjoys kayaking.
VIDEOS FEATURING TROY BOLTON Str8 lad Niall fucking Troy
Str8 lad Niall fucking Troy
25 Minute Video - Fri 1st May 2009
Niall is the str8 lad who strips off Troy to discover his cock is rock hard and is only too happy to suck it! When I suggest he has a “curious gene” he agrees laughing with his full of Troy’s whopper! Curious lads seem to suck cock so well! There is some great oral with these two before Niall slaps on a rubber and oils up Troy’s cute hairless hole. A lubed finger is quickly followed by Niall’s stiff meat and the lads fuck and fuck… pant and pant around the bed; Troy while getting it hard and rough spills a big load over his chest and a minute later Niall dumps his cum.

trailer here Troy fucks Brett
Troy fucks Brett
27 Minute Video - Fri 2nd Jan 2009
New lad Brett enjoys some gentle kissing from Troy and then gets some great head before sucking each other in a 69. Troy continues coaching newbie Brett and eases his finger up Brett’s ass, slowly breaking him in for his big cock! Brett gets fucked slow and gentle then does some enthusiastic “reverse cowboy” before getting it read hard bending over the bed. Finally Troy pounds Brett’s ass from behind as Brett shoots a nice load of cum over his abs! Another lad very happy to be broken in!

trailer here Kallum pounds Troy
Kallum pounds Troy
25 Minute Video - Sun 25th Nov 2007
Kallum & Troy are back for a new video, the two lads are quick to get each others cocks out and blow each other, both cocks come out and are rock hard! The guys move to the bedroom and Troy gets Kallum nice and hard who then fingers Troy’s ass and spends ages rimming him. Toy’s ass then receives Kallum’s thick cock and asks for it harder so Kallum gives him a right good seeing to. The guys are really energetic and go at it in a load of positions, Troy ends up riding Kallum til he cums, who then pulls out and gushes all over Troy!

trailer here Kai, Kallum and Troy fuck
Kai, Kallum and Troy fuck
33 Minute Video - Fri 27th Jul 2007
Lots of people have been waiting for this video, Troy plays the young innocent 18 year old who gets taken advantage of by two horny lads. Kai and Kallum strip him off and fight each other for his cock, there is some great oral in this set as they all fight for each others cocks and they do a great chain suck. Its not long before cock is up ass and Kai slides into Troy as he sucks his b/f’s cock. The lads fuck each others and do a great piggy in the middle fucking scene with Kai playing piggy getting and giving at the same time. So much rampant sex, cocks up asses and spunk begins to fly, Kai of course can only cum with cock up his ass

trailer here Squaddie in the woods
Squaddie in the woods
29 Minute Video - Sun 24th Jun 2007
This is Cadet Troy having a play in the woods in the cool spring air! He sits on a tree trunk and feeling all horny squeezes his cock through his combats. Troy is soon pulling it out his combats and he is rock hard. This cheeky young Cadet then wanks off in the woods, looking around to make sure no one is spying on him! Well there is a lad in the bushes and Troy spots him and invites him over and pushes him down on his cock! This is a horny shoot with Troy shooting a big load covering most of his t shirt. Another horny young man temporarily satisfied!

trailer here Kallum fucks Cadet Troy
Kallum fucks Cadet Troy
32 Minute Video - Fri 13th Apr 2007
Kallum returns with a bang, new b/f in tow and within a couple of minutes Troy’s cock is in Kallum’s mouth. Troy is just 18 and his uncut cock soon swells in Kallum’s mouth so its as hard as a stick of rock! The lads get really engrossed in sucking each other and its not long before Kallum cant hold back any longer and pulls on a condom. Troy asks for it slow, though Kallum seems to have momentary hearing loss! Kallum pounds Troy’s ass harder then I have seen fucking for along time. There is some great sex with these two and they blow cum all over each other!

trailer here

Str8 chav Niall fucks Troy!
429 Photos - Wed 1st Apr 2009
Last time we saw Troy he was all dominant and fucked a lad, last time we saw Niall he was str8, enjoying Kev sucking his cock! Now he admits he has discovered his curious gene! The foreplay starts with some feeling and kissing; Niall is quick to pull down Troy’s jeans and stuff his already erect cock str8 in his mouth, his cock sucking expertise is definitely suggesting he is also a good cock sucker! Some great oral between the lads, they cant resist a sword fight before Niall stuffs his cock deep into Troy. He gasps and starts to push back and rides Niall in loads of position before dumping his big load on his abs, quickly followed by Niall’s! Another happy lad glad to have explored curiousness!

more photos Troy fucks Brett senseless!
Troy fucks Brett senseless!
488 Photos - Wed 26th Nov 2008
New lad Brett is excited about doing his first shoot with Troy who he has fancied the minute he saw the photo I sent him! Troy’s experienced hands are soon in Brett’s pants and he pulls his cock out which is as hard as a rock and sucks on it sending waves of pleasure tingling through Brett’s body! There is some great oral by them both then Troy lubes up Brett’s hole with his fingers and quickly follows on and stuff’s Brett’s hole and then pounds it! The lads fuck in loads of positions, most be at least eight before Brett shoots his loads and Troy dumps a massive load all over Brett’s face and then goes in for a kiss!

more photos Kallum fucks Troy
Kallum fucks Troy
344 Photos - Wed 24th Oct 2007
Its been a while since we have seen the lads and Kallum and Troy are back for some more duo fun. Kallum feels up Troy and you cant miss the stiffy bulging in his trackies! By photo 13 Troy’s cock and Kallum’s tongue come into contact, there is not much teasing just a load of horny action. Kallum spits on Troy’s meat and gives him some great head before he fingers up Troy’s hole and slides in his 8 inch uncut cock. The lads fuck real hard and Troy is holds out for a while before shooting a big load as Kallum rams in hard. He pulls out and sumps his own load all over Troy’s face.

more photos Kai, Kallum & Troy
Kai, Kallum & Troy
443 Photos - Wed 20th Jun 2007
Troy, Kai and Kallum jump on the bed for a full on orgy. Troy is in the middle and is soon being stripped by the other two, they are all over him and its not long before there hands are down his pants and its out on show and hard, very hard! Troy’s cock sticks straight up as he receives a double blow job. There is loads of sucking before Kallum slips on a rubber and shoves his big cock up Troy who loves a good fucking. When Kallum pulls out Kai goes in and this turns into a real fuckfest. Troy is first to shoot and he cums twice in sixty seconds while being fucked. Kallum then fucks Kai who shoots his own load before Kallum dumps his cum. Wow this is a hot one.

more photos Cadet Troy
Cadet Troy
370 Photos - Wed 23rd May 2007
Troy’s first shoot was with his b/f Kallum and this time we see him back in his Cadet’s uniform and doesn’t he look great! He does a little teasing before pulling out his uncut meat, its semi to begin and just a few shots later its rock hard. Kallum has a play around most of the time staying in uniform and after some solo wanking his b/f lends a hand and shoves up a dildo into his ass. Troy loves his ass being played with and he wriggles around in pleasure so its not long before this squaddie is shooting cum all over the place! Wow!

more photos Kallum fucks Troy
Kallum fucks Troy
581 Photos - Sun 11th Mar 2007
Kallum retired from porn back in summer 2006, little did we know he fell in love with Troy. Since then they have been shacked up and today Kallum shares his new boyfriend. Troy is a very fit 18 yo squaddie who is slightly nervous to begin but as soon as his cock is in Kallum’s mouth he looses all inhibitions. Kallum gives him great head and its not long before the two lads are sucking each other… Troy is a bottom and he loves Kallums attention down there, fingering and rimming are just a tease and Kallum is quick to follow through with his big stick of uncut meat. He fucks the poor lad into submission, though Troy seems to be whimpering in pleasure and shoots a massive load while being fucked!

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